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  1. I I am a student of arts and I want to start my career as a designer. Can you suggest me some good tools which I need to master before I enter my career. I haven’t decided which field I would be working for, but I don’t want to restrict myself to one domain only. I know that designers use different software for different industries. For example, if I have to make a custom logo design, I need to learn logo maker, adobe illustrator, logo smartz etc. But what if I have to make a banner? I can’t use the same software’s right. So can you guys list me some essential software which can help me irrespective of the industry I choose.
  2. With Major League Baseball's minor league systems playing a critical role in their development, and the D League somewhat recently becoming a successful component of the NBA, I thought it would be fun to see what it might look like if the NFL joined this trend and created a development league themselves. So without further to do, here is a long project in the making, the PFL: The Progressive Football League. Complete with 16 franchises spanning the length of the entire country (and then some), the PFL aims to work as a competitive organization that allows athletes that are not quite ready for the professional rankings to continue their development and gain preparation for NFL. Below we get a grasp of what the league is all about, showing how the teams are organized, as well as the basic specifications for each franchise. It is important to note that these teams aren't associated with specific NFL franchises, but rather just a separate, lower league that gives athletes experience before, if deemed ready, being called up to the big time. The first franchise to be shortly introduced will be the Spokane Killer Whales. Here's a preview.
  3. So one criticism I have faced on these boards is that I often develop logos in haste. I acknowledge and embrace this criticism. In an effort to improve my NAVO fictional league thread I am creating this research and development thread. From time to time I will post things on this thread that I have sketched up. I want your thoughts, opinions, criticisms, suggestions, and recommendations for improvement on everything I post on this thread. As you provide this I will take your comments into consideration and work through projects. Hopefully this will supply me with a steady stream of well hashed team concepts for NAVO. Not everything started here will see the light of day. So for the first concept I present to you the logo for the Hummingbirds. This ideas is very open ended at this time. No location or time frame for the team exists. Just an idea for a logo. I know a lot of you who post on these boards are not fond of the use of gradients but I think for Hummingbird wings it is very fitting. What do you think? For those of you who follow NAVO know, the leagues history is being presented in chronological order, currently in 1885. As you can see this Hummingbird, unless it is drastically altered, would not be one to be used in NAVO at its current date. Understand that as things are posted here it is not to suggest that these are the next teams to come in NAVO. The only chronological order to this thread is the order in which I am inspired with new ideas. Sometimes you might see something on this thread and it could be a LONG time before you ever see them used on NAVO and as I said some might not ever be used at all. The sole purpose of this thread is to flush out good concepts.