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Found 4 results

  1. *The template I use is not mine. All credit goes to DarthBrooks for the template.* This is a concept of me posting about NCAA courts that I recreate, and are not real. These are fictional designs, and I am looking to make quality content, as well as get feedback to improve. Tags to those who replied/responded/liked content: @Coderedalert5 @walkerws @DoctaC @BellaSpurs @1991 @TFet41 @jn8 @rattyrattera @Section30
  2. I am using this site to post my college basketball court concepts hope you enjoy them. Any requests or feedback would be greatly appreciated. The template I am using is made by darthbrooks.
  3. Well, let me start by saying hi. This is my first attempt at a court concept. C&C welcomed, please tell me what i can improve on. I used paint so i know its pixelated but i don't know how to fix it as i am new to this. 1. i went back to the Celtics lighter parquet floor as it is better than the current darker one in my opinion. 2. used black for baseline and sideline because of the alts the Celtics have is one of my favorites in the entire NBA and it incorporates black. 3. i flipped the "TD GARDEN" logo colors(Yellow and White) because i think it looks better that way. 4. i used the Celtics alt "clover" logo because the NBA is adopting the trend of Roundel logos (for the best in my personal opinion) so without further ado here's what i have done. please tell me what you think.
  4. Following the Toronto Raptors' rebrand, I thought I would have a go at tinkering with their court and offer up a couple of concepts.