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  1. With several rumors out there about an eventual return of an NFL developmental league, thought I'd take a stab at a concept. I have a plan to have eight teams in eight cities: San Antonio, TexasPortland, OregonLos Angeles, CaliforniaHavana, CubaWindsor, CanadaMexico City, MexicoBrooklyn, New YorkLincoln, Nebraska I'll post San Antonio later today.
  2. The United Football Association is back and better than ever! I learned from my mistake of using current and past team logos ( NE Patriots, Yale Bulldogs, Scranton-Wilkes Barre Pioneers) and began creating hand drawn concepts. Then, school caught up to me and I didn't have as much free time. Finally, summer came around and I began creating concepts again. Plus, with every team comes their own history. But first, here is the story of the NAoPSL: In 1975, nearly a dozen wealthy business owners decided to create a sports league. But what was different was that it wasn't only one sport. Instead, they decided to create a Mega-League with multiple sports. After gathering friends and family to join in on the action, the Mega-League was completed and began play in 1978. Today, this "Mega-League" is known as the National Association of Professional Sporting Leagues (NAoPSL for short). Football, Baseball, Basketball, Hockey, and Soccer are the current sports involved in the NAoPSL. Future sports up for consideration are Lacrosse, Dodgeball, Ultimate Frisbee, and Women's sports such as Basketball and Softball are up for consideration, located in smaller markets. Each league started with 8 teams a piece. Today, each sport has grown to 32 teams, with expansions taking place for all sports in 1982, '91, '96, '04, and future expansions in 2016 and possibly 2024. Each sport also has 4 divisions of 8 teams: North, South, East, and West. One thing the NAoPSL is known for is the bounty of Fortune 500 Companies that sponsor the teams. Companies such as Walgreens, Wal-Mart, Kroger, Colgate-Palmolive, Macy's, and many more, have spent the money necessary to help their teams succeed. And now for the Teams of the UFA (star by the name means the team is an "Original 8" team, in the league since its inaugural season) Colors for each team included beside the team name. White included with each team identity. NORTH Canton Pioneers (Maroon, Black, Silver) Goodyear Stadium Columbus Bulldogs (Orange, Brown) Nationwide Stadium Minnesota Tigers* (Orange, Black) Best Buy Stadium Wisconsin Knights (Gray, Black) American Family Bowl Iowa Crop Dusters (Goldenrod, Black) Principal Stadium Detroit Giants* (Red, Blue) Chevy Dome Chicago Mobsters (Slate, Silver) State Farm Field Kentucky Tomahawks (Navy, Red) KFC Stadium SOUTH Knoxville Bears* (Purple, Black) Cigna Stadium Nashville Blazers (Copper-Light Brown, Light Blue) DG Field Tampa Bay Hurricanes (Navy, Gold-Goldenrod) Draden Field Orlando Dolphins (Teal, Orange) Fidelity Field Louisiana Cajuns (Red, Black, Yellow) Century Stadium Memphis Outlaws (Dark Green, Yellow) FedEx Complex Atlanta Bobcats (Light Blue, Silver, Black) Coca-Cola Field Alabama Vipers (Red, Silver) Regions Stadium EAST Boston Patriots* (Navy, Red, Silver) Massachusetts Life Stadium New York Generals* (Red, Black) Pepsi Stadium New Jersey Jaguars (Yellow, Silver, Black) Johnson Field Philadelphia Falcons (Orange, Silver, Black) Hershey Field Virginia Admirals (Pine Green, Gold, Silver) Advance Auto Bowl Washington Eagles (Gold, Black) CarMax Field Baltimore Kings (Purple, Silver Black) Marriott Stadium Raleigh Rams (Blue, Yellow) BB&T Field WEST Las Vegas Chiefs* (Red, Black) MGM Resorts Stadium Los Angeles Stars* (Yellow, Black) Magic Center San Francisco Sharks* (Teal, Silver, Black) Google Sporting Complex-San Francisco Colorado Wildcats (Navy, Silver, Orange) Hopper Stadium at Mile High Seattle Thunderbirds (Navy, Silver, Lime-Light Green, Green) Microsoft Stadium Oakland Pirates (Black, Silver) Apple Field Portland Beavers (Brown, Orange) Nike Bowl Salt Lake City Devils (Lime-Light Green, Black) Amazon Stadium-Lakeside 2016 EXPANSION TEAMS Buffalo Stampede (Dark Green, Brown) New York Life Field Pittsburgh Maulers (Orange, Purple) Steel City Bowl Omaha Blackhawks (Gold, Light Blue, Black) Omaha Stadium Indianapolis Huskies (Navy, Red) WellPoint Dome Jacksonville Spiders (Maroon, Silver) NextEra Stadium Houston Aeros (Orange, Silver) Exxon Dome Phoenix Greyhounds (Maroon, Tan-Sand, Silver) PetSmart Dome San Diego Sabers (Goldenrod, Brown, Silver) Chevron Bowl