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  1. Hi guys, well my name is Lucas Carvalho,'m Brazilian, I posted some concepts here, especially soccer, and now I want to start a kind of series here, mainly due to the "Project GotPixels NFL 40 Plus", which always followed by far but without much comment. But well, enough about that stuff off the subject. I am Brazilian and I said up there, and I am a supporter of Clube de Regatas do Flamengo, the soccer team with the most fans in the world, and ultimately our basketball team is faring better than the first team, and were Brazilian champions basketball. We've won the South American championship, and I was really sad to not be able to play against teams from around the world in a world league. I would love to see Flamengo against Los Angeles Lakers. And if my dream is realized as yet, I do a preview of it with the help of my old friend photoshop. So I decided to create the World League Basketball. The competition has two conferences, each coms 16 teams, divided based on the Treaty of Greenwich. The competition is being held in the near future, in the year 2016. Here, have some times known, some unknown teams, and some new teams, I will reveal the extent it is posting. For now, you can check the teams already decided down here, and go through to see concepts ever made. Four sports brands closed for the provision of sports equipment that first season: Nike, Adidas, Under Armour and Elece Sports. You did not misread: Elece Sports. This is my personal brand is fictional, I love using it and how it is a concept, I decided to put it also in the competition. Well you already know enough for now, now just wait and help me by giving your feedback! Thank you for your attention.