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Found 2 results

  1. This is a thread for anniversary logos that have to do with companies and brands. Lamborghini-50th anniversary. So post any anniversary logos you can find.
  2. This is something that I've been wanting to start for a while. This is a contest where members will make a hockey concept, and use a company or TV Network as the base for the concept. The rules are set below - Contestants must choose a major US or international company, or TV network for their entry - Each entry must have three different uniforms. A home, and way, and an alternate. - All three uniforms must be included in one full image - You can use any logo throughout the company's history as the primary - Adding a rink to your entry is optional I'm going to try and get 32 entries, if that doesn't work out, then we can do 16. Any questions can be asked below. Good luck to everyone! they are in random order: Eric Westhaver: Sirius nas1787: CBC mr.nascar13: Pepsi chrisCLEMENT: Hawaiian Arilaines GotPixels: Atari skier14: Citi EvilG: Baskin Robbins Griffinmarlins: Dairy Queen JMurr: S&M Bikes Lancelot: Wayne Enterprises Xodius: Delta Airlines TShaw528: Kellogs Grant1Woods: Chipotle kevsim1: Tim Horton's THE FINALS 1 - Sirius XM VS. 8 - Dairy Queen