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  1. With a new exciting Formula 1 season starting this weekend, I've created a template for MS Paint based on the 2018 cars which includes the new and (in)famous halo. This what I've done: And here's a livery example: What do you think? C&C is appreciated! If I see you like it, I will create a whole series redesigning the 10 liveries from the starting season.
  3. Merry February everyone. It''s almost that time when the F1 teams release their cars for the upcoming season. Just like in 2015 and 2016 I have made some F1 concepts to tie in with that, which I hope you will enjoy. This year will be slightly different though. I have already created a concept for each team based off a combination of what I think teams will look like - slightly modified to my taste. Once the actual cars have been released, I will modify my designs again based on them and also any C&C that has been given. There will also be some bonus concepts just for fun at the end - suggestions welcome. 2017 will be interesting because of some significant rule changes which affect the design and look of the cars. This has meant a slight change in the template I use. The .png is below for anybody to use. I have created my concepts using Inkscape from an .svg file. If you would like a copy of that .svg then PM me your email address. UPDATE: Basic "Shark Fin" added.
  4. Finally had some time to play around with this F1 template I have. Just wanted to make some livery concepts for teams who really don't look their best currently. First is Force India. They used to have a bold memorable orange and white look, but has since been grey scaled out. I wanted to make orange more prominent, then add an accent of a puke green to throw in a bright color to separate the two main colors. Second is McLaren. It's a mix of current and classic. Gun metal grey with the red stripes that the Marlboro sponsorship in the 80s and 90s rocked. I feel like it's a classic look that the team can rock because it's simple enough to be replicated. I made chrome stripes to separate, and chrome decals on the black, including the boomerang shapes they have now. Lastly, the one I did for Toro Rosso. I HATE how similar they look to their parent team. I wanted to go to a different Red Bull brand, so I did some light blue that the sugar free cans have. I moved the bull to the wing, which isn't where it is on Red Bull. Those are the 3 that were screaming for some concepts in my mind, but I might do more!
  5. It's that time of year again. The 2016 Formula One season is fast approaching. Just like last year, I have created some concepts of what I think the current grid should look like in my ideal world. I've also created a number of bonus concepts for fun. The teams will be released in order of their final position in the 2015 constructors standings, with Haas being last due to them being a new entry. If you have any suggestions of teams/ideas you would like to see then please comment. All proper C&C will also gladly be taken on board and addressed. Teams Mercedes - Page 1 Ferrari - Page 1 Williams - Page 1 Red Bull - Page 1 Force India - Page 1 Renault - Page 1 Toro Rosso - Page 2 Sauber - Page 2 McLaren - Page 2 Manor - Page 2 Haas - Page 2 Full grid posted on page 2 Bonus - all posted on page 2 Aston Martin Brawn GP Dennit Racing Ford (USA theme) Gulf Racing Jordan (Hornet) Lamborghini Ligier Marble F1 McLaren (alternative designs) Nextev Target Chip Ganassi Williams 1992 & 1996 Suggestions welcome Template The template is based off of the following PNG image: LINK. - Many different variations can also be found on the autosport forums (google it). I used Inkscape to create these 2016 concepts and Photoshop for the 2015 concepts, so if anybody would like an SVG or PSD template then send me a PM stating which format(s) you want with your email address and I will happily send them over to you.
  6. prof

    Formula 1 Concepts

    Hello everyone, I'm going to post here my works. p.s. I'm not good enough to create my own template, so i borrowed it from marble21. (Thank you!) Scuderia Ferrari Bonus: Valentino Rossi fantasy Team: VR-46 Racing Team Inspired by this
  7. The 2015 Formula One season is just over a month away, with the first race in Melbourne on the 15th of March. What better way to count down the days than to follow a concept series of how each team would look in my ideal world? (don't answer that). Some teams stay largely the same and some are vastly different. I plan to release a team every 3 or 4 days, with the last team just in time for the first race. Each team is provisionally completed but changes will more than likely be made before release. I am open to suggestions/ideas for how each team should look as well as any bonus concepts you might like to see. Be it completely made up or a throwback to past cars. Teams Mercedes - Page 1Red Bull - Page 1Williams - Page 2Ferrari - Page 2McLaren - Update Page 3Force India - Page 3Toro Rosso - Page 3Lotus - Page 3Sauber - Page 3Manor - Page 3 Bonus (open ended)Tim Hortons - Page 2Jordan - Page 3Jaguar - Page 3Caterham (2015 concept)Haas (2016 concept)Chevrolet Factory Team (fantasy)Lamborghini (fantasy) TBA (suggestions welcome) I will release the template once the original 10 teams have been completed, however the blank image I used is very easy to find on google.- I put this here to try and avoid people asking for a template (big concepts section problem). Wait until 15th March if you can't find it yourself.
  8. Sad news, hoping he pulls through, he was the reason I started watching F1
  9. I have been on the board as a member since this past January but this is officially my first concept I have posted. After looking around this board plus numerous other concept boards, especially Formula One forums, I could not find a decent looking livery (chassis color scheme) template that was both recent for 2014 cars and can be totally customizable. My concept (SVG format) is totally customizable from changing the colors of the rear and front wings (different sections of the from wing as well), to the air intake section and main fuselage. As well, the tyres can be changed from the rim colors and being able to switch between the different colors of the available Pirelli's (super soft, soft, medium, hard, intermediate, and wet). C&C is welcome, more the better. Hoping that with some constructive criticism from the amazing concept artists on here can help me make this template top notch. Once I have gotten all the bugs out of this template, I plan on making it available for download to the masses. Cheers and thanks for the look as well as C&C.