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  1., here's a new logo that isn't complete naff.
  2. Hello Guys i know you're probably tired of seeing me here, but I've been doing so many concepts lately i just want to share my work. ok with that said heres the gist of the reasoning behind me making this concept. i thought about doing this after i replied to a post that was looking for help on an old concept they had and i really liked the name "Detroit Soul" and i thought "Hmm that would be a great name for a team i have in mind" needless to say it was the Drive. i love Detroit's history and everything the city is known for as far as cars and music. the city has a nice amount of sports teams with great history behind there names but the Pistons "new" D-League affiliate is just a generic attempt at forcing the car identity of the city and not much speaks to the music side of things as far as sports go. after about an hour of thinking and a quick session for sketching i came up with a concept to have a sports team that speaks to the music identity of Detroit and with the city being home to Motown Records i though why not. i worked for a few hours on this but its still in the very earlier stages just like some of the other things i have going now but i would live to know what everyone thinks. i modeled the Main Logo after Motown Records's logo Real C&C wanted and thanks for looking Main Logo: Secondary Logos: Home & Away Jerseys:
  3. Howdy Guys! I'm working on a new Primary logo for the grand rapids Griffins and I'm sort of stuck so I'm hoping to get past my block with the help of the community. So please comment and help me move this design forward! Version 1: For my first attempt at this logo I came up with this I was really happy with this untill I looked at it more and more. It looks cool and strong and powerful at first but the more and more I looked at it the less and less I though it looked like a Sports Logo and the more I thought it looked like a character from a TV show, just it looked more like a drawing than a Logo. Version 2: For version two I wanted to address the problem areas I had in the first attempt like the Feet and front legs and also make the lines bolder and thicker to give it more of a logo feel and came up with this While I do feel like this version looks more like a logo it lost a lot of the intensity that the first logo had and is just not as impressive all though it is much cleaner and simpler. I'm not saying I don't like this version I'm just not sure where to go from here. Let me know what you think I can do to move this bottom logo from okay/good to great/exceptional. BONUS: I also came up with these along the way. Maybe I can work it into a secondary or something