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  1. Introducing the NHL Pastel Series. It's essentially a series where I'll make an alternate jersey for every team in the NHL, but with pastel colors. Some of these are out of the box, some of these are minorly changed versions of current jerseys, but they all use a calmer set of colors. Anaheim Ducks: With the Ducks I went back to their inaugural jerseys. They're not exact, but I think it looks pretty good. That's pretty much all there is to say on it.
  2. Been awhile since I started a thread... Just wanted to apologize for so many unfinished ones. Really just comes down to much time I have. So this time there will be no direction, just a few concepts to bust out whenever I have the chance. I'm sure you're all familiar with the IceHL, and if not check out the website: Or the 2013 yearbook: I've contacted Chris Smith of Icethetics, and I'm just pending for his permission to give this thread the green light... Here are my short term plans: Primary Jersey Concepts St. Louis Archers* Houston Hellcats* Alaska Huskies* Specialty Game Concepts Battle of Quebec Outdoor Classic Quebec Armada vs. Montreal Olympiques Pacific Showdown Outdoor Classic Seattle Aviators vs. Vancouver LumberJacks In the mean time, I am opening this thread to get some community suggestions on special one-off jersey concepts I could make (ie. Outdoor Games, etc.). To stay in-line with the whole theme of IceHL, since many of the designers for the league also participate in the boards, any C&C or suggestions would make this thread pretty fun, in my opinion. *These are the three teams whose jerseys I actually designed, fourth was the former Vancouver LumberJacks set. ~It is important to note that all IceHL logo's and IceHL team logo's were not designed by me, but rather the Icethetics community.~ ~I am not claiming any of the logo's being used as my own~
  3. This concept came about after a conversation on the possibility of an independent Québec with a friend who is a Montréal native and a strong supporter of Québec sovereignty. Taking a break from the heated discussion regarding the viability of such a nation- My brain took full advantage to jump into "hockey mode" and I posed the question: "What would happen to the Habs if Québec DOES become an independent nation?" Naturally, cheering for a team called "le Club de Hockey Canadien" would seem strange to the population in a newly free Quebec, regardless of the history associated with the franchise. After all: this is a province who has just cut ties with a "country" it has been a part of for the better part of a century and a half, I'm certain a change would be welcomed. Wanting to keep my alteration of such a storied franchise to a minimum, I opted to simply replace the "Canadien" in the existing franchise identity with "Québécois"- a fitting, yet subtle change for the team in the largest city in the new nation. The following logos are quick mock-ups of what I think the best possible course of action would be in the event the aforementioned purely hypothetical situation does come to fruition. Ladies and Gentlemen: le Club de Hockey Québécois. This was my first, very visibly rough draft of what a "half C/ half Q" habs primary logo could be. This one answered the "what If they drop the "C" altogether?" question. And finally: This was the third "compromise" between the two prior mock ups. Let me know what you think. This was all product of a quick brain storm and done (quite quickly and messy, I might add) in the always wonderful MS Paint.
  4. Been making a lot of NHL Hockey concepts lately so I thought I would post some here to get some criticism. I try to be original but some teams should never change. If they stink really bad, tell me. Feel free to tell me straight up. Thanks! New Jersey Devils Phoenix/Arizona Coyotes