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  1. Last year, I started a series of NHL-based youth sports logos (check them out here!)... I decided to open the door to a few NFL logos before the school year starts... this first logo is still a work in progress, but ready for feedback!
  2. Something fun for all the girls in B-Town! ...and my t-shirt site... any feedback is appreciated!!
  3. I found myself to be pretty bored over this spring break, so I decided to crank out some concepts, and I find that baseball logos are some of the most fun to create, so I decided to create some leagues, and if this catches on, I will make more of these and the leagues that will stretch across the United States. I can't decide whether to make each league 8 or 12 teams, maybe some suggestions? Please, if you're going to say something negative, please suggest on how to correct it instead of just saying it's bad, it's greatly appreciated. I plan on cranking out one of these every few days, so we start with the largest city in Alabama, Birmingham. Famous for their steel production, Birmingham joined the league at the beginning, in 1936, and found themselves to be pretty successful, winning 15 championships in 80 years. Main Logo Cap Logo
  4. Last week, I posted a concept logo of a Pittsburgh-based Lil' Penguin... today, I started working on a Lil' Johnny Canuck! Not 100% on the mittens or the tongue, but figured I'd float out both along with a 90's colorized version... any feedback is appreciated!
  5. Howdy Guys. Today I've got a project of mine for you to look at. I'm rebranding the redwings and trying to bring their very classic very untouchable logo into the 21st century. I'm a redwings fan so this one hit close to home and I really wanted to do the logo justice while putting my own style in it. Let me know what you think! and for a Adidas take on the jerseys: