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  1. This concept was started a few years ago here: . And I just went back and cleaned it up. Let me know what you think of the updates. Here is the image: And a GIF for comparison:
  2. University at Buffalo Nickname: Bulls Colors: Royal Blue and White Current and past helmets and logos: Concept 1 Note: Altered and stretched the Bull logo across the front and sides of the helmet. Concept 2 Note: Used current Buffalo logos with non-traditional stripe placement.
  3. Around a week ago, the jersey that the Buffalo Sabres will be wearing next year for their 50th season was leaked. I don't think it's great, but it isn't terrible IMO. I tried to fix its issues in this concept. First, I gave it a blue yoke like Buffalo has worn for a long time, and edited to striping so there is no yellow-on-white, and made blue the majority colour. The logo and numbers stay the same. What do you think? C&C is appreciated!
  4. Back in the autumn of 2016, the remaining Expansion Six all celebrated their 50th anniversaries, and to mark the occasion, I basically did a series split into four parts: the Kings leg, the Blues leg, the Penguins leg and the great North Stars-Seals trainwreck Tonight...we ride again. The Sabres and Canucks turn the big Five-O, and so I am summoned from the scrap heap to commemorate things. As a number of weird things did, we begin in the 70s. The Sabres use their original striping style, but with a slight tweak as I took cues from the white jersey with the differing colorations, and also put the AHL Bisons-inspired Buffalo wordmark to use. The visiting Rangers are in the infamously short-lived 76-78 uniforms, but with the shield from one of their Winter Classic jerseys on the front. The plan is as follows: 80s: vs Bruins (? I'm thinking of going in a different direction, but they're who I have penciled in). The Sabres' crest here will either be the goathead, this past Winter Classic's shoulder logo (in which case this'll be predominantly yellow) or the pre-Edge red jersey's crest. 90s: vs Lightning...I might go with the Buffaslug here. Not sure whether I'll go with their original design or the rain storm jersey for TB. 2K: vs Blue Jackets...honestly...ugh...expectations suck sometimes. Take a wild guess what's coming. 2010s: vs Canadiens...rolling with the Buffalo script template here. I think. Pre-Sabres Heritage: vs Capitals or Penguins Before you ask, there will be a Canucks series too. And yes, there will be flying V.
  5. Here we go again..... It's been awhile since I dabbled with the Thunder's look. I'm starting off slow this time with a concept board. It shows several different configurations of bison/cloud looks. The key ideas/thoughts/buzz words here are; power - maleficent - foreboding. Let me know what you think.
  6. Tweaked the Bills' logo so that it looks like a bison, by actually looking at a bison. Their current look has been a decent facsimile for many years, but in the HD world we need better.
  7. Buffalo doesn't urgently need a third jersey but I wanted to see what I could come up with. The logo has the stars from the city flag and crossed Sabre swords. From there I made the jersey, I messed around with a few different shades of blue and ended up with the blue they used in the early 80s.
  8. So it has occurred to me (and some of you may have noticed too) that I have made A LOT of bison/buffalo themed concepts over the years. That fact occurred to me last night, as I was drawing out a bison concept... And so I decided to go in and organize a file of these concepts and put them in chronological order. It is very interesting to see my progression through the years, the steps forward and back. What does this have to do with anything? Well, its why I started this thread, I want to show CCSLC my progression.... in... bison form. To start we go all the way back to July 23, 2008. The Seattle Sonics had been moved to OKC and were going to be renamed the thunder. I thought (and still think) a bison would make a great icon for the team, and not just a bison... a bison formed of clouds. So I drew up this beauty: I think that was my 1st posted concept on these boards! The OKC Thunder would really drive my bison concepts through the years. From that 1st one, and the feedback received, I made revisions and on February 28, 2008: From here I "simplified and modified" in March: I even came up with a secondary: And by March 25, 2009; after using all the C&C from these boards I molded the concept into this: That's all for now. I'll add more tomorrow and unveil my newest Bison creation next week.
  9. Apologies if this was already posted
  10. Concept to modernize the Bills look.
  11. Good evening everyone! Here is a Buffalo Sabers concept set for hopefully a new era of hockey in a city of Buffalo. The Sabers have seen not much recent success, and with hopefully a new face of the franchise the uniforms could use a refresh as well. I like the look of these, if any of you have suggestions I would love to here them. C&C always appreciated.
  12. So it's happening again. I saw the Thunder playing over the weekend and their logo still makes me cringe and wonder why they haven't upgraded. I know that many people have "become ok with it" but I cannot. This seems to happen every 2 years (2009, 2011)or so for me and I'm a little over due. I've drawn up three logos. One re-hashes an old concept (see 2009 link), the other 2 are new ideas. Check-out the sketches and tell me what you think (it's much easier for me to change things at this point). UPDATE: Colored versions below
  13. LEWJ

    Bills Tweak

    I decided to take a stab at the Bills. And then I realized I actually really like their look. So this is moreso a tweak (and practice for me). Changes: -Modified the striping to be pretty consistent all across the board (including helmet--no tapered stripes) -Modified a block font to include slightly rounded edges as seen in the BILLS wordmark -Modified the socks... so that they make sense -Removed the wordmark from the jersey--for cleanliness' sake -Used a serif block font on the nameplate to better match other elements -Added "RCW" to rear helmet bumper (contemplated adding it to jersey in a small capacity) -Collar striping it slightly different (red trim on top and bottom of collar) All-in-all I'm actually really impressed with the quality of this concept, not necessarily the idea itself. I'm happy with the time I put into it, resulting in its cleanliness (IMO). (Made in MS Paint.) C&C?
  14. So awhile back, I was looking at an old alternate logo for the Buffalo Sabres. It was the one with the crossed swords on the circle that they used from 2000/01 to 2005/06. I thought of a way to simplify the logo, and also incorporate the current colors. I'm open to criticism, tell me what you think.
  15. This is only my second concept and the first one I'm posting. I'd love to hear ways you think this design could improve. I always felt that despite having some exceptional logos, the Buffalo Sabers have always had lackluster unis. He's my concept for a new alternate jersey, because basically anything is better than their current one. I drew some inspiration from their vintage looking alternate from 2010-2011 and tried to combine in with a sleeker look from their buffa-slug days. I came up with the crest by combining a former shoulder patch, which I slightly re-colored and placed atop their traditional golden ring. Hope you dig it - Nick Empirical Designs
  16. I had started this in an old thread, but I thought it deserved it's own. A vintage styled bison/buffalo logo. To achieve the look I not only looked at many photos of the beast, but also similar logos. I ended up sort of combining the vintage Michigan Wolverine, an NDSU Bison logo, and a previous sketch of my own. Would love some C&C. Lipscomb: Colorado: Howard:
  17. Hi, I present my latest logo "Zubry Bialystok" Polish basketball team. Bison was supposed to be secret, and bad, but not angry. For this reason, there is no mouth. So they do not have a human personality. Full presentation: http://www.behance.n...alystok/7759147 Please, constructive criticism and evaluation.
  18. Now with more experience under my belt I've been taking second looks at my old concepts. Today I started re-thinking my Cape Buffalo Logo. Let me know what you think, here are the sketches of the new direction:
  19. A logo prepared for the - Lowlanders Białystok - american football team from Poland. Full presentation Please write opinions and comments. Thanks.
  20. I worked on this concept at the start of the season and never really thought to post it. Of course, this is why Vanek's name and number are featured on the jerseys. The third jersey is getting worn for the first time tomorrow, so in order to keep my sanity as a Sabres fan I decided to show what I think the team should look like. The striping pattern is a fusion of the mismatched striping that used to be on the whites.
  21. Based on the official school colors...
  22. I've made a logo for my theiving alma mater Stanley County High School in Fort Pierre, SD. They've always stolen their logos from college, pro (Colorado, Buffalo Bills) and online clipart. They are the Buffaloes and this is what I came up with. Please give your thoughts.
  23. Hey all, another little something I decided to play with recently....I'm looking for a little constructive criticism on this one. I'm struggling mightily with the line between realistic and stylized. Ideally, I'd like to convey a bit more aggression without losing much of the bulky nature of it. Like I said, criticism is welcome. Thanks guys
  24. Okay, after putting my review for the Sharks I spent the last hour or so creating a mockup of what I would have done with Sharks if they gave me the opportunity. I know they wanted to listen to their fans while retaining some burnt orange, but the one stripe looks silly. If they are going to keep the orange anywhere on the sweater this would be a better way to go: But if it was me, here's what I would do if if the players didn't want helm striping. I took the orange, threw it up and sent it to Ducks Okay that really didn't make any sense. Anyway, got rid of the orange. Replaced it with a gray/silver. I also made the teal more teal-ish and lightened it. Used the diamond fin logo but with the lighter teal one-color wave with white cap and gray sky.
  25. My concept of the new Sabres alternate: BTW you can vote for it (Austin) in the HJC Open here: Comments? Criticism? Shoot em at me