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  1. Hi Everybody, After much consideration I've decided to open up a topic dedicated to the defunct or forgotten champions of Europe. Most entries will be of clubs that are no longer active but where once prominent clubs in their home country. I will also include some still existing clubs but they have to play in the lower divisions of their respective country. All entries will have revamped crests and kits but also a bit of history, mostly who they where and what happend to the club. The entries will be presented in a group of 4 teams, just like our modern Champions League so because of that updates will be slower, but once the series kicks off there will be a good amount of teams from the very start. I will also still update my Belgian Defunct Clubs series. INDEX 1.INTRO & SUMMARY 2.GROUP A (TORINESE,LEIPZIG,POLONIA,GRADANSKI) 3.GROUP B (RACING, PRESTON NORTH END, R.A.P AMSTERDAM, KB)
  2. Inspired by many good concept threads on here, especially PascalHugo’s excellent Alternate Universe, I will try my hand at creating a football league concept from scratch but with a twist. My intent is to create a 16 team Football league consisting of defunct historic Belgian teams, trying to imagine how these clubs would look like in the modern age. Most of the logos and kits will be modern revamps of existing logos and designs. To start off, here’s the branding for this incarnation of the Belgian Pro League. Project Index Project Intro & League Logo Daring & Racing Club de Bruxelles Stade Leuven THOR Waterschei KFC Winterslag KSK Beveren KSV Waregem Matchday Graphics
  3. While playing NHL 17, I came across the Kansas City Scouts' logo when messing around on Create-A-Team. I got to thinking pretty hard about what I would do if I were ever approached to build a new Scouts identity from the ground up, and got to sketching. Today I have a finished product to share! The Scouts looked really good during their time, and I'd be perfectly fine if a resurrected Scouts franchise skated out of the gate wearing those exact get-ups. I wanted to challenge myself, however, and went the way of the Winnipeg Jets with a built-from-scratch identity. This identity revolves around a war-painted horse with feathers attached to the mane as the primary mark. The alternate marks are inspired by painted hand prints that warriors would place on their horses for both accomplished missions and an oath of vengeance. The original logo is also used as the primary crest of an alternate third fauxback, which is a red, navy, and gold version of the original sweaters. Let me know what you think! C&C is appreciated, you know the drill!
  4. This was submitted to HJC for their 365 Club competition I took part of their jersey's stripe pattern and added white to make it look closer to their away jerseys. Thoughts?
  5. Alright so I'm going to start my second active topic on the boards, the other one being "NHL by Adidas 2.0" Inspired by an Atlanta Thrashers redesign on HJC, I've decided to start a series where I take any defunct NHL team, like the Nords, Whalers, or Thrashers and rebrand them. I'll have one home and one road. Here are my rules. • I must use at least one logo from their past (or update an old one) • I must keep the name of the team • I must keep one colour from their past (or slightly edit an old one) • one dark, one light, within NHL guidelines So with this being said, here's the Atlanta Thrashers. Things I kept; - alternate logo (fit identity better) - general colour scheme (without gold) - alternate inspired striping pattern Things I changed; - eliminated gold - Georgia Peach replaces white, becoming the first NHL team to have a current road uniform that isn't white - edited the striping pattern from red alternate uniform to make it more modern and consistent Might do the Whalers or Nordiques next, leave comments.
  6. Before the '10-'11 season, due to lack of interest, my school cut the football program. I was still in middle school, so I never got to experience HS football. This past year, the school signed a contract with Under Armor for athletic uniforms, this is what I think the team would look like. Enjoy!