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  1. So not exactly a logo or uni design, but I enjoy making FSU wallpapers for big games, big moments or just general cool designs. I went ahead and made this for the upcoming Florida State-Alabama game this September. I tried to use a vintage fight poster theme, thus why it's a little over the top and cheesy. Enjoy!
  2. This was just something that's bothered me since Florida State went to the new uniforms, so I threw this together super quick. Just basically a merge of the best features of the past two uniforms with super minor tweaks i think would fix the entire thing:
  3. A couple years ago, a website called used to send out computer wallpapers after every single Florida State game, recapping the weekend. My dad used to save them and put them in a rotation is his desktop background. I thought this was a great idea and it inspired me to put my own spin on it. I try to make wallpapers for every big FSU event (and some just general Noles ones). With a kind-of big game against Miami coming up this weekend, here's what I came up with! P.S. Not sure if I should post this here because it's not a concept but what the hell. For more, check out the comments! Or the link to my album here --->
  4. Hi guys/gals, My name is Connor, and I'm new to these boards. I've been "lurking" for a long time, but I finally decided to make an account after being inspired by my friend Michael, who you might know as Raysox. He's amazing at what he does, and looking at his concepts made me want to do mine. After playing around in Inkscape for a couple of days, I've finally done something that seems respectable enough to post here. I'll give you fair warning: this is my FIRST concept, and Michael did help me out a lot. That being said, I'd love to hear what you all think about it! I worked hard on it. Now a little background. Here at Florida State, football is the main sport. Our hockey team is intramural, and they travel away from Tallahassee for their practices and games. We don't have an ice-rink in Tallahassee, but I believe the new mall currently in construction will include one. Anyway, the jerseys the team wears right now are very simple. They're not bad looking, but I think they need an update. I'm not qualified for that, but I created what I think might look nice. I know it's simple, but that's because I'm still learning how to use the program, and I don't want to be overly ambitious. Let me know what you think! Thanks to Conrad for the Glades Bold font, and Raysox for the help.
  5. I was bored today after class & I decided to make a Florida State hockey concept. Unfortunately FSU doesn't have an NCAA sponsored hockey team but we can dream right? Thought it turned out alright. And yes I know they are similar to the football uniforms. I like the idea of an over-arching identity for schools. DISCLAIMER: I don't pay much attention to hockey so I'm not totally sure how people usually view uniforms and what looks good/bad. I just thought these looked nice and figured I'd share. Edits 1/17/15: Shifted sleeve pattern & number down the sleeve, no more shoulder numbers changed logo on black jersey changed pattern colors on white & black jersey added captain's C moved Nike logo to the appropriate side swapped white & garnet jersey (I was informed wearing white at home was common for NCAA teams) debated adding shoudler logo, seemed too busy to me. Home (can't decide between these two): OR Away: Alternate:
  6. Not sure if this is the right spot to post this, but I have a hobby of making Florida State wallpapers for big events that come around & it has led to a pretty cool collection. Thought I'd share a little bit Here's my latest: Rose Bowl promo & Sugar Bowl promo: Feel free to use it wherever you like! For the rest of my FSU album, follow this link: New Orleans Bowl (in comments): Pinstripe Bowl (in comments):
  7. With the whole country following Oregon's lead, I thought "what if the Noles did that?" And here it is... P.S. I do not want this to be the case, I prefer the basic Garnet/Gold & White/Gold. Just thought it was interesting. Garnet/Black/Black - Garnet/Black/Garnet - Gold/Black/Black - Garnet/Garnet/Garnet - Gold/Garnet/Garnet - Gold/Garnet/Garnet (Current) - Garnet/Gold/Garnet - Stormtrooper - Gold/White/Gold - Garnet/White/Garnet - Gold/White/Garnet - White/White/Garnet - Gold Rush - Gold/White/White - Garnet/Black/Black -
  8. saws this on Twitter just now by @PhilHecken "@PhilHecken: RT @Maida904 Looks like FSU's new (tweaked) logo may have leaked on a department store t-shirt." follow Phil for great new on everything sports logos and uniforms. If this is their new logo, thank God. I love it, its a nice modern update, and keeps the logo with it's history. I know many of you may think FSU should just keep their logo, and that's your opinion. Not a bad one, i just think it looks good with the update. And also, this may not be the updated logo,as it is from a department store, so it could just be the brand's recreation of the logo to get away with not using FSU's actual logo. But if it is, someone hire whoever made it!
  9. The Noles are tweaking their logo a bit, and here is my guess as to what it might look like. Feedback? ***taken from an mcrosby concept, just tweaked it a bit and added color*** For original mcrosby logo, -->
  10. Here is a helmet design I made with Florida State's new logo. I based it off of the Navy helmet they wore against Army.
  11. Here's my take on what the FSU football helmet will look like when it's released on Friday. Rumor has it that there will be a garnet version as well and that the gold one will have a gold facemask, but for now I'm going fairly traditional with the Nike-fied spear that is on everything all over campus and on uniforms in other sports What do you guys think?
  12. Long time reader and fan of the site but finally worked up the courage to post here. I saw the new logo and was disappointed like many others so i decided to tweak things but try and mix both concepts to make something more traditional but new at the same time. This is my first time posting so please be gentle in your criticism as this took a lot of courage to post this stuff btw i apologize in advance about the sizes.