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Found 3 results

  1. ejcooper31

    CSU Rams

    Hi everyone, this is just an idea I had for Colorado State. Maybe not a primary logo since their current logo will probably stay for a long time. Just wanted to get some c&c. Thanks
  2. So, I am a CSU student. And I know we are partnered with Under Armour. And I know that CSU's bowl game would never get this kind of attention. However, I started thinking about a world where Nike decided to design a special uniform for the CSU Rams when they take on Utah in the Royal Purple Las Vegas bowl. I also have always loved the idea of the Rams wearing gold helmets and jerseys. So I put myself into the shoes of a Nike designer and created a concept. First off, the helmet has to have a nice shine to it. A matte would never work, but a chrome helmet wouldn't work either so I created something in between. Second off, Nike is known for doing over the top things and putting sublimated deigns onto uniforms (i.e. Oregon's wings on the shoulders of every uniform) so I took that approach. The triangular pattern is supposed to represent the mountains and trees that surround us here in Fort Collins/ the mountain and trees up behind our stadium. Going with an actual mountain range image seemed very anti-nike design so I thought that the idea of a representational pattern seemed better. Finally, I kept the idea of how their current uniform shoulders already look but I added the TV numbers to match the front and back. I also decided that green is a must. I tried the numbers as white with green outline and it felt forced. I also tried white and gold pants and those seemed to clash way too much. I feel as if this way works out the best. Without further adieu...
  3. Alright, so every year, the CSU Rams football team wears an orange uniform on Agriculture Day to commemorate our history of being Colorado's first and biggest Agriculture school. They wear it because back when CSU was known as Colorado A&M Aggies, we were Orange and Green, as opposed to Green and Gold. This year's uniforms were pretty boring and when I was walking through our student center, here at CSU, I saw a picture of what I think said the 1923 CAM Aggies Football team. It inspired me to design this concept based on the "jersey" the team was wearing in the game which was basically a big wool Green Sweater with a big orange A on it. I just took the idea and applied it to a modern template. I don't know if I like the number on the upper left hand of the chest though, so I think I might change that up to a TV Number on the shoulders. But I like what is going on with the rest of it. I will also be making a more realistic version of this on another template at some point once I figure out what all I should change or keep.