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  1. Welcome and Enjoy! I'm a huge CFL fan. With the Grey Cup this weekend, and the unveiling of the newly named Atlantic Schooners, I thought it would be a good time to unveil what I've been working on for quite some time now. Using this site,, and fan opinions, I tried to put together how I believe the CFL would look if I were in charge...and could only use paint. I start alphabetically, with the Atlantic Schooners. Atlantic Schooners Thanks to @BenjiJ for cleaning up this logo. The Schooners have just been announced as the team name for the new team set to play in 2021. Flashback to a couple of months ago while I was on and off while working on this project, I took the color codes from Trucolor and logo of the original team and put my spin on how the failed attempt at bringing football to the Atlantic Coast of Canada would look today if they had played. Uniforms: Home and Away: Alternates: I hope you all enjoy the beginning to this thread.
  2. I thought I'd put this thread together. I think we will see something new this year now that it has been a couple years since the Adidas CFL uniform change. If there's another thread like this, feel free to take this one down.
  3. It appears the Montreal Alouettes are about to launch a complete re-brand with new uniforms, helmet and logo... Montreal Alouettes tease potential jersey launch
  4. As the CFL season rolls around, I decided to create uniforms for all of the CFL teams for Adidas' Primeknit uniforms because I think they look better than the mesh uniforms currently being worn. The template I am using is a little outdated, but here is what Adidas's new A1 Primeknit uniforms, which will be worn by NCAA teams this fall, look like. Toronto Argonauts
  5. I've been on this forum for a while and I saw that others (hugevolsfan and CJ Zilligen) had shared personal/fictional football leagues with their own designs. I have my own fictional football league that I came up with more than 30 years ago, and I've had it knocking around in my brain and on paper ever since. I always thought I was the only football helmet/logo geek out there -- glad to see I'm not the only one. There's a rather long backstory to my league -- the Continental Football League -- so I'll try to sum it up. I started this concept league in 1983-84 when I was in ninth grade as a mashup of the Canadian Football League, USFL and World Football League, with several teams of my own creation (Hurricanes, Mustangs, Wolfpack, Thunderbirds, etc.) to fill out a 28-team league that roughly paralleled the NFL, but as an East-West league like the NHL or NBA. Since I am not much of an artist and many of the teams in my league exist in the real world in some form, I used helmets from MG's Helmets to display the vision of my league, using Photoshop to make changes. In some cases, I used logos from other artists on here or elsewhere in cyberspace, but I give full credit to the artists' original work -- and I do not profit from any of this, this league is for my own enjoyment. In other cases, I recolored logos to suit the teams I came up with. Full credit goes to hugevolsfan for the Memphis Blues -- that's his idea, although I use a recolored Philadelphia Soul helmet for them. I had gone through several nicknames for Memphis over the years, but I have no idea why I didn't think of the Blues years ago! My original Memphis team was the Wolfpack using North Carolina colors, but they morphed into other teams before I settled on the Blues after seeing hugevolsfan's. As for some of the other helmets, all credit to CJ Zilligen for the current Jacksonville Sharks' and Colorado Grizzlies' logos. They are outstanding works and wanted to plug his artwork. Credit also goes to the creators of the logos for the Miners and Mustangs, also among my favorites. Again, this league is completely for my own enjoyment, but I thought I would share another concept league. The Arizona Inferno are my homage to my favorite logo -- the Atlanta Flames' flaming A. The Carolina Hurricanes actually, for me, dates back to a team I created in 1984 (as the Houston Hurricane originally), but the helmet is MG's Helmets' concept from the NHL team. I had discovered Canadian football in 1982 when NBC showed some games during the NFL strike and ESPN started its coverage of the CFL. I also happened to have an English teacher, Mr. Niles, who was Canadian and let me borrow a couple of books he had about the CFL. My family took a vacation to Ontario in the summer of '83, so I bought a couple more CFL books. I was fascinated with football helmets and logos to begin with, and bored with the same old NFL logos, so I was thrilled to see new teams and colors -- including arrival of the USFL in the spring of '83, and a 10th anniversary story of the WFL in Football Digest magazine showed that late-lamented league's logos (in black and white). So I had the brilliant idea around that time to invent my own league with CFL teams, plus select teams from the USFL and WFL, and a few of my own concept teams. Using a blank helmet template traced from an NFL preview book, I created a league with paper and colored pencils. I originally dubbed it the North American Football League (NAFL), but changed it to the Continental Football League a few years later (I knew there was a minor Continental League in the 1960s, but at the time I knew very little about it). I developed an origin story -- the Canadian league merging with teams from two other smaller pro leagues in the U.S. south and eastern seaboard in the mid to late 1950s to compete with the NFL -- and each team had its own history, as well. I created the league as a hybrid of American and Canadian rules to create the most exciting game possible, in a fictional timeline where the AFL never existed (although some teams did, but as NFL teams) as my league and the NFL competed for expansion cities. Sometimes, in my free time, I traced football photos and recolored them as teams from my league. Over three decades, I tweaked and retrofitted teams to change nicknames and helmet/uniform designs and colors, finding teams that I liked in the Arena Football League, NFL Europe or CFL expansion (Baltimore Stallions) and replacing original teams. Since my league has always paralleled the NFL in format, my CFL expanded to 30 and 32 teams. I also developed past helmets that teams used in previous decades. Two very interesting things with my Continental Football League -- I came up with the Ottawa Renegades and Carolina Hurricanes a decade or two before the actual CFL and NHL teams. When I first drew up my league in 1984, I know CFL purists will hate this, but I never liked two Roughriders/Rough Riders, so I kept Saskatchewan the same and changed Ottawa to the Renegades, using a black, white and red version of the Orlando Renegades USFL helmet (eventually switching to the Ottawa Renegades' CFL helmet when they arrived in 2002). As for the Hurricanes, I love the nickname and wanted a team with that name and the same red/white/black colors -- and since Charlotte, NC, did not have a pro team at the time (1984), that was my natural landing spot (although Houston Hurricanes was a possibility, as well). I originally used the old WFL Portland Storm logo -- recolored in red and black -- until I saw the Carolina Hurricanes' NHL logo. Another is the Montreal Alouettes/Baltimore Stallions history -- in this alternate timeline, Montreal moved to Baltimore in the 1980s instead of going defunct, and the Washington Sentinels (remember "The Replacements"?) moved to Montreal in the '90s. I created or recolored several teams because there were many color combinations I like that were not in the NFL or CFL in the 1980s, but were in the college ranks, so there are several teams that represent some of those great color combinations -- black and teal, dark green and black, maroon and metallic gold, orange and navy, green and blue (think Hartford Whalers), purple and silver, garnet and gold. I have teams that have stayed in the same city, but have undergone multiple nickname changes until I found something that sounded right. I had the Michigan Panthers right up until a few weeks ago -- I was playing musical nicknames among the Wolfpack, Mustangs and Thunder, but I always wanted a team called the Wolfpack, so I retrofitted the Panthers as the Wolfpack after a rebranding, circa 1980. EDIT: I ended up going back to the Michigan Panthers from the start, and having the Wolfpack be the Chicago franchise. NOTE: Attached below are the current (2016-present) lineup of my Continental Football League -- Eastern Football Conference and Western Football Conference. I decided to give new life to the CFL's former East and West division logos -- we can just switch Division to Conference:
  6. brycew8

    Fixing the CFL

    When Adidas took over the CFL uniforms in 2016, they hit home runs with a few, most notably the Toronto Argonauts and Winnipeg Blue Bombers. Unfortunately there were a few real duds like Montreal and Calgary. One thing I really dislike is that so many teams use the same template with the arm striping (BC, Calgary, Sask, Ottawa) and side panels (Calgary, Sask, Ottawa). When will this idiotic trend go away! My first submission is Montreal. Right now they possibly have the worst uniform design of all time, especially combined with a really bad cartoon logo. My fix here is pretty simple: new logo with clean design based on their glory days in the 70's. To me this seems like a real easy fix.
  7. brycew8

    CFL Color Rush

    I know most people hate the color rush unis but I was inspired by JimmyN64's great designs so thought I'd see how CFL might look. I didn't include the stupid one helmet rule. Will add more when I have time and probably do some throwbacks as well. Here are the first few. Cheers!
  8. This is just a quick and dirty concept I whipped up as an idea, should the Edmonton Eskimos choose to change the team name. I don't have a dog in the fight, so please stay away from the Native American mascot talk and keep to the concept. I think Polar Bears or Nannut, the Inuit word for polar bears, makes a lot of sense for Edmonton. Here's how it might look on the helmet: Here's a quick look at a green helmet: Please feel free to offer any criticism and critiques because this is just a very quick rough draft. I like the way it's headed but I'm not sure it's really there yet. Thanks for taking the time to have a look.
  9. The 83rd Grey Cup is the only Cup to have been won by an American Team, the Baltimore Stallions from the CFL's short time in the US. However, the Stallions folded shortly thereafter. So where is the physical Grey Cup? Who has it? Is it in Baltimore? Is it with the CFL? I want to know where the cup is and answer the bigger question of what you do with championship trophies for franchise that fold. Where are the USFL Championship trophies? Or the ones for the World Football League, NFL Europe, or the Arena teams that folded. Someone has to have them right?
  10. With rumors floating of a possible comeback of the XFL, I remembered the last time Birmingham, Alabama had a pro outdoor football team. Up until the United Football League, there had been a Birmingham team in most startup pro football leagues. Now timeline may be a bit iffy like the last look back I did but I hope you will get a general sense of what the teams were like. This is little simpler than last time as many of teams lived brief lives. Sometimes glorious, sometimes not. First off, we have the 1974 Birmingham Americans of the World Football League, they will be first Birmingham team in the WFL and the only champions as the league fold shortly into its 2nd season. The logo was an A that alluded to the American flag with 3 red stripes making up one half of the A and a solid blue part making the other. Pretty prominently featured is the star made out of the negative space created by the blue and red halves, A little blue triangle was added at the bottom to complete the star. There were two alternate logos that were used This one is the primary logo with an Birmingham Americans wordmark up top. Birmingham being in blue and Americans in red. The 2nd had the blue wordmark moved to the right side and the font changed The road jerseys were blue with white numbers and an alternating red-white stripes on the sleeve Pants were white complemented by a red belt and had a blue stripe bookended by red -white stripes on both side. Pants were not changed for home jerseys Home jerseys were white with blue numbers outlined in red and there was an alternating red-blue stripe on the sleeve. it appears the 0 and holes in 8 in the numbers on sleeves ere filled in with red Socks were the same for both home and road with a pattern of blue-white-red-white-red-white-blue Helmets were white with grey facemasks and the primary logo were on both sides. There was a blue stripe bookended on both sides by a red stripe. The Americans would fold after the 1974 WFL season but was replaced with the Vulcans for the 1975 season The Vulcans primary logo was a blue V with a red flare enclosed in a blue circle. The V was designed to resemble a torch with the flare being a flame, the V following in the Americans footsteps used negative space to create a shape which in the Vulcans case was a football. The alternate logo was the torch V placed in a blue wordmark Uniforms did not change much. Socks were same for both road and home. blue-red stripes bookending a white stripe in middle. Helmets essentially the same aside from a logo change and the addition of a blue facemask Although the WFL went under, the Vulcans moniker would resurface in the American Football Association a few years later. As this is a bit obscure minor league football team, scant info exists on the web. The AFA Vulcans ditched the red, white, and blue color scheme of the previous Vulcans and opted for red and black. The primary logo can be seen as a spin on the Americans land Vulcans logo. As it is the Americans A and the letter V conjoined together. This time with no negative space in the A which is replaced by a football. There still is use of a negative space to create a torch with the insides of a V. Only uniform I could find is a black uniform with red number outlined in white. The stripes on the sleeves were orange-white-orange-white-orange. Atop the numbers, you can see there is a Vulcans wordmark in orange outlined in white. The V is made of three red stripes and a black part. The V makes a torch out of the negative space and a flame
  11. I had a couple ideas...I brings them to you. Avant garde, in one of the few places where it would make perfect sense. The 70s-80s flying alouette figures pretty heavily into this uniform, as the helmet and pants stripe, and also separated to form the assymetrical elements of the jersey: the alouette is on the right sleeve, while the A becomes a sash over the left shoulder. The third also uses the old logo, this time blown up on the shoulders, with the alouette serving as a stylized shoulder stripe. The old Als script is placed beneath the front numbers. On all three jerseys, the early 70s bird head is placed on the back of the collar.
  12. We are a few months out of the start of the regular season, but with the Free Agency starting this week let's get the ball rolling. Some big news from today is the Saskatchewan Roughriders have reportedly been in contract discussions with QB Vince Young. Yes. THAT Vince Young. He's 33 years old and attempting a comeback after a 2 year absence. I believe he still has a few decent years left in his tank. Hoping for the best with him.
  13. Welcome to what is now my first completed concept series, the NHL City Mashup Series! In this series, I will be taking the identity of each NHL team and combining it with the identity of another team (different sport) in that team's city. Some rules I set for myself were Team must be in either the MLB, NBA, NFL, MLS, or CFL. The jersey must be in the style of the NHL team's jersey. The other team's colours will be the ones on the jersey. The fonts should be either the official team's font or a close matching font. Teams: Anaheim Ducks (Angels) Arizona Coyotes (Cardinals) Boston Bruins (Celtics) Buffalo Sabres (Bills) Calgary Flames (Stampeders) Carolina Hurricanes (Charlotte Hornets) Chicago Blackhawks (Cubs) Colorado Avalanche (Nuggets) Columbus Blue Jackets (Crew) Dallas Stars (Cowboys) Detroit Red Wings (Tigers) Edmonton Oilers (Eskimos) Florida Panthers (Heat) Los Angeles Kings (Dodgers) Minnesota Wild (Twins) Montreal Canadiens (Expos) Nashville Predators (Titans) New Jersey Devils (Jets) New York Islanders (Nets) New York Rangers (Knicks) Ottawa Senators (Redblacks) Philadelphia Flyers (Eagles) Pittsburgh Penguins (Pirates) San Jose Sharks (49ers) St Louis Blues (Cardinals) Tampa Bay Lightning (Buccaneers) Toronto Maple Leafs (Raptors) Vancouver Canucks (Whitecaps) Vegas Golden Knights (Raiders) Washington Capitals (Wizards) Winnipeg Jets (Blue Bombers) without further adieu, here's the first mashup, the Anaheim Angels in the style of the Anaheim Ducks. (Yes, I am aware they aren't the Anaheim Angels, but heck with that) C&C is appreciated! I am also considering doing throwback jerseys for each mashup, I'd like to hear your thoughts on the idea.
  14. I wonder if, given today's post in the 2015 CFL Uniforms thread about Saskatchewan's new logo, it is time to post up the 2016 CFL Uniforms thread?
  15. Let's start off the 2016 CFL season and the race to the 2016 Grey Cup!
  16. Hello! This is a concept for a football team in Saint Louis, Missouri. I'll be working on it some more in the future til then, feel free to critique. Also please keep these ideas in mind: - I have no clue how pandas are related to St. Louis. Oh well! - The base Helmet was created by Chris Maurer - The rest of this project is at Enjoy!
  17. here is the logo thanks to @JPDesign for digitalizing it and here is the home uni the away uni and the helmet
  18. Hey guys, obviously I do not post much around here but trust I am searching the boards everyday this is by far one of my favourite places on the internet. The reason why i am posting however is that I am launching a new website project, and usually I like to do my own design stuff for my projects but I just simply am not as good at it as some of you on this board and am thinking I want to try and up the ante and put together a really well designed package to polish my site off and attract some views. Basically I am looking for a partner of sorts who can handle the design side of the website which frees me up for content because I put a lot of man hours into working on the look of the site but it just becomes too time consuming, I always try to have my own material where I can so instead of using stock photos or other news outlets photos, I like to create my own headers, infographics etc. so it'd be great if I had a talented person who can focus on the design side of things. Here is a link to my old website just to give an idea The website is dedicated to all coverage on the Hamilton Tiger-Cats who are my hometown team. The name is Eat 'Em Raw (originally was Eat Em Raw Radio) and the slogan is "A quick fix for your Tiger-Cats Addiction". Here are some of my current header designs and random wallpapers (not very good at all...which is why I am here), but they should give you a general idea of what I am looking for, but I am all for suggestions and different designs. I am just seeking somebody who is hopefully passionate about design and also the CFL if possible who is willing to take on this project with me, even if I can get a few people that'd be great.
  19. This is what I think the Alouettes need, considering their jerseys. The current ones are a mess and I really don't wanna rant about how sth that messy and unprofessional can be assigned and left for years untouched, to a great big team like the Montreal Alouettes. The design is simple, I kept the current team's colors, knocked out the silver from the pants, and only left it on the helmet. I was inspired by their 1974 unis, that they rocked for 6-7 years, seen here as a throwback: Anyway, this is the concept, tell me what you think. Home: Away:
  20. Seeing as Adidas will be replacing Reebok as the official uniform provider of the CFL effective next season, I decided to mock up some concepts using Adidas new template. First up we have the Toronto Argonauts. I took the same approach to the sleeve stripes as the Green Bay Packers did when they shortened sleeves, as Adidas sleeves are notorious for being excessively short. As well as shortening the stripe, I removed the blue pants, kept the signature-uniform helmet, and added a light blue jersey. C&C always appreciated.
  21. With a release date set for the official CFL Adidas uniforms, I've decided to redesign the league. Every team has at least 1 present (former?) uniform altered in some way. The template didn't include editable socks, and in an attempt to get this out as soon as I could, I just left them as is. Assume the socks would match the undershirt. BC Lions This is a combination of eras for the Leos. They return the the late 1990s / early 2000s silver helmets and pants, but take inspiration from the past in the jerseys. The orange with black number is a nod to the inaugural look for the team, and the sleeve striping is a modernization of their 1960s design. The alternate uniform is an all black look that is based off the popular set the Lions have worn the past few seasons, but with traditional striping to give it a retro feel as well. Calgary Stampeders The Stamps kept their home uniform almost identical to their previous look, only swapping the sleeve logo out for their alternate logo and changing their italicized font to a more traditional one. The road uniforms see a return of the red helmet. In fact, the away uniforms are now primarily white and red with only hints of black trim. Like the Lions, Calgary went with an all black alternate uniform after the popularity of their previous one. The alternate horse in horseshoe logo makes an appearance on the helmet. Edmonton Eskimos The defending Grey Cup champion Eskimos used the occasion to simplify their look. The home uniform switches to a more minimal striping pattern, and the road uniform ditches the green side panels, as well as the green helmet and pants that went with the previous look. The green helmets and pants would find a new home in the team's alternate uniform that features a less than appealing yellow jersey. Saskatchewan Roughriders The Riders are looking to bounce back from a sub par season, and their new look is a great first step. The side panels were removed, and horizontal sleeve stripes were introduced. The white helmets were ditched, but the Riders still have monochrome or green on white options available at home and on the road. Saskatchewan did not unveil an alternate uniform, but team management said the throwback uniforms worn for the last handful of seasons should be "expected to make an appearance" this season. Winnipeg Blue Bombers The Bombers could very well win the league re branding with this set. The team completed it's throwback trend (started with the logo in 2012) by returning to royal blue and vibrant gold. The jersey font changes, as well as the striping pattern which has a classic feel. Like their neighbours to the West, Winnipeg did not unveil an alternate uniform, but have asked the fans (*cough*, you guys, *cough*) to design one for the team to break out next season. Toronto Argonauts With their move into BMO Field complete, the Argos make some changes for the 2016 season. The early mid 1990s full Argonaut logo returns, but this time devoid of teal. The stripes move back to the shoulders and are similar to the 2005-2011 look. The home and away sets are otherwise the same as the previous look for Toronto. A vintage inspired powder blue alternate jersey was introduced as well. Hamilton Tiger Cats With the rest of the league going retro, the Ti Cats took a huge risk and modernized their look. The concept is still the same, but traditional stripes on the jerseys and pants were replaced by tiger patterned stripes. The alternate uniform even has the tiger stripes on the helmet (as well as the tiger head logo making it's helmet debut). The jersey in the alternate set has a US college feel to it with the horizontal stripe through the chest. Ottawa RedBlacks While the team's name is still.... well, not good, the same cannot be said about the new uniforms. The plaid stripes are now on every jersey and each pair of pants as well. To ensure that they are the RED blacks and not the BLACK blacks, the facemask, home uniform socks, and away jersey numbers, are now red. Montréal Alouettes The Alouettes completely overhauled their look after it remaining the same for the past decade. In a ying-yang blend of retro and modern, the Als welcome back red and white as the lone primary colours, as well as the wing on the helmets. While blue can only be found as a trim colour in the main set, Montréal's new alternate jersey is blue, very blue. It is a tribute to the province of Québec and will be worn for the team's home opener. Well, this was my quick attempt at a re designed CFL. I'd love to hear what you all think!
  22. This is my first ever concept series (and first ever real concepts). So please leave some good C&C, I know I need a lot of practice on the technique. The idea is CFL hockey jerseys. Using the current CFL colours and logos (or as close as I could get) put onto hockey jerseys in styles close to or inspired by their current CFL uniforms. First up, my hometown team the BC Lions.
  23. Yes, it's time to talk 3 downs and the smell of burnt rubber. The 2015 CFL Season is almost here. Can Calgary repeat? Will Ottawa improve? Is Michael Sam better suited to the CFL than the NFL? Find out these, and many other questions, in the 2015 CFL season thread.
  24. NIKE REVEALS CANADIAN FOOTBALL LEAGUE UNIFORMS FOR THE 2015 SEASON June 23, 2015 – The Canadian Football League boasts a rich, tradition-laden history with roots over 100 years old, when the inaugural Grey Cup was presented in 1909. However, the CFL is also a forward-thinking league, as shown by its many unique and innovative rules and fast-paced style of play. With this dichotomy in mind, Nike has looked deep into the history and tradition of each team and drawn inspiration from both past and present. As the 2015 CFL season kicks off, Nike is unveiling each team’s new Mach Speed uniforms. The Mach Speed football uniform features an all-new chassis including the latest in lightweight fabric innovation built for maximum speed, ventilation and comfort. The uniform includes three distinct woven mesh fabrics for optimal thermoregulation. Each panel on the jersey and pants matches specifically to the pads underneath in order to promote maximum airflow. In addition to primary home and away uniforms, each team will also have two “Pride” uniforms to be worn during CFL Heritage Month in October. These Pride uniforms take inspiration from each franchise’s history and identity but with a modern twist, creating a unique, 21st century look for each team. BC Lions Calgary Stampeders Edmonton Eskimos Hamilton Tiger-Cats Montreal Alouettes Ottawa RedBlacks Saskatchewan Roughriders Toronto Argonauts Winnipeg Blue Bombers Nike is the official sideline and on-field provider for the Canadian Football League. Fans will be able to purchase jerseys, official sideline gear and other apparel at, as well as at Nike Stores and other key Nike retailers.* * Not actually, as this is a concept. Please don’t go to Nike demanding CFL gear.
  25. Edmonton at Montreal two nights ago: