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  1. I've been drawing logos since I was younger, but only recently gotten into digital design. The many different concepts I've seen I feel has expanded my abilities and has led to me wanting to get some feedback to even better my work. I hope you guys enjoy this and now I present to you, the American Union of Interscholastic Athletics. The first conference comes from the South West, the Colorado Conference (CRC).
  2. Hi guys (again) I have plenty stuffs that I'm working on, And rather than create 50 threads I'll post them all here if it's allowed. I need some C&C before posting any of these & future designs on my portfolio. -Wofford : I've done two versions because I'm torn... which one you guys think will work better?
  3. Purdue confirmed on twitter that they will be getting new uniforms next season... finally. I've never been a fan of their current uniforms and not just because I'm an Indiana fan. I've never quite understood the shorts design nor have I liked the contrasting collar, shoulder stripes, and thing text outlines. I'd like to see the men's team go in the route of the women's team with more traditional uniforms, but I have a feeling Nike will not do that. I came up with a few new uniforms to create a new set for the Boilermakers. The three primary uniforms feature the cowcatcher inspired wordmark emphasized with a contrasting panel. I've never been much of a fan of the cowcatcher wordmark on their current uniforms, but I think by framing it inside of its own panel gives more intention to the shape and makes it look less out of place. The cowcatcher design is repeated on the shorts and creates an abstracted version of the traditional two color short piping. The two alternates are fauxbacks. The first brings the script from the "World's largest drum" to the hardwood in the style of Purdue's uniforms from the 70's. The Black alternate is also done in the same 70's style with an arched script similar to the uniforms Illinois has worn in recent years.
  4. I'm new here, and I just got into digital design and Photoshop. I've wanted to create a fictional college sports league for quite some time. I will list all the schools at the beginning of my project. Feedback, advice, and comments are greatly appreciated. If anyone has ideas for logos, please let me know as well. So without further ado…. The American Intercollegiate Athletic Association In 2002, a group of billionaire professional sports team owners, coaches, and players came together to create a plan to create a new college sports league. The American Intercollegiate Athletics Association's objective was to create a league that was really built around the students and coaches. This league allows students to make money from their skills, and gives scholarship opportunities to all students in all sports. Many NCAA Division 1 teams considered joining. Administration declined. The AIAA then began reaching out to smaller NCAA institutions (D2, D3), NAIA institutions, and schools with little to no sports presence. The league has had much success, especially in the last 10 years, and has gained more popularity than the now crippled and corrupt NCAA. They have 175 Schools (including some in Mexico, Canada, and US Territories) and 15 conferences. Their motto is Leadership, Scholarship, Competition Men's Sports Offered Basketball Baseball Cross Country Field Hockey Football Golf Ice Hockey Lacrosse Soccer Track and Field Swimming Women's Sports Offered Basketball Cross Country Field Hockey Golf Lacrosse Soccer Softball Swimming Tennis Track and Field Volleyball Here are the 15 conferences
  5. For this series, I plan on redesigning all of the basketball courts in the B1G while drawing some inspiration from the boundary-pushing NBA courts of recent years that have introduced unique wood patterns (Grizzlies, Nets, Hornets). Indiana Hoosiers - Assembly Hall The Hoosiers replace their standard wood pattern for a candy striped chevron pattern while maintaining the classic paint scheme. Rutgers Scarlet Knights - "The RAC" The State University of New Jersey blends past and present by bringing back the parquet pattern inside the three point lines. The baselines and sidelines are exaggerated, similar to the Raptors', and create a striping pattern that calls back to the piping of the 1983 team.
  6. The corrupt and despicable NCAA has been wiped off the face of the earth, and existing colleges no longer have any desire to host college athletics. In it's place, the American Collegiate Athletics Federation and its partners have stepped in to the fill the void. The ACAF operates through 6 conferences across the continental United States. Three conferences have 12 members, and three have 14 members. These 78 schools each represent a specific region of the US. In some cases a school might represent an entire state, in others it could be a representation of a geographic or cultural region of a state. Super Central East Texas Texas School of Wells Prairie Dogs Rio Grande State University Mayans University of Coastal Texas Rays Dixie Oklahoma Oklahoma A&M University Okies Ouachita University Racers Arkansas Lowlands Western Trail University Wranglers Metro Kansas Platte State University Engineers Northern Missouri Territorial Twelve Grand Canyon College Javelinas Saguaro State University Monsoons Yucca University Roadrunners Western Colorado Rocky Mountain State University Mammoths University of Southern Colorado Sidewinders Saint Francis of Assisi University Sea Lions California International University Harlequins Channel Islands Institute of Technology Islanders Inland California Lower Utah Southern Nevada Pacific Frontier Northern Utah Bay Tech University Guardians University of Northern California Condors University of Central Oregon Dragons Coastal Oregon Tri Rivers University Cavemen Coastal Washington Polaris University Pathfinders University of Southern Idaho Wizards Panhandle State University of Idaho Spuds High Plains University Sauropods Wyoming Midwest Union Dakota Tech University Saxons South Dakota University of Upper Michigan Fighting Mooses Prairie State University Coyotes Lincoln University Tornadoes Eastern Iowa Rose & Oak University Owls Wisconsin Mideastern Michigan University Smiths University of Makatawa Oranje North Indiana South Indiana Superior College Giants Plains Minnesota Power East University of Lake Erie Phantoms University of Eastern Ohio Barons Appalachian Christian University Colliers NE Pennsylvania Keystone University Vampires Virginia Maritime University Tidesmen Inland Virginia Maine State University Foresters Green Mountain State University Swarm Delaware Massachusetts New York City University of Utica Gladiators Grand Old South South Florida North Florida Crockett University Scouts Memphis State University Flyers Southern Arkansas University of Charleston Cannoneers Kentucky Commonwealth University Chevaliers Alabama Baptist University Bloodhounds Blue Ridge College Brigands Coastal North Carolina Inland North Carolina Medgar Evers University Sabers Georgia Atlantic University Herons Louisiana Above are the regions that there will be a school in, in their respective conferences. You might notice that one of these regions actually has a name already, you'd be right! Representing the region of Northern/Plateau Arizona... Grand Canyon College Javelinas Location: Prescott, Arizona Affiliation: Territorial Twelve Colors: Sedona Red, Dark Purple, White "Tequila Sunrise" - Eagles The Northern third of Arizona has a much higher elevation than the rest of Arizona, the biggest Ponderosa Pine forest in the country, and some of the most recognizable locations in the state. The name is obviously taken from one of them, the color is take from another, and the "Four Peaks" are represented in the secondary logo. For a primary, we have a simple yet classy interlocked letter combination. For the secondary, the mascot in question (ha-vuh-lee-na). I would like to do uniforms for these teams after I attempt to finish EVERY team's branding (sheesh). So please, don't ask about uniforms until then. As well as this, conference logos will come out whenever I am hit with inspiration for them (they are for some reason the most difficult part for me). Lastly, these will come out whenever I have the time. I'm a student athlete on spring break at the moment, so I have a little more time than usual. When school starts back up, progress will slow down significantly. If I have not posted in a while, feel free to comment but please don't say "WHEN IS THE NEXT SCHOOL COMING OUT". With all that out of the way, please throw some C&C at me! Looking for some critique on my javelina logo, as well critique on my choice of regions. If you think that a super-duper important region is being left out, or one should be replaced, let me know! I love learning about stuff like that. Lastly, I have no pre-determined order I'm going in. I'll let the first suggestion determine the next school I tackle, if you see someone has already suggested a region then please do not comment another suggestion. Thank you so much for taking a look everyone, looking forward to getting this show on the road!
  7. I don't know if this is just me, but I can imagine it's not, but the 150th College Football season felt like it came and then was gone just as quickly as it had appeared, especially from a uniform standpoint. Under Armour brought out the throwbacks for their schools, and I understand the size of doing a throwback for every team in just one subdivision of college football would be immense. But the best part about a concept series? It's just a concept series. We aren't limited by such things. So the basis is this: every team gets a throwback. It can be for a successful player in a certain era (Doug Flutie winning the Heisman at BC), a big play in a game (The Pick for Oregon), or a championship or bowl game winning season (pretty self explanatory). Teams will be using their current (2021) uniform suppliers, which off hand doesn't present any major issues I can think of. We'll be going conference by conference, likely split into two halves for each conference. Leading off is the ACC, Part 1: Boston College - 1984 - I gave it away for BC, but we went back to the Doug Flutie era uniforms, the cardinal uniforms in this case. Clemson - 1977 "The Catch" - Could have gone with 1981 for their first championship, but I was drawn to 1977, if for nothing else, for the striped socks. I'm not kidding. Duke - 1942 Rose Bowl - The first of just two Rose Bowls to be played outside of Pasadena. Duke brought some pretty interesting uniforms to the game, and I wanted to bring them back to the field. Florida State - 1993 National Championship - Pretty easy to go with the uniforms the team wore to win their first National Championship Georgia Tech - 1990 Co-National Champions - Feels weird to not see the Wramblin' Wreck not in white, but they didn't win a Natty in white. Louisville - 1991 Fiesta Bowl - Possibly still the biggest win in Louisville program history, these honor the Schnellenberger coached Cardinals Miami - 1983 National Champions - Before he led Louisville to the Fiesta Bowl, Schnellenberger resurrected the Miami Hurricanes football team that won the 1983 Orange Bowl. Looking forward to y'alls thoughts!
  8. North American Collegiate Athletics (NACA) Hockey Concepts In this thread I will be adding my concepts for (made up) colleges and their hockey teams. This is going to be a long project I imagine and so far I only have a couple teams complete but I plan on making somewhere between 20-50 (maybe more?) teams across North America (not just the US) which will populate multiple 'conferences' or divisions. I also plan on making peripheral graphics for league logos, etc. My main goal for all these teams is to create a unique brand based around non-traditional mascots/ team names and color schemes! Central American Conference Eagle County College Goodwell Christian Wyoming State Greywood College TBD TBD Sun Conference Florida at Three Lakes Central Louisiana TBD TBD TBD TBD MORE TO COME! (HOPEFULLY)
  9. Happy Holidays everyone! I'm thankful for the support on my NFL Redesign, and I'm starting a new project. This will be a thread of redesigns for many HBCU's (Historically Black Colleges and Universities). This will be composed of football, basketball, and baseball, which is something I'm trying out for the first time. This is similar to @colinturner95's wonderful concept. The first team for this redesign is the Jackson State Tigers from the Southwestern Athletic Conference (SWAC). I have plenty of friends and family that went here, but no one knows why JSU uses red as an accent color (official colors are navy and white). Either way, the color is included in this concept for every sport. Football Basketball Home Basketball Away Basketball Alternate Baseball Home Baseball Away Baseball Alternate 1 Baseball Alternate 2
  10. This concept was started a few years ago here: http://boards.sportslogos.net/topic/98132-vintage-style-lipscombcoloradohoward/ . And I just went back and cleaned it up. Let me know what you think of the updates. Here is the image: And a GIF for comparison:
  11. Hi guys I had that project waiting to be published, here is a personal concept. I want to be able in a near future to make some 3D presentation, It's not 3D yet but I'm working to improve my presentation... what you think? ps: You'll find the rest under the video in the second post, enjoy!
  12. Here are my NCAA D1 basketball court concepts using DarthBrooks template. Some of the courts might be boring/traditional and some might be considered a little extreme. I have been working on these on and off for over a year and have around half the teams done. I will be posting them in alphabetical order by conference (A-10 first, WCC last). Just because I made a concept for a team doesn't mean I don't like their current court. A few things you might notice... I am a fan of two-tone courts when used by the right team (I wouldn't have two-tones with traditional schools like Indiana, Duke, UCLA, etc.). The more unique logos the school has the more I tried to incorporate them into the court. Once in a while I might use a logo in a way it wasn't intended (ex. Marquette eagle logo used on court). Some of the conference logos might be a year or 2 out of date (A-10, ACC, Big 12). I didn't include websites, twitter handles, hashtags, etc. (except for one;TCU) on the out-of-bounds area. I probably only looked up 10% of the team's current court so some might be very similar to their current court on accident. Here are links to all the posts of the courts... A-10 (1st half below, 2nd half); ACC (1st half, 2nd half); America East (1st half, 2nd half); American (1st half, 2nd half); Atlantic Sun (1st half, 2nd half); B1G (1st half, 2nd half); Big 12 (1st half, 2nd half); Big East (1st half, 2nd half); Big Sky (1st half, 2nd half); Big South (1st half, 2nd half); Big West (1st half, 2nd half); UPDATES Round 1 (1st half, 2nd half, extra); CAA (1st half, 2nd half); C-USA (1st half, 2nd half); Horizon (1st half, 2nd half); Ivy League (1st half, 2nd half); UPDATES Round 2; MAAC (1st half, 2nd half); MAC (1st half, 2nd half); MEAC (1st half, 2nd half); Missouri Valley (1st half, 2nd half); Mt West (1st half, 2nd half); NEC (1st half, 2nd half); UPDATES Round 3 (1st half, 2nd half); Ohio Valley (1st half, 2nd half); PAC-12 (1st half, 2nd half); Patriot League (1st half, 2nd half); SEC (1st half, 2nd half); Southern (1st half, 2nd half); Southland (1st half, 2nd half); Summit League (1st half, 2nd half); Sun Belt (1st half, 2nd half); SWAC (1st half, 2nd half); WAC (1st half, 2nd half); UPDATES Round 4; WCC (1st half, 2nd half); Conference Tourney Courts (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4); UPDATES Round 5; A-10 (1st half) Davidson Wildcats Dayton Flyers Duquesne Dukes Fordham Rams George Mason Patriots George Washington Colonials LaSalle Explorers
  13. In light of USF eliminating the recently created academic bull for the Iconic Bull U for now both academics & athletics, I always wondered how many colleges also use the same marks for both. On top of my head here's some that I already know of. Of course, I couldn't leave out UCF & their pegasus. The pegasus has appeared on their football & baseball uniforms. An older version appeared on football helmets in 1981 & 1982 per the Helmet Project. What are more examples of above?
  14. Hey Guys! It's been awhile. Today I present a concept for the Marywood University Pacers. I drive past this school everyday and I wonder if they could have gone in a different direction. Here is my attempt. Let me know what you think! As always C&C welcome!
  15. *The template I use is not mine. All credit goes to DarthBrooks for the template.* This is a concept of me posting about NCAA courts that I recreate, and are not real. These are fictional designs, and I am looking to make quality content, as well as get feedback to improve. Tags to those who replied/responded/liked content: @Coderedalert5 @walkerws @DoctaC @BellaSpurs @1991 @TFet41 @jn8 @rattyrattera @Section30
  16. I am using this site to post my college basketball court concepts hope you enjoy them. Any requests or feedback would be greatly appreciated. The template I am using is made by darthbrooks.
  17. Hello there, Instead making radial or court brackets, I like to pick a year & create a bracket complete with team logos used in that year. I did have this finished before the First Round began but I was unsatisfied with my background. After trying different ideas using a zubaz pattern I decided it wasn't that important anymore & picked a colorful ink splatter and now sharing this. As for the team logos, I spent months scavenging throughout the internet searching sources of team logos used at or around March 1992. Believe it or not, my most helpful source was eBay. There's thousands of products for sale such as pocket schedules & media guides that include years & logos on them giving me proof a team logo was used at that time. I had to be watch out with pre-season program covers because pictures of uniforms in action would be from the previous season and such. My other sources came from a couple YouTube videos over the 1992 March Madness coverage, Getty Images, and digitized yearbooks. My project is a combination of real & concept so I'm posting this in the Concept section. I would say half of the logos were easy to find via this website & College Vault PDFs. There other half I had to rebuild the logos myself. All of this was done through Illustrator which I'm not an expert with. I enjoy doing these specific-year-themed bracket as I can discover logos that cannot be find anywhere else on the internet. And it's cool to see the different styles of logos as well as how long some of them have truly been around. 2 years ago I made a 'Stranger Things' bracket set in 1983 and I was able to reuse several logos from that period. Here is the full Imgur album that has some explanation of how I know that was the correct logo to use. I can provide more info & sources if wanted.
  18. PD13

    Apple Cup Logo

    Hey everyone. I've been holding onto this design for a while, as the Apple Cup hasn't been on anyone's mind until now, and no one could've predicted just how important it would be! The current logo for the game is serviceable, but is incredibly bland and generic. I sought to create something unique to Washington, and here's what I came up with, in several different color options. Thanks for checking it out! https://imgur.com/kCvbtmD https://imgur.com/bwzIphx https://imgur.com/Rf10GkD https://imgur.com/BdxRyzh https://imgur.com/92eaete
  19. Hello everyone! I've been a huge fan of college hockey my entire life, going to my first game when I was only 6 Weeks old. I decided to try my hand on redesigning all 60 teams in D1 college hockey. Some teams are just slight updates or even remaining the same for the most part, others are complete overhauls. WARNING: you will see a lot of stripes and script, and no football helmets in this thread! Every team has 4 jerseys, a home, away, alternate, and a second alternate which is mostly throwbacks but also can be a fauxback or a normal alternate. I will be going in alphabetical order of conference then team, lets get started! Starting off in Atlantic Hockey we have our first team. The American International College (AIC) Yellow Jackets CURRENT UNIFORMS: Home: Based off of their old alternate jersey, now with their classic Yellow Jacket logo on the chest. Away: A black version of their home. Alt: A yellow version. Alt 2: A fauxback with striped arms, AIC on chest diagonally, and no white on the uniform.
  20. Rebrand for my alma mater Western Michigan University. We aren't sure if we are black, gold, old gold, grey, or brown. I think the Brown and Old Gold is a great scheme and it's time to return to our roots. Enjoy. Uniforms to follow!
  21. It's been a minute, but just wanted to get some feedback on something I've been working on. Lake Forest College Rugby has been one of the most successful clubs on the LF campus, but has never been more than a club. In recent years the competition has increased dramatically, and the move to a full-fledged varsity program looks realistic. With this in mind, I made something that could be considered the first official crest of this club. Hope you guys enjoy, comments and criticism are always appreciated!
  22. Thanks for watching!
  23. I just finished looking through that thread that was where everyone posted a fictional college, the Sportslogos College Athletic Association. While that was brilliant, it is dead. I intend to restart it under a different name. Same format, Name, nickname, location, colors, logo, fun facts, background under, but no rule on the metro cities. I have an idea so I'll start. It's visually a little rushed plus it's in paint. I'll work on it. Name: Julio Lobo University (Universidad de Julio Lobo) Nickname: Reyes (Kings) Location: Miami, FL Colors: Red and Blue of the Cuban flag and royal Purple. https://imgur.com/n9yqkTS In this timeline, Cuban sugar mogul Julio Lobo's fateful October 11, 1960 meeting with Ernesto "Che" Guevara results in Lobo fleeing to Miami, but he found a way to get his money through. Lobo, ever the philanthropist, founded Universidad de Julio Lobo in 1963. It was, and continues to be mostly for business, as Lobo was a great businessman. There is also a large agricultural component, again connected to the founding by Lobo, a sugar mogul. Sports came soon. Lobo being from Latin America, soccer and baseball were obviously first, but they were quickly followed by football, basketball, tennis, golf, and any other sport I may be missing, except ice hockey. There's field hockey, but it's Miami. No ice hockey. Lacrosse recently came in newer. The teams were named Los Reyes as a reference to Lobo's nickname, "El Rey de Azucar de Havana" (The Sugar King of Havana). They generally started going more by the English names in the 1980s, but the Spanish names are the official names. As it is a newer school, they are somewhat light on traditions, but that does not stop the student body of around 20,000 from packing Estadio Montalvo (another rich Cuban family Lobo married into) on Saturdays for the football games.
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