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  1. NBA Reverse Retro Series Why hello everyone! It has been years since I've been on the boards, but it's great to be back! With my first topic back, I wanted to tackle a project I worked on for fun late last year. The NBA Reverse Retro Series. After the NHL put out their Reverse Retro series of uniforms, I wondered what it might look like if the NBA did a similar thing. Now it is way harder to bring back a classic look for some teams because they never really left their classic look. The rules I set for this project were simple. Bring back a classic uniform from sometime in each team's history, but altered to fit their current colour scheme. Just like the NHL, team's could go back in their history, even wearing a jersey from a different city. Similar to what the Avalanche did with the Nordiques uniform. To start, this is the teaser, with each team represented and the year which the uniform is based on. I found all the logos and examples of the original uniforms from right on this site, I will add, I won't be making any changes at this point, I finished this project about a month ago, but I wanted to share it here and see what people think of this idea. C&C is appreciated!
  2. The year is 1974, new ownership has taken over the struggling Tams franchise. With a new team, a new identity, and unwavering support, basketball in Memphis is happenin' again! Can ya dig it?
  3. Hey I made this Grizzlies court revamp please don't judge all the white spaces because I made it on a iPad.The brands on the side are brands voted by British Columbia.
  4. I think we all need to stop a second, and notice what is happening to the NBA D-League logos. They're becoming less unique, because they are being modeled after the team they are affiliated with, so I, and anybody who comes with me, am going to smack karma in the face with a ugly powder blue hammer, by making a bunch of logos resemble the Memphis Grizzlies by adding inline to any text, changing the logo to the Grizzly color scheme, and making the mascot look like its going through a seizure or constipated, just like what has happened to the poor Iowa Energy. I'll Start us off with our beloved Boston College It is low quality because I used paint but its a start. Feel free to Grizzlyfy your own logos and past them here. C & C appreciated,
  5. I had 2 Ideas for Grizzlies jerseys, and I didn't think they would work well together. The first is a front jersey design, with 6 stripes to signify 6 strings of a guitar, MEMPHIS, you know. The second is just something cool that would work probably only with the Grizzlies (and maybe a few more), but I thought it was cool, so I post it here! C&C COME TO ME! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!
  6. Hey my name is Sam Boyd and I have been obsessed with this website and its forums for the last year. I have always had a passion for sports logos, recently I started free drawing some logos and decided to try creating my own logo redesign. I am a huge Memphis Grizzlies fan and thought it would be right to have my first logo be a Grizz logo. This logo is a hand drawn and designed based off the Memphis Grizzlies logo but changed to make the bear a little more scary and intimidating. I have no idea how to use illustrator or any graphic design program but I would like to digitalize this logo eventually, and do a full rebrand. What do y'all think????
  7. Hi everybody, have been working on a Grizzlies concept lately. As I saw another one posted today I decided to finish mine. Would like to hear your thoughts and c&c. All the best wishes Daniel
  8. This is what I think the Memphis Grizzlies logo should look C&C Welcome!
  9. This is what I think the Grizzlies logo should look like. C&C welcome!
  10. Had a tshirt idea come to me while thinking about the "Grit And Grind" theme Memphis has been using. Also wanted to represent the newer theme (made a reality by DJ Paul from Three 6 Mafia) of "We Don't Bluff": Perhaps this isn't the best time to show these, since they got demolished last night, but they lost the first game of their 2 previous series, so there's hope yet! ps: for anybody interested, holler at these shirts here: