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  1. Hi everyone, For my latest project, I wanted to do address the overabundance of blue & red teams across Major League Baseball. For inspiration, I figured I'd look at the colors of other local teams to create some regional visual unity, similar to the way that all Pittsburgh teams use black and gold. Note that some teams will be using throwback colors of local teams, such as the first team below. We start today with the Texas Rangers in the San Antonio Spurs' fiesta colors. Thanks to @Victormrey for the suggestion! RANGERS HOME RANGERS ROAD RANGERS HOME ALT 1 RANGERS HOME ALT 2 RANGERS HOME ALT 3 RANGERS ROAD ALT C&C appreciated! Another team will be up soon.
  2. Vintage Variants is a concept series not unlike the Adidas Reverse Retro series for the NHL, but I'm not doing just flipped colors. I wanted to take looks from the past and do all kinds of variations with them. Some will be color variations, some will pull in different design elements, some will be inspired by local themes, etc. I will update this post as I release each team, going alphabetically by city/region. These designs are done on the VaporFlex Jersey Template I created for UniMockups. Arizona Cardinals This one goes back to the jersey worn by Larry Fitzgerald early in his career and pulls in the colors of the desert cardinal, a bird more common in Arizona than the red Northern Cardinal. Atlanta Falcons This one taps on a jersey worn by Deion Sanders and is essentially a Reverse Retro with a grey/silver base. Really love that old bird logo and this would be a great opportunity to bring back the red helmet. Baltimore Ravens This one hearkens back to the Ray Lewis era in a golden color with white removed from the number trim and left only in the coat of arms (white border also removed there). This would pair well with a purple helmet. Buffalo Bills This one kicks it back to the 1964 look but in a cream color, with elements added from the Buffalo city flag. Before you get mad and say it looks like the Chargers - relax, it's just a concept. Carolina Panthers This one is a spin on what's really the only uniform they've ever had. Blue numbers are in, using the original proposed shade (thanks to I gave the shoulder stripes a tweak, adding blue cuffs with a blue helmet. Chicago Bears This one is a blue version of their 1936 jersey with a modified helmet. The white version was extremely popular, so I wanted to see the blue and did more accurate shoulder striping. Cincinnati Bengals This one is an orange version of their classic from the Boomer Esiason days with white tiger markings on the shoulders. Had to move the markings up a tad to fit today's jersey cut, but I like how it flows. Cleveland Browns This one is a variant of their 1946 jersey with a darker seal brown and vintage silver (h/t with less orange. The helmet is also silver, not, white.
  3. I finally decided to post my Minnesota Vikings concept that I made in January. The concept is based on the idea that there is a home/away set, color rush, and a throwback alternate. I based the main set on the vikings current uniforms while also implementing the concept drawings by Hubenthal. I used the current Vikings font but without the serifs, added a white facemask, and tweaked the horn logo slightly. For the color rush uniform I decided to base it on the all white uniforms the vikings wore from 1969-1995 with the UCLA stripes. I based the alternate/throwback on the 1965 uniform set, where the numbers are outlined and the stocks dont have stripes.
  4. Here we can discuss which is the best and worst changes in NFL uniforms this year. Here are my votes: Big Upgrade: Browns Buccaneers, Chargers Not necessarily an upgrade but I personally like them: Colts OK: Patriots Downgrade: Rams Big Downgrade: Falcons
  5. Hey guys, got some NFL concepts I have been working on. I used my simplified variation of the GUD template. Let me know what you think and what I should improve on.
  6. I'm quite intrigued by this logo that is included on the St. Louis Browns' page. Does anyone know what the team used the logo on? Was it featured on sleeve patches or programs or caps? Are there any old photos that include the design? I tried several searches on Google Images, but sadly didn't find much.
  7. Hello all! With the college football season all but over, it's time to look to the NFL Draft. The Cleveland Browns completed their winless season and have the first overall pick as well as the 4th overall pick (from the Texans). Sam Darnold appears to be on a fast track to Cleveland, so here he is in a Browns jersey. This is my first ever jersey swap and I would love to get all of your guys' thoughts on what i can improve. More guys to come! Thanks for looking. ORIGINAL: JERSEY SWAP:
  8. Hi, We all know how awful the Browns are and, more specifically, how awful and bland their helmet logo has been. So, I decided to create a fun concept attempting to fix the Browns' identity once and for all. Integrating both Browns history (here) and the identity of Cleveland (here), I think this logo would be great. Hope you guys like it! Feel free to comment any suggestions or praise!
  9. Decided to rebrand the Browns since they've been horrible since coming back into league in 1999. I think this will give them a fresh start that they desperately need. Went with brown helmets for a few reasons: To get away from looking like Cincinnati's twin and a team named the Browns should be embrace the color. Added grey to the colors because it seems to be the cool thing to do these days and it also works well with the orange and brown. Wanted the set to be modern but with a classic feel. C&C appreciated.
  10. As a Cleveland Browns Fan, I have a love hate relationship with the new uniforms. I tried to incorporate the good things they did and exclude the bad. I personally like the Cleveland word mark across the front. It just needs to be re sized. I went ahead and added the "rising" shadow from the numbers to the Cleveland word mark. The worst thing on the uniform in my opinion is the contrasting numbers on the home jersey. I went ahead and changed the numbers to white. One pretty major change I included was orange shoulder caps. Yes, I know no one likes shoulder caps but I think they look good here. I tried to focus on uniformity throughout the whole uniform. The helmet still has the same satin finish that it currently does. The brown face mask is okay, but I love white for the Browns. And like the Miami Dolphins, I made a throwback for special occasions, mostly Thursday or Monday Night games. I based it off the uniforms of the Brian Sipe era: So I will start off with the home uniforms: rough photoshop of new uniforms to look like my concept. Next is the away: Now on to the orange alternate. I don't like the monochrome look but I added it just because. Now here is the throwback. It is very similar to their old uniforms. Thanks for Looking!
  11. Originally when the new Browns jerseys were released in April, I thought it was a nice, clean, modern update with a few snags. After seeing them on the field last night, I hate almost everything about them, besides the helmet. I don't like how far the stripe extends, the number font and colors are terrible, and the pants look awful. Enter, my fix: HOME: AWAY: ALTERNATE: Starting with the helmet, I kept it the same. The jerseys are a much bigger change, however. The stripe cuts off at the shoulder cap, with the stripe colors being flipped on all white applications. The number font changes to an outlined standard block with a drop shadow. The colors were flipped on the brown and white jerseys. I reduced the size of "CLEVELAND" on the front of the jerseys, and the color changes from white to brown on the orange jersey, and from brown to orange on the white jersey. The pants feature a full stripe, and not the garbage that we were given with "BROWNS" down the side. The socks become the color of the jersey being worn, with the corresponding stripe. This leads us to one helmet, three jerseys, two pants and three socks. I debated making orange the primary home jersey, but decided against it. Throw all your C&C this way, please. Thanks!
  12. Once upon a time, St. Louis had two MLB teams. The problem was, though, that big league baseball was growing to the point that there was only room in town for one team. I take you back to the mid 40s, when a man with one leg and a mind filled to the brim with ideas ahead of their time was trying to ensure the last team standing under the Arch would be wearing brown. His vision of the club ruling a city's baseball scene would come to pass, just not how he envisioned it, exactly. Browns On the tan roads, it didn't show up as well as I hoped it would, but I used double pinstripes. On the home whites, I used a brown-trimmed front pocket, similar to one found on a 1900s uniform. The older styled SL distinguishes the cap from the STL nowadays linked to the Cards. I'd originally had the Browns shield on the left sleeve, but decided to replace it with the Health patch, given the time period I was going for. Cardinals Like my more modern effort a few months back, figured I'd aim for something one could imagine the 1940s Cards wearing for a special occasion. The Remaining List: Canada (Blue Jays vs Expos-90s) Texas (Astros vs Rangers-2000s) St. Louis (Cardinals vs Browns-40s) Philly (Phillies vs A's-30s or 40s) NYC (Dodgers vs Giants vs Yankees-mid 50s) Beantown (Red Sox vs Braves-late 1940s) I-94 (Brewers vs White Sox-1997)
  13. Okay so here's my stab at a new look for the Cleveland Browns, because the real rebrand has been pretty disappointing so far and I can only imagine what they have in store for the new uniforms. With my new take on the Browns has a kind of neo-retro vibe. I wanted the new look to feel old-school but not necessarily feel old. The very first thing I wanted to do was come up with an actual logo for the team that wasn't just a generic helmet graphic in the Browns' colors. I tried monograms and football shapes, but none of them felt right, so what I did do was use a football helmet anyway, the most constant identifying mark of the franchise. However instead of going with the more modern depiction of a football helmet, I went with a classic two-bar facemask that hearkens back to the glory days of the Browns. I also gave the wordmark some character. I picked a nice strong font, accented with the classic Browns' stripes. Also, I created a secondary badge-shaped logo that features the silhouette of an American Bulldog, the unofficial mascot of the Browns. While the shield will not appear anywhere on the uniforms, it would be used on merchandise and team apparel. Now with the new logos and wordmark comes some new uniforms. Once again, the uniforms are classic and traditional, but have a more contemporary striping pattern that feels like a natural evolution of the Browns' uniforms into the 21st Century. Well there you have it. Thanks for taking a look and please feel free to leave some C&C, especially on the secondary bulldog logo. Once again thanks for taking a look and I'd love to hear what everyone thinks.
  14. Just something I was playing around with... by no means is this a "prediction".
  15. When I was putting this concept together, I wanted to merge the modern and the classic styles. The helmet, jerseys, and pants all have similar striping. This 5-stripe is 100% Cleveland Browns. I decided to go with the chest striping for a modern twist on a classic. Rather than heavily-outlining the numbers to make them stand out I set them to stop with enough room for numbers. The script logo is one I created out of a downloaded font. I uploaded this a while back so I don't remember the font name. The numbers are obviously from the Minnesota Golden Gophers, but I thought they fit the overall aesthetic. I have a few more concepts and may (since I'm busy with possibility of traveling) look at doing the whole league.
  16. Hello everyone, I'm having a little lack of creativity in my NFL Redesign thread, and I needed something to take my mind off of that. ( & also I just turned in my World Cup concept for @raysox's thread, so I had some time on my hands. Normally I wouldn't post this on here, but I've seen a couple threads with art like this recently, and I thought why not? So this is something I just thought of, a Johnny Manziel Heisman trophy. I'm thinking about doing this for other winners, recent & old, but at the requests of you guys. I think it came out pretty decent, but I would love some C&C from you guys on how I could improve this before I start some other ones. Without further-a-do, Johnny Football: Origianal pic - enjoy!
  17. Got interested and on a roll today so I threw together these logos, that actually turned out better than I expected. I did a Patriots and Browns Redesign. Just wanted to see what everyone thought, here they are: NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS A Classic, yet modern logo of a redesigned "Flying Elvis". CLEVELAND BROWNS This logo actually didn't take me that long to make, and I originally designed it for more of an alternate logo, but I think would be great as a primary. It's Paul Brown, why the Browns are called the Browns, so I figured it'd be nice to have a logo honoring him. It's something that hasn't been done very often, but it still holds true to the classic Cleveland Browns Tradition. Like I said, I put these together pretty quick, so feel free to leave feedback & suggestions.
  18. I had a hockey concept league going, but have had to take an extensive break. I'll dive back into it after I finish up my exams, for now I've done a mock-up of the Browns jersey that was described on a Reddit post: Any suggestions on what route you think the Browns will take? I'm trying to recreate the description, NOT create a concept. I'm going to wait until we have the jersey design down before I start making the other sets
  19. So... well I created a mock-up of all the thinks Nike plans to do with Cleveland (except the fact that their rumored to be having an orange facemask... WTF!?!) Anyhow, I created a Cleveland Browns Uni mock-up, C&C always appreciated.
  20. In this concept series I hope to keep the integrity of the NFL teams but also bring them to modern times. This means chrome/reflective materials. As a Browns fan I am expecting a lot from Nike come 2015. I expect them to keep the Browns look classic with a modern twist. With this design the face mask is chrome, and the helmet itself is a matte orange gradient. The jersey's numbers are not sown on. They are more like The Pro Bowl numbers (below)l. They have a brushed chrome look, much like Ohio States rivalry jerseys. And to give The Browns the change they need I added a number decal for the helmet. It is a brushed chrome just like the numbers on the jersey. The stripes on the shoulder sleeves are just like the numbers. They are not sown on they are more like flywire. The Pants are interchangeable with the jerseys. The browns also need a new logo which I also provided. It is the helmet in the top right corner. I will accept any CnC you have for me. Hopefully i can make more teams as well. I used the Pro Bowl uniforms as a reference because of what Joe Haden tweeted: The template I used is the .psd version (I converted) of the Nike Hypercool template that MattWillcox made. Link: Full Resolution:
  21. For my first project on CCSLC I figured I would take one a Cleveland Browns refresh concept in anticipation of their Nike redesign slated for 2015. I've always thought that they had a pretty solid logo that was severely underused and I wanted to tweak it and use it as the primary logo for my redesign concept. Here is what I came up with so far: As you can see I didn't change much, but I reshaped it slightly, added striping that more resembles the striping on their jerseys, updated the "B", and went with a vintage white. I wanted to keep it classic looking but spruce it up a bit.
  22. We all know about the Browns' upcoming rebrand in 2015. From some of the comments the people in charge have been making, I'm getting a little concerned. IMO the browns don't need much. Maybe a decent logo (not on the helmet), a few pants options, and a better way to deal with the shrinking sleeves, and they are good to go. Anyway, here's something I was messing with. Its similar to a concept I posted a few months ago in my NFL thread, but I've reworked my template sleeves so I had to change a few things. I thought I'd give a try to the antique white... still not sure if I like it. Thoughts?
  23. So, with already speculation about the Browns getting a uniform revamp... I had already began on an overhaul a few months ago. The Browns are in a difficult position when it comes to rebranding. They are a team with rich heritage (one of the best franchises in history) but have a recent history of absolute unmatched futility. They are a franchise that fought to keep their colors, names, and logos in town during an unnecessary selling of the franchise to another City. With all this in mind, I tried to develop a helmet that ACTUALLY "linked to the past" but still upgraded significantly enough to cause a buzz in the City and League wide: As you can see, I went with a more modern approach to the helmet that Nike has slowly been developing (Navy, Ohio State Pro Combat, Oregon). This helmet obviously incorporates the gray facemask (which looks infinitely better than the white facemask) and then carried the gray to the helmet stripe (which will eventually be carried to the uniforms). The addition of gray will delineate a new era in the franchise, as well as capitalize on the growing popularity of gray uniforms in College and the Pros. I believe this helmet style could actually connect the rich history of the Browns and usher in a new era, a modern era. The helmet will have an aggressive look, both when viewed up close or from far away on TV. For reference, this was the Ohio State Pro Combat helmet used as inspiration: It is my intent to post the full uniform overhaul later... and by later, I mean sometime between now and NFL opening day.