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  1. Hi everyone, For my latest project, I wanted to do address the overabundance of blue & red teams across Major League Baseball. For inspiration, I figured I'd look at the colors of other local teams to create some regional visual unity, similar to the way that all Pittsburgh teams use black and gold. Note that some teams will be using throwback colors of local teams, such as the first team below. We start today with the Texas Rangers in the San Antonio Spurs' fiesta colors. Thanks to @Victormrey for the suggestion! RANGERS HOME RANGERS ROAD RANGERS HOME ALT 1 RANGERS HOME ALT 2 RANGERS HOME ALT 3 RANGERS ROAD ALT C&C appreciated! Another team will be up soon.
  2. Rebrand for my alma mater Western Michigan University. We aren't sure if we are black, gold, old gold, grey, or brown. I think the Brown and Old Gold is a great scheme and it's time to return to our roots. Enjoy. Uniforms to follow!
  3. Hey all, this is my first post on this forum in over 2 years. I'm working on a class assignment that asks us to create a brand that appeals to all generations. I decided to pick Denver because if you ever go to (I'm forever calling it) Mile High Stadium, you'll notice there is an internal fan base battle over the new navy and orange color scheme versus the traditional blue and orange from the OG Elway days. I just took some screenshots of the concepts and logo I have created so far because I'm really looking for some C&C on the next steps before I fully turn this into a presentable concept and project. So before I can waste anymore of your time.. Here is my idea. Blend both the Navy and traditional blue into a color scheme that works, evolve the new bronco head with the very famous "D" that has previously been introduced in their most recent Color Rush, and throw in some millennial sprinkles like a mountain and red rocks shadows in the numbering to give everyone a little taste of what they want the Broncos to look like. Again, C&C is very much appreciated! This would be the Broncos Alternate and "Color Rush" The Blue Color Rush and Alternate jersey's should design would be based off the City of Denver Flag. I removed the Sun from the jersey because of Nike's swoosh placement in the NFL. Up Close rough mockup featuring Nike's now famous sublimation pattern of Red Rocks Amphitheater.
  4. In my attempts to expand the sports I do designs for, I've decided to try football. I had the Jets redesign a while ago, but now I'm doing more. Here are my Denver Broncos. I was inspired by their slogan, "UNITED IN ORANGE" and their past uniforms. The jerseys they wear now are overly modern, and kind of confusing. These are a little more simple, and feature more orange than their current uniforms - save for the alternate. Home Away Alternate Color Rush I'm aware the template came from a college uniform, so it's not 100% exact, but aside from that, what do you think?
  5. Concept for fictitious hockey team at Walther Christian Academy in Melrose Park, Illinois (formerly Walther Lutheran High School) Quick Background: They dont have a team there currently. When I was there a few students and one faculty member were working on making a team. I was asked by the faculy member to make up some mock ups for possible uniforms with just a kelly green and white scheme. But, the team never happened due to various reasons. I was talking with a current student and we were discussing the schools present uniforms and change from kelly green to a deeper and drab green. He told me that the school may be adding black to the green and white colors in the near future. Walther uses the Denver Broncos logo for most of the sports teams. They do also use the Boise State Bronocs for football but i went with Denver considering it is used the most. The bucking Bronco is from Western Michigan which Walther used 30 years ago for various things with sports there. I am going to submit this to Hockeyjerseyconcepts for review. Thank you for your time.
  6. I was talking with a friend yesterday who recently worked at a Denver sports merchandising company and he told me that the Broncos are going to be using a new logo for the 2016-17 season. The logo he was describing is a cross between the old "D" with a horse coming out of it, and the current Bronco head that was created in '97. He wouldn't go into any specifics as to how he knew this, but he told me it was going to happen. I know that new unis have been rumored from Paul Lukas, but I haven't heard about this logo change. I found a concept made by our own member Ren69 from 2013 that it is probably closest to, if this logo change does happen: -Great job by Ren69 btw. Anyone else heard anything about this?
  7. As the old saying goes, it's better late than never. I'd thought about a Thanksgiving set...didn't happen. Bowls...yeah, obviously that didn't happen either. CFP? Get your nonexistent Dr. Peppers outta HEAH! In any event, it was either release something, anything now, or be awkward next week So without further ado... For the next two releases, C2P is an offense-free zone, as after this, I intend to release a Legends version. That's for the near future though, the present is now, and as is suggested, the four players in the marquee will be taking part in a little shindig in San Francisco Santa Clara on Sunday. Kicking things off today, the leader of Carolina's defense, the Beast of Boston (if nobody calls him that, somebody should), Luke Kuechly On the BC side, the Matt Ryan-era eagle head makes an appearance on the helmets and pants (to break the monotony, I put the BC on the sleeves instead). On the Panthers side, a silver helmet would've either looked too Raider-like had I used a black jersey, and would have looked too much like the Lions with the blue jersey, so I went with black instead. DeMarcus Ware Considered something else for the sleeve logo, though the only other logo that'd fit the bill is that awkward looking full horse. Troy's helmet was initially gonna be crimson, but I figured black would be a better choice, especially as I decided to make the Broncos helmet orange. Von Miller and Josh Norman coming tomorrow...
  8. A few years ago there was a Broncos helmet concept floating around the internet. I thought it was a nice mix of eras, so I decided to see what it would look like if I actually made it... What do you think?
  9. With Super Bowl 50 in two weeks and the Broncos and Panthers punching their tickets to California I made uniforms for both teams. I will post both teams up close as soon as I get a chance. C&C appreciated.
  10. Western Michigan Football has been dubbed the Oregon of the MAC because of their multiple uniform combinations they have pulled out this past season, I decided to create my own rendition of what I would love to see them wearing on the field. If you aren't aware, ever since PJ Fleck the youngest FBS football coach in the country arrived at WMU, things began to change. Fleck decided to creative a "new" logo for the broncos, that I think looks heck of a lot better! He also decided to utilize the colors schemes a lot better. The Broncos have had some hideous uniforms up until 2013. What do you guys think of these? Wasn't to sure what to do with the socks. What other Color Schemes would you add? Their main colors are Black, Gold, White, and Brown. I think a grayish uniform would look pretty sick too! Any ideas or critics? This is my first attempt at creating concept uniforms but I'm fairly familiar with photoshop. Ps. I don't want to go all crazy like Oregon with colors, Although I think they make some sweet uniforms, I also like tradition!
  11. A few weeks ago I posted a concept for the Denver Broncos that added a second shade of orange... a lighter Tennessee/Tampa Bay throwback orange. Why? Why not? Here it is again... I got some decent feedback (thanks!) but I did start to think the second orange was a little too clever. Especially since I had to keep the navy in the logo for visibility. That meant, technically, the concept had two oranges and two blues. So, I decided to simplify... drop orange #2, and replace it with navy throughout. I like it, but its maybe a little too... expected. Tell me what you think. For the record, I redid the font. I was OK with it when it was trimmed in orange, but the navy really showed off the quirky angles to poor effect. So new font.
  12. Removed navy, changed the eye, thinned but darkened the border, elongated mane, brightened orange. This is just a rough draft. Where should it go from here? Please keep in mind this project is supposed to follow the Nike trend of looking more like an illustration than a logo. EDIT: Second Draft: EDIT: Third Draft
  13. This is the first concept ive made in Paint Shop Pro. I made a few in Paint before, but this is way different. I heard a rumor that Denver is getting new unis, so I decided to try and make one.I will post an away and an alternate or two sometime, but first I want your opinion on how to improve it. Thanks.
  14. ***SCROLL DOWN FOR UPDATED JERSEYS. 80's colored blue concept on page 2 I know many people hate the Broncos pants and jersey stripes, but I, (being a local) really love their helmet and especially the helmet stripe. I Think their Type and numbering is unique to the NFL so I wanted to create a concept that incorporated the elements from their current design to a more simplistic "Nike-like" design. I also edited the colors to a more matte finish and not as bright orange. Also I still can't decide which color should be the home Orange or Blue. First Up: HOME OPTION 1 Next Up: Away LAST: HOME OPTION 2
  15. So last night I was watching the Broncos murder the Ravens, all while looking here at the concepts people have been putting together to fix the Jags. Then I started thinking, "How bad must those new jags uniforms and helmets look out on the field." So then it hit me, that I would redesign the Broncos to have a Jags inspired look so I could prove just how ridiculous it would look on other teams. So without further ado, here is my quickly done concept. Keep in mind this is meant just to show the ridiculousness of this style and not meant to be an outstandingly done concept.
  16. I've read many articles that claim that the logo/uniforms are "dated". But in your opinion, is the current Denver Broncos uniform/logo now historic/classic enough to where anything but minor tweaks would upset the Denver Broncos fanbase and/or uniform fanatics? I think so. Here are a few reasons why: Started the "modern" uniform trend in 1996Is now 17 years oldIs relatively modest compared to current "modern" uniformsBroncos won all Super Bowls in these uniformsLast uniform worn by some all-time Bronco greats (Terrell Davis, John Elway, Shannon Sharpe)Jason Elam set the longest FG record in these uniformsPeyton Manning tied the passing TD in a single game record in these uniformsSome image links:
  17. For a while now, I have thought the Broncos look was pretty dated. Yet, for all the concepts I had, I could not put together something that trumped their current design. Until last night. I believe I have finally found the perfect balance of retro and modern for this football team. The home uniform is below, and the away and action shots will be up shortly. Enjoy. Quick tidbits: The new orange is the primary color, but I went back to royal blue for the secondary. For the first time in their history, the Broncos would be wearing white helmets in this concept. I went with a gray facemask because a white one would be too much white. The logo is back to the old school D and has been engorged to represent the pride Denver has in it's Broncos. I borrowed the Vikings shoulder stripes without the flair because I thought it looked best of all the other designs I tried. The pants feature a more modern looking stripe with the mane of the horse from the current (but for this concept, past) logo. Feedback welcome.
  18. One thing that bugged me last season is that the Broncos switched their primary color to orange, yet kept the same away uniforms. The aways need updating, so for this first image I simply swapped everything orange and blue on the uniforms. The result: I know the numbers are too short, the font would not let me make them taller without also widening them, so mabe some one could throw a tip my way about how to fix that. Now the next thing I noticed is that the blue helmet is very out of place and I'm not a fan of the horseshoe collar. So I eliminated the collar and gave the set a white helmet and tried both a white facemask and a blue one. Let me know what you all think, also I'm going to post later what the other uniform combinations would look like with a white helmet:
  19. One thing that bugged me last season is that the Broncos switched their primary color to orange, yet kept the same away uniforms. The aways need updating, so for this first image I simply swapped everything orange and blue on the uniforms. The result: I know the numbers are too short, the font would not let me make them taller without also widening them, so mabe some one could throw a tip my way about how to fix that. Now the next thing I noticed is that the blue helmet is very out of place and I'm not a fan of the horseshoe collar. So I eliminated the collar and gave the set a white helmet and tried both a white facemask and a blue one. Let me know what you all think, also I'm going to post later what the other uniform combinations would look like with a white helmet:
  20. I recently wondered what it would be like if the original Broncos had come out with a helmet a little more imaginative than what they actually wore in 1960. Instead of just Photoshopping the idea, I actually made one. Let me know what you think (forgive my mediocre photography skills).........
  21. ***FINISHED*** New York Jets New England Patriots Denver Broncos Notre Dame Fighting Irish Alabama Crimson Tide Los Angeles Raiders St. Louis Rams Found these old concepts when looking through my computer, might come back to this project. Sure was fun. Any thoughts? Jets Patriots Broncos
  22. Hey guys, very new to photoshop and a huge fan of a lot of the designs posted here! This is my second concept ever, and I was wondering if I could get some constructive criticism/feedback. I chose to re-design the Denver Broncos because first, I'm a die hard fan, and second, because I think their look is in need of an overhaul. What I did here was Eliminated navy from the color scheme entirely, made the secondary color white, and for a good blend of modernization and tradition, I made the trim the royal blue Denver used to wear in the seventies and eighties. I gave them white helmets, and changed the logo to an exclusive orange and white scheme, with the exception of the eye. A few things I'd like advice on: Sleeve stripes, yes or no? I feel like the pants need something but can't quite put my finger on it. Helmet stripe? Is the logo too minimalistic? And finally, sock stripes, yay or nay? Here it is, hope you guys enjoy it: