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  1. I created a new concept for the Chicago Fire 3rd kit. The current away and 3rd kits are both based on the Chicago flag, so I thought it was time to change it up. These Jerseys are based on a fire fighter's uniform, The neon and silver accents would be a reflective material similar to that of a fire fighter's uniform. (the image with the black background is meant to show off the reflective accents.) This is what the reflective material looks like in action (Lower Left) This is also seen on the new Tampa Bay Jerseys Although The CFD wears black uniforms I wanted to keep at least on team color on the jersey.
  2. Hey Guys! It has been awhile since I've put up a concept, so here we go. This is a concept for the MLS Chicago Fire. I tried to make it more modern so it can fit with the new "feel" of the MLS. I kept a few touches from the old logo and some from around the MLS. I hope you guys like this one! C&C Welcome! Thanks!
  3. READ THIS IT IS IMPORTANT (ATLEAST TO ME): Before you request that I do your favorite MLB player, remember to post C&C. Not just A small 3 word post like "Nice concept, man!", but something that can help me make this concept series better. It doesn't have to be anthing super long, but it should be good enough to where it gets the point across clearly and will help me improve as a designer. Please be insightful on what you say, and if you see mistakes, point them out in a constructive manner. If you a harsh, that's fine, but please try to not be rude about it. And know what you're asking me when you request a player(unless I've already done the player). You are requesting that I take time out of my day, just for you, in order so you can feel entitled to more things on the boards. So know that if I don't get to you in an hour, don't get mad and quit looking at the concept or keep requesting until I post. That is not only a disservice to me, but yourself and the Concept forum as well. Now onto the concept: First up, Anthony Rizzo C&C​ APPRECIATED!
  4. Hey Folks, Here is a logo redesign concept I did for the Calgary Flames. I always liked the idea of the flaming C but I wanted to give it more meaning, hence the branding iron. This picks up on the Flames as well as the pronounced western horse culture of the area. I also made the C into a horseshoe shape, I'm undecided if this is confusing, too much or if it works?? Any C & C is much appreciated.