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Found 6 results

  1. Been working on a dog logo lately, caught a bit of drawer's block. I'd love some C&C on this
  2. Which is better with or without the palm tree. Also and C&C to improve is much appreciated.
  3. JMurr

    Texas Bones

    Thoughts C&C
  4. Welcome to the new thread for My Journey to My Best Concept. If this works you should see a poll attached with this new thread. In case you are not familiar with what I am doing let me do a quick rundown. I am on a journey to produce the best total concept I can. To do this I am making concepts for the four largest cities in every U.S. State and Canadian Province as well as 16 additional wild card cities. Along the way I am having you vote to help me advance the better concept. This is still in its infancy so there is a lot to vote on. It has been moved to this thread because the previous thread experienced some technical glitches (it would not let me create new polls). The old thread is still up and you can look back on all that has been done already if you wish. Also for a while I will be running both threads simultaneously, until I am convinced this new thread will not run into the same technical issues as the last, so you can vote on both this and that thread. I will count votes this way. On this thread only votes on the poll will count, on the old thread you will need to post your vote in a reply. Though replies will not count as votes on this thread I still encourage you to comment and even post your votes so everyone can know where you stand. Your comments help to evolve the concepts. If you look over the old thread you will clearly see that previous comments made shaped changes to the concepts.
  5. JMurr

    C&C on this logo

    So if you have viewed my posts in the past you know that I am working on a concept league of some sort. I am not an artist but am trying my hand at this as a hobby. I am working on building a whole history for the league dating back to 1889. I am also asking for advice C&C on the logos as I put them together. Below is what I have to start with for a team named the Milwaukee Monsters. Following this original post I will post the teams history. This is their logo for the period of time when they were known as the Milwaukee Monsters (1894-1895). Keep this in mind when giving your C&C. I am aware that if it were from that date it would be more saturated, I will put it into some program and apply some effects before I present it as a finished product. Thanks everyone.