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  1. Flickr Album With All Teams Well, it has been at least a year (maybe two) since I last posted a concept. I haven't been all that active on the boards, but lately I've found myself lurking the concepts section. I have to say that I was impressed at the quality of a lot of concepts. The boards are starting to resemble what they looked like when I first joined this site. Now, I'm no logo master, but I do like to make concepts every once in awhile. I was feeling creative recently, so I've decided to take on a project... a big one. I'm going to create an entire 30 team hockey league. Each team will eventually have a primary logo, secondary logo, third logo (some teams), script logo, home jersey, away jersey, alternate jersey, and rink design. For now, I'm just making sure the teams I release have two logos and two jerseys, the other stuff will be released later. I hope to learn from this series and become a better designer. I am also using Microsoft Paint to create everything. I hope to prove to those who blame their programs for poor designs that the program is not an excuse. I will be releasing everything at my own pace, so don't expect concepts every day or week, and please don't ask when the next teams will be out. This is a hobby for me, and I have about a million real life responsibilities that take priority over this. Also if you have city or team name suggestions, I welcome them, but PLEASE PM ME. I really don't want the thread flooded with name ideas, so message them to me and I will defiantly consider them. Now without further adieu, the league logo. The league will be known as the North American Hockey Federation. The logo is very simple, but this is by design. Does the logo sort of look like a hockey puck? That's because the logo will appear on the tops of all NAHF pucks. The logo's colors are also just a filler. Each team will have their own custom colored league logo with their team colors on it. Ready for the first team? Here's a teaser for you, have a look at their league logo... First team coming VERY soon...