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  1. Vintage Variants is a concept series not unlike the Adidas Reverse Retro series for the NHL, but I'm not doing just flipped colors. I wanted to take looks from the past and do all kinds of variations with them. Some will be color variations, some will pull in different design elements, some will be inspired by local themes, etc. I will update this post as I release each team, going alphabetically by city/region. These designs are done on the VaporFlex Jersey Template I created for UniMockups. Arizona Cardinals This one goes back to the jersey worn by Larry Fitzgerald early in his career and pulls in the colors of the desert cardinal, a bird more common in Arizona than the red Northern Cardinal. Atlanta Falcons This one taps on a jersey worn by Deion Sanders and is essentially a Reverse Retro with a grey/silver base. Really love that old bird logo and this would be a great opportunity to bring back the red helmet. Baltimore Ravens This one hearkens back to the Ray Lewis era in a golden color with white removed from the number trim and left only in the coat of arms (white border also removed there). This would pair well with a purple helmet. Buffalo Bills This one kicks it back to the 1964 look but in a cream color, with elements added from the Buffalo city flag. Before you get mad and say it looks like the Chargers - relax, it's just a concept. Carolina Panthers This one is a spin on what's really the only uniform they've ever had. Blue numbers are in, using the original proposed shade (thanks to I gave the shoulder stripes a tweak, adding blue cuffs with a blue helmet. Chicago Bears This one is a blue version of their 1936 jersey with a modified helmet. The white version was extremely popular, so I wanted to see the blue and did more accurate shoulder striping. Cincinnati Bengals This one is an orange version of their classic from the Boomer Esiason days with white tiger markings on the shoulders. Had to move the markings up a tad to fit today's jersey cut, but I like how it flows. Cleveland Browns This one is a variant of their 1946 jersey with a darker seal brown and vintage silver (h/t with less orange. The helmet is also silver, not, white.
  2. I finally decided to post my Minnesota Vikings concept that I made in January. The concept is based on the idea that there is a home/away set, color rush, and a throwback alternate. I based the main set on the vikings current uniforms while also implementing the concept drawings by Hubenthal. I used the current Vikings font but without the serifs, added a white facemask, and tweaked the horn logo slightly. For the color rush uniform I decided to base it on the all white uniforms the vikings wore from 1969-1995 with the UCLA stripes. I based the alternate/throwback on the 1965 uniform set, where the numbers are outlined and the stocks dont have stripes.
  3. Here we can discuss which is the best and worst changes in NFL uniforms this year. Here are my votes: Big Upgrade: Browns Buccaneers, Chargers Not necessarily an upgrade but I personally like them: Colts OK: Patriots Downgrade: Rams Big Downgrade: Falcons
  4. So, after watching the game last night, it occurred to me that the Atlanta Falcons have some untapped potential with their identity, and could actually look really good. Any and all feedback welcome! Here's my fix starting with logo: Falcons Logo Concept by HuntTheJones (Based on the combination of the Throwback Logo & Current Logo) So the first is obvious. Take the old logo that's still so popular among the fanbase (at least the ones I know) and the current logo (which I think is actually pretty good) and combine them for a modernized version to make everyone happy. Up next, turf design: Falcons Turf Concept for Mercedes-Benz Stadium Last night made it clear that the throwback turf design is the look Atlanta needs. That said, there is nothing wrong with the current font style they have. So, sticking with the theme of the logo, find a happy medium. Up next, helmet design: Falcons Helmet Concept Nice and simple, just like the helmet they already have. A gloss black shell with nothing but the new logo on each side gets the job done. Up next, uniform design: Black Home Primary White Road Primary Red Home Alternate This is my favorite part. The basis is that each design is based on the throwback worn last night. Their current design is outdated, and nothing stands the test of time like the classic. So, put the current number font, new logo on the sleeves, and "ATLANTA" in small block on the chest. Keep the same pants design as well, just make the primary the old school silver. Rotate white and all black in the mix so you never get stale. Black jersey becomes primary Home, White jersey goes back to Black numbers, & Red jersey becomes alternate. C&C welcome!
  5. The Falcons are overdue for a fresh look. In my opinion, their old look wasn't a bad one, but Arthur Blank wanted to forge a new winning identity, so I get why the brand was changed. It's unfortunate that such a classic and strong logo had to fall victim to association to decades of losing. My idea is to go back to the old branding, but not all the way. I kept the current forward tilt of the current logo, as well as the aggressive bird's eye and overall feel to the classic logo. I did some styling to the wing feathers for a more aerodynamic look, and updated the bird's head and beak to look more like a bird of prey than the old, docile head of the classic logo. I may play around with helmet/uniform concepts along this line, so stay tuned! Here are the old and current logos for reference:
  6. Imgur Album Links: Saints Steelers Cowboys Chargers Rams Falcons Packers Jaguars Patriots Eagles With the NFL Playoffs starting today, I decided to mock up some ideas I had for a three NFL Teams: the Saints, Steelers, and Cowboys. I loved the color rush uniforms for both the Saints and Steelers; ideas from both are implemented in these concepts. For the Saints, the concept basically is their color rush; there is no reason they shouldn't adopt that look full time. I simplified their helmet logo a bit and brought back the Louisiana state outline logo as a chest patch. In addition to the white jerseys taken from the color rush set, the concept includes a black jersey with gold-white-gold-white-gold stripes as well as a gold jersey with b-w-b-w-b stripes. An alternate white helmet idea is also shown; it would only be used if the NFL were to lift the one helmet rule, obviously.
  7. Prelim designs for the new Atlanta Stadium just got released. Two options, one called The Pantheon which is pretty ground breaking and looks to be more of the enclosed multi-use stadium with the wow factor that the city wants and the other is The Solarium which looks like a greenhouse. Very Lucas Oil like with great open views of the city which I know the owner said he wanted. The Pantheon The Solarium Here's the link where you can download the full PDF which has the other design as well. What do yall think?
  8. Before I'm away for the weekend, I thought I'd leave you with this new design and a few thoughts. I was recently inspired to draw-up a falcon image and while working it out I chose to think metacognitively about my process. What follows are a list of some of the thoughts that were........thunk. 1. Lets see what a falcon looks like Search for falcon images 2. Falcons have big eyes and a small beak compared to eagles and hawks, that's a distiguishing feature Draw out the shape of a basic falcon head 3. An angled pose would be most dynamic Search falcon in stoop or stooping falcon stooping is a funny word Add more slant to composition 4. They almost have an innocent look to them 5. Try to keep some of the innocent look 6. I wanna keep that ring around the eye, that's a distiguishing feature 7. Since the eye doesn't have much anger, what makes them scary? They are FAST..... lightning shapes They have a black colored eye... no yellow in the eye itself like hawks and eagles, that's a distiguishing feature Search falcon screeching 8. Erase closed beak, draw in open mouth 9. Keep dark portion of beak, that's a distiguishing feature 10. Work in the dark shape in the feather colors on the face 11. Huh, that doesn't look half bad References used:
  9. I take a quick break from my soccer league(CSL concepts to begin on Monday!) to put my take on what I think Super Bowl Sunday should look like. Falcons: Same black helmet. Red jersey but with wings on the sleeves, similar to Louisville. White pants with wings on side Patriots: Same silver helmet Uniform is white version of Color Rush Silver pants with tri-stripe C&C Appreciated!
  10. Thread to discuss the upcoming Super Bowl LI between the Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots.
  11. Been working on this project recently for fun. I'm not 100% done but it's come a long way and I'm happy with it as is now. Goal was to refresh the brand and create something that wont age quite as quickly as their current branding. I'm a fan so I may be biased, but I love what the Panthers did when they refreshed the logo and word mark (next step is uniforms, hopefully). The Panthers logo was definitely inspiration for this project. Check out some of the project below and more on my portfolio! Looking forward to your feedback!
  12. Hey guys, Wanted to take a shot at a new project...this is my first attempt working with Illustrator rather than Inkscape. I'm using my own template (which has been slightly streamlined). I envisioned a new look for the Falcons, whose current uniform has been stale for about a decade. This new set would coincide with the new stadium and is more of a throwback look. The overall look harkens back to the beautiful throwbacks from 1966 with the addition of sleeve stripes. I felt conflicted because I love the Northwestern style stripes they've worn before...I also love the gray pants with the red, white, and black stripe (same as the Super Bowl 1998 team's pants)...but mixing those with the helmet and you have a complete hodgepodge of striping patterns. So I've started from the helmet and the throwback pants stripe and expanding into a simple and consistent stripe across all elements. I have designed a custom number font. It's somewhat based off of the wordmark font and tweaked but I think it's still rather simple. I have also included an "Inaugural Season" patch on the black jersey, which I'd imagine they would wear for the very first game at the new stadium. Here's the rest of the number set:
  13. Hello all! I've been a pretty busy commentator here on the boards, but I've never done an actual concept series. I started one, but I was ill prepared to continue it. Now here I am with a concept series that we've kind of seen before. Much like the Bowl Game Wallpapers from Forbes, here is an NFL Playoff series of wallpapers starting wiht the AFC and NFC Wildcard Rounds. The concept is pretty simple, helmets facing each other, on a colored background of the team colors. The goal was to use three team colors if possible, but with the Packers and Giants and such, I had to use only two. C&C much appreciated as always, let's go ahead and get to it.
  14. Hey! just a random idea i had... people have probably had plenty of interpretations of the Falcons especially recently with the new 2017 stadium / possible new designs / etc, but i wanted to throw my hat in the ring Updated the logo slightly to streamline the outlining a bit, simple white keyline around the grey area now instead of vice versa Trying to update the wordmark a bit, kind of just a throwaway idea here, i could take it or leave it myself New custom font, trying to add a bit of "speed" to the uniform with some pointed edges and italicized feel. still trying to keep it simple, though. i feel like nike would do something in this general area. the white numbers on black with red trim is simply inspired by throwbacks Home uniforms, more throwback references with the red helmets. i know the fans here like the black jersey / red helmet throwback for a fact, and the league could stand to get rid of a black helmet, so many teams have it. white pants as the primary option, but grey pants like the early 2000s return, albeit a darker grey. white pants also the primary option for road, but black pants come in to play as well Red jerseys with black pants as an alternate, red all red color rush and "alternate" helmet decals. the helmet uses a short pointy stripe but keeps it pretty simple overall. Using an old Bucco template here i think lol. slightly modified but good work Buc it's stood the test of time. Let me know what you guys think
  15. It's about time for my beloved Falcons to get a new look. And by new look I mean go back to when our logo and helmet was the best thing going in the NFL even if our team wasn't.
  16. Since the new Tampa Bay helmet has opened the door on giant helmet logos...
  17. Arthur Blank the owner of the Atlanta Falcons is adding and Atlanta MLS team to his portfolio. Both teams will be sharing the New Falcons stadium in 2017. I thought it could be cool if Blank combined Atlanta soccer history with the future, while showing the Falcons relationship. I feel like the logo would need some adjustments, but I ran out of ideas.
  18. Today marks the tenth anniversary that I joined the boards here at the CCSLC. I'd actually been a daily viewer/reader for a few months prior but had yet to post, as my membership was tied to this site's old home over on the boards at, as were most of the members who joined here in the site's early days. Actually, I should correctly say that it wasn't yet a site at all, but rather just message boards. The website of would come later. As I was joining this board, I had been bed-ridden for exactly a month, having been smashed head-on in a car accident by a car who was running from police after a bust on a crystal meth lab. He suffered a broken foot and was in and out of the E.R. in a few hours. I spent 3 days in I.C.U. and another 8 weeks at home recovering from a trip through my truck's windshield. During that time I obviously had plenty of time to lay around and play on the computer, and so I made the move from the dying Fanhome over to this site on March 4th, 2004. While I was already adept at illustrator I'd never really applied it outside of work applications (designing signs and billboards), so my first concepts here were actually done in MS Paint until I learned the in and outs of every illustrator tool that was NOT the text feature. I was blown away by some of the talent here and I knew I wanted to be a part of it, from the brilliance of Nitroseed, to the bizarre I-cant-look-away stylings of Discrimihater, to the MS Paint mastery of Steve-O and Against All Odds (later known as AAO), this board was where a sports fanatic artist like myself needed to be. Through 10 years I've amazing artists come along and shine and later pass the mantle down to others...guys like Nitroseed, AAO, PCGD, Buc, AndrewHarrington, Davidson...even myself for a short time, so it's amazing and fills me with joy to see guys like Conrad and ren69 reaping the praise currently. I've seen knotheads like Mojoto and JamesCraven mouth their way right out of here, and I've seen BringBackTheVet live up to the widely held belief that Philly sports fans are probably the most knowledgeable on the planet. Most importantly I've enjoyed the brethren and camaraderie that this fraternity has provided. It helped me recover from a life-threatening car wreck, and has helped me become a better artist both independently and commercially. Over the next few days I'm going to post a retrospective of my concepts through the years, from 2004 to 2014, not that any of them are any good, but most of them have been sitting locked away in photobucket for many years and just want to come out for some air again. With that said as I've said many times here...enjoy! This was my first concept here, originally done in paint and originally posted on the old Fanhomes board to no response (because the board was dead at this point). The Atlanta Falcons announced in training camp before the 2002 season that they would be changing things up for 2003, and this was my concept. I originally drew this concept in my sketchpad, before later doing a full "technical" rendering in full color on paper much like this one here, and also drawing Michael Vick in the uniform in action. Not knowing how pro sports teams actually go about selecting new logos and uniforms, I actually packaged this all up and sent it to the Falcons front office, and as you can imagine I never heard a response. A guy named James Craven, who would soon become a banned member here and never made concepts, posted a thread in the concepts forum asking for people to submit their concepts for the Falcons, Titans, Bills, and Bengals, which were the last 4 uniform hauls in the NFL at that time. Since I had this one sitting around I pulled it out here, and thus began my concept posting here on the CCSLC. A quick note: The custom font shown here is one that I have used many times in concepts since, and ironically is very, very similar to the current Arkansas Razorbacks font, though it pre-dates it by around 10 1/2 years. It should also be noted that I've re-used this jersey/pants template on several concepts as well.
  19. I've already posted a concept for the Falcons based on their current throwback. (At least it was current before the NFL changed their helmet rule.) But recently an idea occurred to me that would utilize more gray, and connect more to their late 70's early/80's look. This gray would be slightly darker than the current NFL style silver/gray so many teams use. As always, comments are appreciated.
  20. Simplifying the Atlanta Falcons without reinventing the wheel. What do you think?