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Found 2 results

  1. lol at the last part. I wonder if they brought Count Bettman in to waggle his head and say "it's not necessarily impossible that if you don't not fail to not sell out, this isn't going to work." Anyway, another GTA team bites the dust. This one was ten minutes down the street from Mississauga. They were on the same street! I think this is a good move on two levels, as 1) it's ultimately a better business plan for the OHL to cover Ontario population centers that aren't served by the NHL and AHL, and 2) THIS IS A TERRIBLE LOGO GUYS. I mean it's not the Sudbury Wolves, nothing is, but it needed to be redrawn pretty badly. I wonder if this means the return of the North Bay Centennials. Good name.
  2. So if the reports are to be believed the NHL is considering expanding by two teams (LOL), with one of those teams being a second team in the Greater Toronto Area (uggggg). We have plenty of threads to discuss the NHL's averse relationship with common sense. I started this thread to discuss what the second Toronto team could be called, what colours they could wear, and even what their uniforms could look like. There was an aborted plan a few years ago to set up a second Toronto team, and that proposal floated the name "Toronto Legacy" and proposed a red, black, and grey colour scheme. Toronto, prior to the establishment of the team that would become the Maple Leafs, had two other pro teams. The Toronto Tecumsehs and the Toronto Blue Shirts. The Blue Shirts, like the Leafs, were blue and white while the Tecumsehs were red and white. So what does everyone think? Are any of these names/colour schemes viable? If not what other names could they use? An idea I came up with was the Toronto Celtics (pronounced keltics). They could go with a green and white scheme that calls back to the St. Pats without pretending to be the St. Pats.