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  1. It has been over 2 years since I posted any concepts on this website and finally I am back with a new thread. While I might be wrong here, I believe this is the first time on the boards that a crossover has happened between a traditional sport and eSport teams. At the current moment I have only started working on the Overwatch League teams, because of the teams are named like traditional sports team: City/Area/State and a Nickname. Depending on how this thread goes I might start doing third uniform sets as well as the COD League and then maybe eSport organizations. One thing I will say now all uniforms will share the same fonts when it comes to the nameplate and the numbers, that is the only similarity between the jerseys the players wear and these concepts. If I get into third uniforms that is when I'll make it more unique for each team. Overwatch League: Toronto Defiant - Update Guangzhou Charge - Update Washington Justice Hangzhou Spark - Update London Spitfire - Update - Third Los Angeles Gladiators and Valiant - Update(Gladiators) update(Valiant) - Gladiators(Third) Dallas Fuel - Third Paris Eternal Boston Uprising - Third Chengdu Hunters Houston Outlaws - Update - Third Seoul Dynasty - Update Vancouver Titans - Update Philadelphia Fusion - Update Shanghai Dragons - Update - Third Miami Mayhem - Update Atlanta Reign - Third New York Excelsior - Third San Francisco Shock - Update You found the secret. Congrats So to get started, I am going to choose 1 of the 2 Canadian teams in the OWL. The Toronto Defiant. The main goal I had when designing this was to differentiate away from what the Leafs wear. Granted the colors are the Raptors colors. I ended up with the sleeve design being a "T" that extended to the front and back of the jersey. As well as the little notches in the stripe to mimic the notches is the logo. And the nameplate being the only thing that breaks the stripe. The pants and sock share the striping that is on the jersey just without the notches. I do currently have a couple teams done and this might be one of my favorite sets so far. Thank you for looking at the Defiant. I'm really excited to be posting concepts again and look forward to the rest of this series. As always C&C is welcome. Also I do know this is the adidas template, I put Staple as the uniform provider because they are the jersey manufacturer for the OWL.
  2. A very fun project to design. NFL teams playing in the Major League Soccer. AFC complete today, anda tomorroy I'll post the NFC. AFC EAST
  3. Hi! Not new here but it has been long since I finished my last concept... And now back with a NFL to NBA concept. First I want to thank @R3G for his amazing nike NBA template! Very user-friendly. The 1990s NBA jerseys seem to be controversial because of it's colors and details, and I would like to see how the NFL teams can fit into it. Since the Eagles unveiled their current set in 1990s so I decided to start with it. Inspired by the 1992-95 Hawks set and 1997-2011 Wizards set, which both have single-sided stripe and similar curved jersey logos. May back with the white/alt or I will start another new team. C&C is always appreciated!! Thanks for reading!! Edit: Lists: NFC East: #1 Eagles / #4 Giants / #21 Cowboys NFC West: #11 Seahawks / #17 Rams NFC South: #14 Falcons / #20 Panthers NFC North: #8 Vikings(v2) / #12 Lions / #19 Bears AFC East: #7 Patriots / #10 Dolphins / #13 Jets AFC West(finished): #5 Raiders / #16 Chargers / #24 Broncos / #25 Chiefs AFC South(finished): #3 Colts(v2) / #6 Jaguars / #22 Texans / #23 Titans AFC North(finished): #2 Ravens / #9 Steelers / #15 Browns #18 Bengals
  4. Atlanta Hawks: For the Hawks I got rid of the charcoal and volt, and carried over the hawk feather pattern.
  5. I have seen NFL and, currently, NBA crossovers, but I have yet to see a baseball-soccer crossover. I even did some searching for one. Anyway, I thought I would try my hand on it. I'm taking comments on any and everything. Here's the first one: Arizona Diamondbacks SC I went with their secondary logo, as it seemed to fit better as a soccer badge. All fonts used in this series will be from Conrad's MLB package. Concepts done in Illustrator and Photoshop. EDIT: I should also mention, if it hasn't already been recognized, that the kit sponsors are just the namesake of the home ballpark. In the case there isn't a sponsored park (Yankee Stadium), I'm using a prominent ad from within the park.
  6. Hi guys! Well, I'm starting this new project here in the forum. My idea is to imagine the NBA franchises as MLS franchises. It's a simple thing, I think other people should have done it here, but I think it's worth bringing my vision to you. The shirts will be made in alphabetical order, and starting from the beginning, let's go to the Atlanta Hawks! HOME JERSEY AWAY JERSEY THIRD JERSEY CITY EDITION JERSEY
  7. So this is the series I mentioned about in my new look NHL, which now will be going on alongside this series, the AFL-NHL crossover! Australian Rules Football is an amazing sport that I wish had more of a global presence, especially here in Canada. For you folks who don't know what this sport is, here you go. I discovered it two years ago, and am now a proud supporter of the Western Australian teams. This idea came to mind when the folks at HJC started the AIHL (Australian Ice Hockey League) redesign. I'd been wanting to do another crossover series, and everything just clicked. Adelaide Crows (alt) Brisbane Lions Carlton Blues Collingwood Magpies Essendon Bombers Fremantle Dockers (alt) Geelong Cats (alt) Gold Coast Suns GWS Giants (alt) Hawthorn Hawks Melbourne Demons North Melbourne Kangaroos Port Adelaide Power Richmond Tigers St Kilda Saints Sydney Swans West Coast Eagles (update) Western Bulldogs I will be starting off with the two recent grand finalists, Richmond and Adelaide, then going down the ladder (standings). So without further ado, here we go! First off are the newly crowned premiers after 37 years, the Richmond Tigers. The team's jumpers (uniforms) are black with a yellow sash, so I turned it into a chest stripe to fit in with other hockey jerseys. The aways are yellow as a tribute to the jumpers the tigers won the premiership in. The sock stripes are inspired by the team's past home jumpers. The numbers are white like they are on the club's jumpers. C&C appreciated!
  8. Won't make a big production out of this (don't have all 30 teams done yet), but I've moved on from my NFL Soccer project for now. That was a good "beta" test, if you will, as I am still learning the game of soccer. Subsequently, I'm also learning the aesthetics of soccer. I'm hoping this concept (and eventually full project) will show some progress. This time, I'm working on creating new badges for every team. Some will be subtle differences from the real-life baseball team. Others will be 100% re-designs. This time, I've actually saved all the files so I can edit as critiques come in. So without further man-splaining, here's the first crossover: Los Angeles Not too much to explain here. You'll see in this project sometimes I get carried away with doing hoops all the time, but "The Angels" have a bit of variation. The home (red) kit has a pretty basic look. I chose two reds to help break apart the kit. I didn't want a huge red block of color coming at the viewer the whole time, a la Liverpool. I feel like this combats that a little bit. The away (white) kit also has hoops, but with a different feel. The one grey hoop directly above the crest is a tip-of-the-cap to the Angels' halo caps. You can also see a red yoke which represents the angels that everybody has on their shoulders...Or that could be Nike-style marketing BS. You be the judge. My favorite, though, is the 3rd. I wanted a complete recolor and, thankfully, the mid-90s provided some good inspiration for Los Angeles. Once put together, the kit is light blue-navy-light blue-navy in a row. I also re-colored the crest to match the new color scheme. Send some C&C love on these kits. Next up soon will be San Francisco FC.
  9. Hey, guys! I got a little bored with the NHL to NFL crossover I've been doing, so I decided to take a break from it (I only have 3 teams left, so I'll finish it some time soon). I've never done a basketball concept, so I decided to do yet another crossover, but this time NFL-to-NBA. Finished teams: NFC South Atlanta Falcons Carolina Panthers New Orleans Saints Tampa Bay Buccaneers AFC East Buffalo Bills Miami Dolphins New England Patriots New York Jets NFC West Arizona Cardinals Los Angeles Rams Seattle Seahawks San Francisco 49ers NFC North Chicago Bears ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- First up is my home team, the New Orleans Saints. I decided to keep this one fairly simple, with nothing too flashy. Same colors, same number and NOB font as the football jerseys. I'm sure some of the other teams will allow for more flashy designs, if that's what you're looking for. Oh, and for the No. of championships tag on the collar, I'm putting how many Super Bowls they've won, instead of having them all say 0x. But nonetheless, here are the simple Saints home/away sets:
  10. Hi everybody. As some of you may know, this is my third series. The first one was about baseball, the second one was about soccer, and for this one I deicded to imagine what if the clubs from the (British) Premier League were Baseball teams. Each team will have three uniforms: a white or off-white home, a grey road and an alt one, which I will try to make close to the actual soccer kits. First of all, let's start introducing the clubs' names: -Arsenal FC: London Gunners -AFC Bournemouth: Bournemouth Cherries -Burnley FC: Burnley Clarets -Chelsea FC: Chelsea Blues -Crystal Palace FC: London Eagles -Everton FC: Merseyside Toffees -Hull City AFC: Hull Tigers -Leicester City FC: Leicester City Foxes -Liverpool FC: Liverpool Reds -Manchester City FC: Manchester Citizens -Manchester United FC: Manchester Red Devils -Middlesbrough FC: Boro Smoggies -Southampton FC: Southampton Saints -Stoke City FC: Stoke Potters -Sunderland AFC: Sunderland Black Cats -Swansea City AFC: Swansea Swans -Tottenham Hotspur FC: Tottenham Spurs -Watford FC: Watford Hornets -West Bromwich Albion FC: West Bromwich Throstles -West Ham United FC: London Hammers Alternative Name Ideas: -Sunderland: Tyneside Black Cats I'll be doing and posting the designs in alphabetical order (like the list) above. Each team will have a cap logo different to their actual crest, and this (the actual crest) will be featured on the left sleeve of the unis. I'm also thinking on featuring the league badge on the right sleeve. C&C appreciated!
  11. I had an idea a little while ago to take an iconic jersey, good or bad, take the overall design of the jersey, and add it to another team's design from that city. I started out with one of the most famously bad jerseys of all time, the vintage Houston Astros jerseys from the 70's/80's. I used red and yellow stripes for the shirt and kept the same design as the original jersey. I'm going to continue this kind of idea with separate jerseys in the future, so let me know what you think of this jersey and I'd love to hear any ideas for future uniforms. I really value feedback. Thanks!
  12. I love crossover series and I love hockey jerseys. So I decided to put them together and turn the NBA into NHL uniforms. They are going to be loosely based off of the actual basketball jerseys and some teams will have an alternate. I'm going alphabetically so, naturally, I started with the Hawks. I took a tad bit of creative liberty and made the main jersey red and the alternate black because frankly, imo that's the way it should be. I added the triangle design to the stripe and shoulders and went black, green, and red for the the 3rd jersey. Let me know what you think and some c&c for future jerseys would be much appreciated thanks!
  13. In a recent SportsLogos news post about Riddell giving a helmet to the Houston Astros with a design based on the team, author Demetrius Bell brought up the popularity of "crossover designs" in the concept world, combining a sports' uniform with the identity of another sports' team. In the end of the article, he asked the readers which baseball team would look best on a football helmet, which immediately sparked my imagination. After having done a handful of them, I decided I wanted to continue the project as far as my motivation would take me. Sports logos and design is one of my biggest interests, and this kind of project is simple, and addicting. I'm going to try and make what I think would be a realistic interpretation of how MLB (and perhaps other sports) teams' helmets would look like if they played football, and maybe a few alternates and throwbacks in the mix too. Not sure how much I will do, but I figure I might as well set it up just in case. I'll make a new post and add to the OP when I make new additions. I'm considering doing MLB and NHL requests, but only based on logos/identities, not original concepts! Clicking each helmet will bring you to the full-size version. MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL AMERICAN LEAGUE NATIONAL LEAGUE Baltimore Orioles Arizona Diamondbacks Boston Red Sox Atlanta Braves Chicago White Sox Chicago Cubs Cleveland Indians Cincinnati Reds Detroit Tigers Colorado Rockies Houston Astros Los Angeles Dodgers Kansas City Royals Miami Marlins Los Angeles Angels Milwaukee Brewers Minnesota Twins New York Mets New York Yankees Philadelphia Phillies Oakland Athletics Pittsburgh Pirates Seattle Mariners San Diego Padres Tampa Bay Rays San Francisco Giants Texas Rangers St. Louis Cardinals Toronto Blue Jays Washington Nationals ALTERNATES/THROWBACKS: Oakland: alternate (2011-current) / throwback (1993-94) NATIONAL HOCKEY LEAGUE The only ones I've done so far are the Florida Panthers in celebration of their rebranding, the Carolina Hurricanes alternate, and the Pittsburgh Penguins 1992-2002 throwback. This format and project are both a work in progress. Feedback on either would be appreciated!
  14. I've had this idea in my head for a long time, and have worked on some teams already. Now that I'm finally done with school I feel like I will have the time to do more teams. Maybe even complete the entire NBA to what I think all the teams would look like as Hockey teams. I will throw in a couple of teams that are no longer in the league, and maybe even an all star set. One thing that I'm currently trying to figure out is if I should make the logos that have a basketball in it, and try to change it to something related to hockey. With most uniforms I will try to relate it to the current uniforms that the team is wearing. I will start off with 3 jerseys for each team consisting of the normal home and away, and an alternate (if an alternate is a throwback that will be used as the alt uniform). Now to the first two teams, since it is the finals I thought that would be a good place to start. The Cleveland Cavaliers Home: Away: Alternate: And The Golden State Warriors Home: Away: Alternate: (I know they have a black alt, but I liked this throwback to much, gray background is there just to make it easier to see the word on the sleeves) C&C is welcomed. And you can suggest who you want me to do next. Thank you.
  15. Hello. A while back, I had a concept that I never finished. Now, I'm redoing it. As with my first version, one helmet applies here and some teams will have nicknames to fit with the sport. As for the expansion teams, I'm undecided for LAFC and AtlU, but I will be doing one for Minnesota, since they have a previous incarnation to draw from and there will be ones for the Mutiny, Fusion and Chivas as well and ones for Sporting, FCD and the Red Bulls' previous incarnations. C/C please. Template Credits: ADW77 Eastern Conference Chicago Fire: Home, Away, Alternate Columbus Crew (SC): Home, Away, Alternate V.1 | Home, Away, Alternate V.2 D.C. United: Home, Away, Alternate Old badge | Home, Away, Alternate New badge Montreal Impact: Home, Away, Alternate New England Revolution: Home, Away, Alternate New York City Bluebirds (New York City FC): Home, Away, Alternate New York Red Bulls: Home, Away, Alternate Orlando City SC (Orlando City Lions): Home, Away, Alternate Philadelphia Union: Home, Away, Alternate Toronto FC Western Conference Colorado Rapids: Home, Away, Alternate Dallas Toros (FC Dallas): Home, Away, Alternate Houston Dynamo: Home, Away, Alternate Kansas City Wizards (Sporting Kansas City): Home, Away Alternate LA Galaxy: Home, Away, Alternate Portland Timbers: Home, Away, Alternate Real Salt Lake San Jose Earthquakes Seattle Sounders FC Vancouver Whitecaps FC Expansion Minnesota United Legacy/Throwbacks Tampy Bay Mutiny Miami Fusion Dallas Burn Kansas City Wiz New York/New Jersey Metrostars
  16. This is an idea I came up with to redesign some NHL logos as if they were soccer team logos. There will be some rules for each logo I redesign. The wordmark or initials of the team must be on the logo There must be a connection to at least one of the team's logos (e.g. Bruins logo is roundel) The actual team's logo may not be in it, but different parts of it can be (e.g. crown from Kings logo can be in it) Will be posting Anaheim shortly! as always, C&C is appreciated!
  17. So, since crossovers are the hot thing here now, I'll throw my hat into the ring. First off, some clarification: 1. Adidas will still be league wide supplier. 2. Secondary logos will be primarily used, or new logos all together. (A basketball in a soccer concept won't do.) 3. Current and Throwback uniforms are all in play. 4. While a uniform set may share characteristics, no two kits are alike. All current number fonts are by Conrad. Without further ado, the Atlanta Hawks: I had a lot of options here. For the home, I took the side panels off the current uniform, and made it a sash. The '90s uniforms had a influence in the away, with a subliminated Hawk on the front. And the alternate is a full throwback to the '80s, old logo and all. I'll have Boston up later.
  18. This is my first ever concept series (and first ever real concepts). So please leave some good C&C, I know I need a lot of practice on the technique. The idea is CFL hockey jerseys. Using the current CFL colours and logos (or as close as I could get) put onto hockey jerseys in styles close to or inspired by their current CFL uniforms. First up, my hometown team the BC Lions.
  19. All concepts will be posted in spoilers to try and reduce the size of each post. Credit to Conrad for the fonts and several others as references for the Template (no, I'm not releasing it). As always, C+C is appreciated. I will have a complete and up-to-date directory for easy access to each team, their original concept, and the link to updates if there are any. Thanks for stopping by! ______________________________________________________ DIRECTORY: H = Home UniformR = Road Uniform (also referred to as "Away Uniform")ALT = Alternate UniformUH = Updated Home UniformUR = Updated Road/Away UniformTH = Throwback Uniform (Only noted as a throwback if it is a second alternate uniform).UU = Unused Options. AMERICAN LEAGUE AL WEST Anaheim Angels: H | R | ALT Houston Astros: H | R | ALT Oakland Athletics: H | R | ALT Seattle Mariners: H | R | UU SEA HELMET EXPERIMENT 10/9 | ALT | ALTU | ALTU2 Texas Rangers: H | R | ALT AL WEST UPDATES 10-3-15 ---------------- AL EAST Baltimore Orioles: H | R | O's UPDATE 10/9 | ALT Boston Red Sox: H | ROAD | BOSOX UPDATE 10/9 | ALT New York Yankees: H | R | YANKEES UPDATE 10/9 Tampa Bay Rays: H | R | UU TB RAYS OPTIONS 10/9 | ALT | UH | UR Toronto Blue Jays: H | R | ALT | ALTU ---------------- AL CENTRAL Chicago White Sox: H | R | ALT | ALTU | ALTU2 Cleveland Indians: H | R Detroit Tigers: H | R | UH Kansas City Royals: H | R | UH | UR | ALT Minnesota Twins: H | R | UH | UR ____________________________________________________________________ NATIONAL LEAGUE NL CENTRAL Chicago Cubs: H | R | ALT | UH | UR Cincinnati Reds: H | R | ALT | UUH | UUR Milwaukee Brewers: H | R | ALT | ALTU | UH | UR | UUH1 | UUH2 Pittsburgh Pirates: H | R | UH | UR | ALT St. Louis Cardinals: H | R | UH | UR | ALT NL CENTRAL UPDATES 10/17 NL WEST Arizona Diamondbacks: H | R | ALT | TH Colorado Rockies: H | R | UH | UR Los Angeles Dodgers: H | R | UH | UR San Diego Padres: H | R | UH | UR San Francisco Giants: H | R | UH | UR | UH2 | UR2 | ALT NL EAST Atlanta Braves: H | R Miami Marlins: H | R | ALT New York Mets: H | R Philadelphia Phillies: H | R | UH | UR Washington Nationals: H | R | ALT _____________________________________________________ Anaheim Angels Brought back the halo and put that on the helmet. Simple Navy-White-Navy stripe for the home and replaced the white stripe with red for the roadPrimary logo on the chest.Navy-Red-Navy Stripes for the home pants. Added the logo on the pants above the stripe on the hip.White replaces the red on the stripe for the red pants.Pants are interchangeable, however the navy socks must be worn if they choose to go with red pants. On the fence as to what I should do with the alternate. I can say for certain, though, that it will either be navy (booooo) or a throwback to the Disney era (yaaaay). Suggestions: Include gold into the color scheme... Halo?Add Logo to the helmet a la Oregon's Mirror wings
  20. Pretty simple translation of current NHL team looks onto soccer templates. I'll be attempting to do all 30 teams with a view additional concepts along the way. Before we get started here are a couple of notes... All 30 teams will wear jerseys manufactured by Adidas (note this decision was made prior to the recent Adidas deal with the NHL). All 30 teams will wear at least two separate jerseys. One primary uniform and one clash uniform with the option of 3rd jersey. All 30 teams will be sponsored by the company which sponsors their home arenas. All jersey concepts will be accompanied by a scarf which will display a team nickname and motto.Now with that out of the way lets begin with the Anaheim Ducks.
  21. Hi, guys! This thread may seem familiar to some people, because I made a similar one about a year and a half ago. Unfortunately, I tend to have commitment issues on projects like these, and promptly went and completely forgot about this site. Cleaning out my computer I found the old templates, and thought: why not start anew and make it better than last time? And even better: Why not get around to actually finishing? (Ironically, I have even less time to do these then before..) So without further ado, I'm starting off with something simple: The Milwaukee Bucks: I'm a huge fan of their redesign, and thought it'd translate well to baseball, being simplistic and all that. They don't exactly have an alt uni yet, so I decided to make a throwback to those Ray-Allen 90's jerseys. As always, constructive criticism is welcome, and very appreciated.
  22. Hey guys- I was looking for something unique to do for my next topic, so I decided on the American Hockey League for a soccer crossover. Each team will have a home, road and alternate shirt. First up, the Albany Devils: HOME For the home, I liked Nike's sublimated hoops so I made that the home. The end result looked solid to me. ROAD Another one of those templates I liked. Again, the colors look solid on it. ALTERNATE The alternate is based on the Devils' NHL affiliate, the New Jersey Devils, old color scheme. I brightened the green to make a very different kit that wouldn't be to similar to any other green that would be used as a primary color for other teams. The sponsor is Times Union, the same company that owns the naming rights to Albany's arena. The font I'll be using for the whole league is Western by Conrad. C&C is very much appreciated. Thank you for your time!
  23. To be able to work better and more freely my creativity, I decided to start this series of crossovers of NHL teams to football. I always enjoyed the visual identity of the NHL teams, and will do soccer jerseys, Home, Away and Third for each of them. The presentation that I will use is down here. This will be the template pattern for posting. Changes in the frame to fit alloy, and little change in the shirt template I usually use, the main one being the shift from "Victoria" to "Icestorm" shirt in the bar. The sleeve has the patch of the league, that just as the MLS, will change color depending on the team, and the font used on all shirts will be used by teams in real life. Well, I start with the series soon, and I hope you enjoy.
  24. Since I finished my MLB to NFL crossover, I decided to start an NHL version. Using a different template this time and I'll be posting home and away at the same time. Up first, the Anaheim Ducks: The stripe on the pants is the same as the helmet, but for some reason when I resized the image, it made it hard to see the orange stripe on the right side. Trust me, it's there