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  1. I’ve been in a big soccer mood lately and decided to try my hand at a series of of national team crests from around the world! I’ve been teaching myself illustrator over the last year and am finally getting to a point now where I’m really comfortable making logos with it, and am eager to keep learning as I go. This has been a fun challenge for me, both creatively and in execution of working illustrator. No kits as of yet, but I’d love to pair these crests with some kit concepts eventually down the road. So a brief intro to the content itself: it’s only been within the last year and a half that I’ve grown to become something of a good soccer/football fan. The World Cup got me really going, and since then I’ve watched more and more of it. Very recently I’ve been digging into the history of the game and, in particular, the history of the World Cup and the sport’s greatest players. That’s what’s had me interested in doing more design work for the sport altogether. With all that said, I’m still learning all the traditions of different teams and such aesthetically, so a lot of these concepts may be more fresh takes than others, but some will also be updates/modernizations of crests as I see fit, so I hope to showcase a little bit of everything here. Anyways, first crest up is South Korea! I grew to become a big fan of Korea’s switch-out to black from blue on thier crest and primary shorts, and decided to keep them going on that route. I really like their use of a Siberian Tiger, but the full-body one they use now can tend to look like a blob from even a short distance, so I chose to make a new larger head rendering for more boldness. And there’s a Taegeuk soccer ball, as a nod to the flag, to indicate “football association”, and to add a small dash of relevant color to the crest. I’d love to hear your thoughts and critique! I’d also love to know what kind of improvements I could make in terms of craft. The tiger head is probably the most detailed thing I’ve traced on illustrator so far, so I’d love to know how that’s working and what I could do to improve. Also, so far I have five total crests done, so I’ll probably post one a day or every other day to keep it rolling while I make more. Thanks for viewing and reading!
  2. Quite a few teams already qualified and more will qualify in the coming international break, so it's time.There's been a steady trickle of leaks for months, but now the leaks are really starting to be flooding in Logo Official Ball Referee kits (available in blue, black, red, yellow and green)
  3. I'm jumping outside of my comfort zone a little with this one! I've barely ever dipped my toes into soccer concepts, but really wanted to today. A couple of things have inspired treading into the soccer waters. Firstly, I love Sweden's new crest and felt a nudge to make some kits to go along with it. Secondly, through some recent geneology work, I've discovered that a much deeper heritage based out of Sweden than I initially thought - one of my great-great grandmother's family generations back all hail from either the Jonkoping or Goteborg areas. So I've had a bit of a Sweden kick as of late due to that fun and personal discovery. Anyways, here's my best stab at a Sweden set. I wanted each kit to be simple and straightforwards, but still have a little something to give it some personality. The primary features a design centered on the flag cross, the navy second with utilization of the national colors as trim, and the white third features a front design meant to be an abstract representation of a viking ship sail. And yes, that's the throwback Adidas logo because I think it's better than the current. Here goes!
  4. So the polls spoke, and the first EA Sports game in my crEAtion Series will be FIFA 18. All of these games will be for the 2018 season since the 17s are coming soon. I did this because I wanted to make new covers. Speaking of which: I simplified the design for the EA Sports logo and the title of the game, but the background and (obviously) the cover athlete will be different. FOREGROUND: - Red and Blue rectangles - Simple EA Sports logo - Title of game has white lettering with a different color for the number BOTTOM: - Rating - Official License - (different games) Television Presentation - Playing surface of sport the game is based on BACKGROUND: - Cover Athlete(s) - "Tear Effect" with different colors - Specific images associated with cover athlete/team Now, kicking this series off, I will work on FIFA's PitchBuilder and LeagueBuilder. Stay tuned...
  5. - Simple design which is what is needed after the last two interesting away designs - "I Believe" on the inside collar
  6. Chapeeko


    So... it has been awhile. I've been lurking recently and I saw raysox's American Premier League and his excellent new template. So I decided to try my hand at some kits. For some reason I was drawn to the South American countries so I figured, screw it, might as well do all the CONMEBOL nations while I'm at it. I am pretty happy with how most of these turned out, however I am looking forward to any C&C on them. I'll be going in alphabetical order, so without further adieu...Argentina. Argentina has always had such a classic look with the sky blue and white striped kit with black shorts. There was no debate over what I wanted the shirt to look like, so I went to the shorts. Argentina has experimented with shorts other than the classic black. I thought the blue looked atrocious, so I was torn between white and black. I chose black because I felt it helped the shirt pop more. Finally, I had to choose the color for the socks. La Albiceleste have worn both black and also white stockings with their black shorts. The black shorts on black socks seemed a little too much, and I felt the white helped balance the colors more, thus I went with white. Then I kept it simple by adding some black accents to the kit to complement the shorts and socks. For the clash the color choice was pretty obvious. I particularly enjoyed their 2014 World Cup look. However, I felt that the hoops shouldn't fade as they move down the shirt, so I made slightly darker navy hoops. The gold accents on the jersey looked spectacular, so I chose to utilize gold as well. I figured the gold can stand for the rich history and success that the Argentinians have enjoyed. The shorts feature the darker navy from the hoops and gold Adidas stripes. I finished it off with complementary navy and dark navy striped socks with more gold Adidas striping. Any C&C is appreciated. Let me know how I did on Argentina.Thanks.
  7. Return to the older, darker colorsTribute to/modernized version of the 2006 kitReturn to the white shirt and blue shorts comboUSWNT version of the kit will have stars above logo"I Believe" on inside collar
  8. From the U.S. Department of Justice indictment following their raid that resulted in the arrest of several FIFA officials: There can't be that many Panamanian manufacturers of soccer uniforms and balls, can there? I'd be curious whether it was a major one that outfitted any notable clubs or just a complete front that didn't do much actual business.
  9. It may be about 7 months away, but the group draw will be on Friday, and I didn't see one like it. It would be cool to see everyone's predictions some of the favorites are: Spain (Defending champs, #1 FIFA Ranking) Germany (3rd place, loads of young talent, #2 FIFA Ranking) Brazil (Hosts, confederation cup champs, only ranked 10th in the latest FIFA Ranking probably due to a lack of qualifying matches) Argentina (Still got Messi, #3 in FIFA Rankings)
  10. Well I haven't started a topic in a while and felt that I could probably be up to do a series now. I mean its only 8 concepts? This is also the reason that I didn't post by Bosnia CCWC concept before to get C&C on it. The time between concepts will probably vary based on how far I get in the HJC Open just because I'll need everything I have to win that, haha. Anyway I'll be doing the national teams of the following countries Albania Bosnia Croatia Kosovo Macedonia Montenegro Serbia Slovenia The times I post these will also vary since I already have three finished so I can present them anytime. -Bosnia This was my entry into the CCWC. Now if you look at the entry on that page and the one here you can see that I made a few changes, specifically the number font, and the pants stripe, two things that I realized I hated after sending the concept in. The number font no longer carries the drop shadow and the pants stripe is more classic, which fits in with the kits. Also to be more accurate I added the Nike triangle insert in the collar of the shirts. Everything else is the same.
  11. It has become way too difficult to look for stuff in the mega-thread, and the World Cup deserves its own thread. adidas training gear has been leaked, and it confirms that Spain will go with a black/ electricity clash.
  12. My last topic, the WHL was a flop, mainly because my hard drive crashed on my laptop and the only way to recover my work was through my old website, which also got deleted when I switched email accounts, and is super pixelated. Stupid mistake on my part. Since then, I have started doing some soccer concepts. There are two things that bug me about soccer kits. A) Sponsers. The lack of white clash kits. I know that for some squads, it looks better to have a dark clash (e.g. Columbia), but for this series I made it a rule to only have one dark jersey, and the clash must be an inverse of the primary. As always, I appreciate your criticisms, but I will not make the fixes right away. Instead, I will post what I have done, and then go back and make the suggested fixes. First up, Brazil.
  13. Here's my take on some football teams. Nothing fancy, but a classic vibe on every team. Spain National Team concept 2015 (field player home kit)
  14. The current Swiss logo isn't too great. Switzerland's flag and symbol are so very simple, and the crest is very much the opposite of simple. I wanted to make a new crest that was as simple as it gets while still representing Switzerland. Bonus jersey concept:
  15. Since their is no thread about how crappy FIFA is, and how some Brazilians don't want the World Cup or Olympics to take place in Brazil. I thought I would start a thread. Since Brazilians are protesting the Brazilian government and FIFA for the Brazilians government spending on 12 World Cup Stadiums. And countless Anti-Fifa graffiti has covered the streets of Brazil and videos have surfaced of the protests of the World Cup in Brazil. Many of the protesters are protesting because of the corrupt Brazilian government and how they are spending taxpayers money on stadiums instead of on hospitals or public transportation, you know something that will actually help the people of Brazil. But no, they spend money on stadiums they will likely never use again. This is very shocking because we all know how much Brazilians love their soccer. So what is your intake on this situation, do you agree with the people of Brazil or do you side with the corrupt officials of the Brazilian government and FIFA?
  16. I usually post my concepts once they're pretty well developed but I thought I'd try jumping in a bit earlier in the process this time. It started with a doodle. I was on a call the other day and I started doodling a soccer ball. I was zoning out and thinking about the World Cup coming up and how terrible our current crest was. As I was sketching I started turning the pentagonal panels of the ball into another 5-centric shape, a star. Now, I've since done some Google searching and I've learned that I'm clearly not the first person to make this geometric connection. However, that makes it all the more painful to me that the US Soccer logo doesn't utilize it! Today I did some more sketches and came up with a layout that I think works quite well for a crest (excuse the terrible S, I've always struggled with that letter): The star-studded ball defines the bottom shape of the crest (I've always loved crests that use this shape). Then there are red & white stripes which pay homage to the Centennial crest and fixes the dumbfounding blue stripe issue with the current crest. Lastly a bold, block USA at the top rather than the Helvetica Bold Italic they use now. Like I said, still rough but I think it has some potential. I'll update later with some vector comps. Updates: Jump to the rough crest. Jump to the updated crest. Jump to the rough roundel. Jump to the updated roundel. Jump to the change kit. Buy it on a t-shirt! Jump to the home & Captain America kits.
  17. I have been searching everywhere on the Internet to see if any company has designed and produced a t-shirt for this year's FIFA World Cup with the groups and qualified teams on it. But to no avail, it seems like no company, not even FIFA, has designed a shirt like this. In previous World Cups (2010, 2006, and 2002) FIFA produced a t-shirt with the group participants after the Finals Draw. I was wondering if anyone would be willing to assist me in designing the shirt. I want to have the Brazil 2014 theme throughout (like on the FIFA website). The back would be a ball representing the world split into eight equal parts. Each part would be for each group (A to H) and the participants in each group. They would be in he specific 2014 World Cup font with either the country's flag or FA logo. On the front I would like to have a graphic of the country of Brazil with the 12 cities that are hosting matches. Plus have the World Cup emblem and FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 around it (with the specific font). After it is designed, I can get it produced here in the city I live so that us bloggers could have a reminder of this year's big event. Anyone who helps me would get a shirt for free (including shipping) but others would only pay a small fee. Anyone wanting to help out a novice concept maker?
  18. I've been toying with starting a concept league for a while, and never had the means or skills to do it. I decided to start it today with some limited experience toying in inkscape. Anyway, the concept of the league is that it is a league run by FIFA, with a seperate league in each of the 6 confederations. The winner of each league (determined by the team with the most points at the end of the season) moves on to the Finals. There the teams split into two groups of three and the top two in each pool after the round robin goes into the playoffs (1v4, 2v3.) The league has always been a popular league since it's inception in 1970, attracting many of the big name players in the world. I've shown the captains of each team on the back of each jersey. Here's a brief history on when each confederation joined. UEFA - 1970 CONCACAF & CONMEBOL - 1979 Australia - 1981 AFC - 1993 OFC (formerly Australia) - 1996 CAF - 1998 And a few notes about FIFA zoning Australia is included in the OFC confederation due to it being a seperate entity in it's founding, and also to increase the competition level and to give geographical sense to it.* *Israel remains, however in the UEFA confederation due to safety concerns to the players and fans on either side of the teams. For a city to be granted an IFL team, they must be an active member of FIFA. They can retain their team if they drop out of the organization but cannot host special events (draft, finals, all-star games etc.) To start, I'll be starting with the CONCACAF confederation. First concept to be up in a couple of minutes.