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  1. Hi guys! First off, sorry if this is the wrong thread to post this topic in, but I was wondering if I could hear some tips on making professional and clean looking logos and wordmarks. I currently have, and I enjoy using it, but I was hoping to start making my stuff look more professional. If anyone has any tips at all it would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Hey guys. I recently started a fantasy league and am attempting to make logos for each team. My team is up first, of course. Team: Carolina Copperheads I just wanted some guidance. I'm pretty happy with the overall shape and style. Of course, the logo isn't finished. I'm really struggling on the eye. I cannot for the life of me draw eyes, especially in the artistic style of cartoons, logos, etc. Just wanted some advice. So, here goes: Thanks gents!
  3. Hope this is the right place to ask this question... Every time I post a logo it doesn't look sharp and crisp on the forum but it looks sharp when I have it opened on my program, (Just not on the forum)... Also it looks great on my cell phone when im viewing these forums on it. Is there a reason why this is happening or is it just my screen resolution on my laptop? Same goes for other peoples concepts, Always looks dull and kind of faded on the forums but on my phone they look crisp and very vibrant. Is it the file I'm saving it under?
  4. tiger13x

    MLB SuperCard

    Not sure if anyone plays the IOS apps NHL or WWE SuperCard, but I have always wanted to work on a project that would bring all the goodness of those games to my favorite sport, Major League Baseball! My friend and I had worked on a template to make "cards" for this planned game...which look like this... The template took a bit to make, but changing the players, logo and font around don't take that long. Around 10 player cards are done so far, I will post more later. Heres a little background on the planned internet game that would revolve around these cards; There are five tiers of cards Basic - the lowest level, your bench players, minor get the gist Rare - guys who aren't that bad, but maybe not all that good either Ultra Rare - the middle tier, there are some solid players in this group Epic - the really good players, consistent talents (the card pictured above is in this tier) Legendary - these guys are awesome, the stars of the game These cards are acquired for "playing" games, collecting cards, achieving new ranks and taking part in tournaments and contests! Then there are these numbers on the cards... CTL (control), BRK (break) and VEL (velocity) are the three stats that pitcher cards use to get the hitters out. Im not going to go into the actual formula for calculating, because this is a design board. I AM LOOKING FOR HELP WITH THIS PROJECT, IF YOUD BE INTERESTED IN HELPING ME MAKE CARDS, PLEASE LET ME KNOW! The psd file is here Cheers!
  5. Hiya, folks. I’m just throwing this up here to get some feedback. I’m really trying to work on my animal rendering for logo purposes, but I also know there’s a lot to improve upon. For instance, these almost look too realistic (especially #3). Anyway, here’s what I was working on for the Wilmington Wonders in my Stateside Soccer Federation (shameless plug!). They are three variations on a fox. Any ideas, tips, pointers, critiques (especially critiques) would be greatly appreciated. Please note, I took Davidson’s skillshare class, so you will definitely see some similarities in snout area and how I continued through the process, not to mention the final pieces. Thanks in advance! Larger final versions And PS - Thanks to rsaline and sleuthpanther for their previous critiques on the usage of the fox.
  6. JosiahWVU


    Hi, I'm new to this site and I am trying to post a concept. I'm on my phone and have pictures of my concepts. How do I put those pictures in a new topic?
  7. Hi guys, I know this is not the place for this kinda of stuff but we are all pretty creative individuals here so I'd figure I'd give it a shot and see what comes out of it. So I'm currently working on a school project to create a new advertising campaing for Snapple and I need to come up with a new slogan. The current one they use is "Made from the best stuff on earth". I was hoping you guys could throw some ideas my way as far as slogans, a campaign you'd enjoy ( commericials, print ads, digital, etc. or simply what comes to mind for you when you see a Snapple drink! Any feedback will be very useful ) Thanks!!
  8. Hi guys! I was hoping a few of you could come to my rescue and help me develop a better logo for a friend of mine. My friend recently created a company called Eye To Eye Lift, check out their website, They are a company that is creating a lift that will help wheelchair-bound/disabled Americans who cannot attain the adequate height for multiple eye examinations. This lift will be making the lives of examiners simpler and of patients as well. As a friend im going to help him revamp the entire site and logo, but im having a little of creative problem with coming up with a solid logo. I want to create a logo that will incorporate the current design ( The fish eye with the three stripes) and then add on from there and have a compelling logo. Any chance you guys can throw some ideas my way? I would really really appreciate it! Here is his current logo.. Cheers, fellas.
  9. Hello Everyone, I was wondering if anyone has ever designed a jersey for production before. I work for a baseball team as a designer, and have had many years of digital and print experience, but have never designed a jersey. My team is going through Wilson and due to poor communication on their reps part, I am not sure how to go about designing with very loose outlines. The rep basically told us they need a vector, any size, but have not responded to further questions. I called Wilson directly and they told me to speak with a rep, go figure... I would like to get started working on designs but want to be sure I am not wasting my time with files that won't work. Does anyone have any advice on sizing, settings, templates, etc. ? Thanks for your help! -Derek
  10. I have had Inkscape for a few months and don't even know how to use it. I've tried to teach myself, but just can't. If anyone has advise and tips to help me with Inkscape, it would be much appreciated!
  11. H11K

    Gerald Green Art

    Here is a Gerald Green art type piece I have worked on recently. I am posting what I have so far to see if I can get any feedback on stuff to add, fix, or take out? Please leave some constructive criticism! Sorry for a non uniform related post but I don't know where else to ask for feedback on this..
  12. Ok so my brother's 12U baseball team really wants to use this logo, but they already have helmets and the colors dont match. PLEASE anybody that can, we need this logo to endure some sort of "color swap" This logo needs to be: Dark Blue switched to Forrest Green Light Blue switched to Light Green Yellow switched to Vegas Gold "Kalamazoo" switched to "Maybee" And if possible... The buildings switched to barns and farming equipment Here is the logo:[user]=139426258&filters[recent]=1&sort=1&o=0 And we also need the alternate logo to the same specifications:[user]=139426258&filters[recent]=1&sort=1&o=1 We would REALLY appreciate it!
  13. I need all teams nba number charts! thi is for a personal use that wont be published. I need all 10 digits (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0) of the nba team's white/home uniform. I know they were posted on here before, but since then have been removed and taken down. If anyone has all of them, or at least some, itd be greatly appreciated. thank a bunch! just post a link here, to the image, or jut post the image right here on this page. Thanks! itd be greatly appreciated! Once again, this is for personal use and not to be published in any way.
  14. Alright so this is my first post on this sight, I’ve been a fan of this sight for a while and I’ve just been amazed by the stuff I have seen people create from Logos from scratch to redesigning older logos and giving them a modern twist, to people totally redesigning a league. So a few weeks ago I decided to actually start making my own concept logos and uniforms for fun when I’m bored and there’s nothing to do, this may even help me out in the future but there still are a lot of things that I need some help on. So my first concept I wanted to do kinda backfired on me because there were a few things that I couldn’t find so I dropped it and I kinda gave up almost until a few days ago I decided to give it another shot but change it from baseball to a hockey concept because I thought it would be alittle easier to start off with, the team I had in mind creating a concept with was the Winnepeg Jets, now I live in Michigan so I’m a Red Wings fan but I thought about creating a Winnepeg Jets Alternate because they don’t have one. My inspiration for my uniform was there throwback 1979-90 road uniform and there 1991-96 road uniform I was leaning more for the 1979 look more because I looked more unique than the 1991 look. 1991-96 1979-90 And heres what I got so far But there’s a problem you see the striping on the bottom of the 1979 uniform I want to add that on the uniform as well and the striping on the elbow from the 1991 uniform but I haven’t figured out how to do that yet. Please help because I would like to finish this and this will help me out greatly for future projects. And if your also wondering I'm using Photoshop CS5. *UPDATE* Thanks to all the help Ive gotten since I posted this I finally finished the uniform and it was really simple actually but thanks to the community I figured it out. Here it is!!! Now its nothing too over the top but this was a good starter to get my feet wet into this, if there's any improvements you think i should work on to make my work look better feel free but keep it positive since Im just getting started
  15. So, I'm creating a New Baseball League for my personal use only. (Will start with 16 teams. 2 Conferences with equal divisions). Through gradual expansion, I'd eventually like to get to an MLB- like Structure in terms of the number of teams and division alignment (obviously I'll use my own divisions and conferences.) Here are the Locations and/or Names I have. Would love suggestions from all of you brilliant folks. And if you'd like to help by throwing out some logo ideas, that would most assuredly help your case in me selecting one of your ideas. North American Baseball League LEAGUE 1 (name TBD suggestions welcome ) Heartland Division: Wichita WARLORDS or WILDMEN Springfield STALLIONS or SWARM DAKOTA DRAGOONS or DESPERADOS OMAHA ______________ eventual expansion teams: Tulsa __________ Joplin__________ Dodge City MARSHALS or DEPUTIES Kansas City _______________ Rocky Mountain Division: Glenwood Springs(Colorado) ____________ BRECKENRIDGE BIGHORNS Wyoming WARRIORS MISSOULA ______________ eventual expansion teams: Las Vegas GAMBLERS or OUTLAWS Boise BUSTERS (like Bronc Busters) Taos (New Mexico) Toros Salt Lake City CONVERTS or ______________ League 2 (TBD suggestions welcome ) Appalachian Division: RICHMOND REBELS KNOXVILLE NIGHT TRAINS MORGANTOWN MOONSHINERS MYRTLE BEACH MANATEES eventual expansion teams: ATLANTA ASSAULT MEMPHIS MARAUDERS LOUISVILLE LYNX GATLINBURG GRAYS Metropolitan Division: BOSTON BRIGADE or BEANTOWNERS/BEANS (play on Beantown nickname) HAMILTON(Ontario) HUSKIES NEW BRUNSWICK NORTHERN LIGHTS NEWARK NOMADS eventual expansion teams: D.C. (washington) DONS or DEFENDERS BROOKLYN BANDITS QUEBEC QUEENSMEN MANHATTAN MOGULS
  16. Hey People, I Really Need Ideas For This 2 Make It Look Better Card so far Designed This Card For Drew Stubbs Himself! Can anyone help me make this card better. Remember This Is for Drew Stubbs.
  17. Trying to figure out a cool modern and clean logo for a new competitive sports organization I am opening up. Heres a first concept of what I made. Any suggestions or ideas?