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  1. As a Jazz fan who's not a huge fan of the current design (minus the City Edition jersey), I figured I would try my hand at redesigning the team. Changing the colors to dark purple, teal, and copper, the team resurrects a snowflake logo. The Association uniform is off-white, the Icon uniform purple, the Statement uniform teal, and the new City Edition uniform a gradient going from pewter blue to dark blue. C&C welcome!
  3. I made this a while back since I like looking at college football logos. I always wanted to make a good cougar logo. One that would say yeah we know tons of ways to show our ferocity. Cougars have the perfect size and agility to kill. I want to build a detailed website of this university I created for a school project. This is their sports team logo I created. The Southern Ohio University Cougars. I didn't copy any logos, but Houston cougars looks a bit similar. I made a lot of different changes to make it my own. Near the bottom of the state there are hills so I was thinking of cougars being in that area. I used a gold and navy although their 3rd color is brown. The third color helps separate from looking like PITT or Navy. I like to think of tension with being close to Marshall so I picked Huntington as the nearby town. I would make the school 20 minutes away on the Ohio side. An explanation say for the made up future Huntington is much bigger and needs a university to keep fostering growth. School Name: Southern Ohio University Nickname: SOU (not zou) Mascot: Cougars Colors: Dark Navy Blue, Gold-like, light Brown, White Location: 20 Minutes north of Huntington Division: I (when good) Conference: ACC(when able to compete lol) Rival: Marshall Tell me what you think. I am trying to design other logos for the school to add to my website I'm making.
  4. Hello! This is my first ever uniform/logo concepts I have ever done. I am a graphic designer on Instagram, and I am taking a jab at concepts for the first time. Constructive criticism and Feedback is very welcomed!
  5. Hello everyone and thank you for visiting this thread. this will be a short concept that ill be doing of the Houston Rockets. I like the Rockets current logo for the reasos that it is simple and simple is always good but its missing the creativity of the old logos so i decided to do a mash-up of a few of the logos. it isnt done yet but i would love some C&C on what can be improved (i will be adding a rocket into the logo so dont say "ADD A ROCKET") but i will accept any response if you dont think it needs one. the 2 logos i chose to merge with the current logo are the San Diego Rockets & The 72-95 Logo(Championship era) Logos pictured below San Diego: 72-95 Championship era: i went with the colors of the 95 logo and the negative space in the san diego logo i added to the new one. now without further ado heres version 1.0 of the logo i came up with. New Logo:
  6. Hello everyone, It's been a while since I've last posted on this site. Glad to stop by and see some new people posting! This is one of the first concepts of done in quite some time and I figured I'd add it to the forum. This was my senior project for my Graphic Design major. The last graphic design class in my college career! In short, we had the whole semester (a little more as we started at the end of last semester) to work on a brand. There were 14 students in the course and we all picked something to brand. Some picked fast food (You can see some of her work on my Behance project page), check the game program), some picked guitar stores, puppy adoption, Positive news stations, but knowing me, I had to do a hockey team. Full project on Behance, feel free to check it out on there or just see some of the images here! Link:
  7. Who's your pick to cut down the nets in Houston? Mine is Kentucky. I think they'll be motivated, well the coaching staff at least, to get over the disappointment of falling short of perfection.
  8. At one point there was talk of another NHL franchise in Texas, based out of Houston. I took that information and created my newest NHL concept, the Houston Galaxy. I chose Galaxy because it still has that space theme, but doesn't steal any names from the sports world in Texas. Its hard to choose a good name when Astros, Rockets, Stars, and Texans are all gone. But I think I found a name that some people would like. I know not everyone will be found of the name. It does sound like a amateur name, but a professional soccer team does have the name, so yeah. The logos are pretty self explanatory. I chose Saturn to put in the logo because it looks cool. And thats what I thought of first. The uniforms are where it gets a little crazy. I love the classic stripes, but I thought I should try something different. For the waist stripes, I made it look like the rings of Saturn, from the logo. On the arms, I added the city skyline into the stripes, also from the primary logo. C&C is much appreciated I did create an alternate logo. Its pretty basic, but I wanted to incorporate the space shuttle into the design. I'm thinking, when I create the alternate jersey, I'll put horizontal stripes on the chest under the shuttle, but I have not created the uniform yet.
  9. This is my second post and I thought that I might put out an idea for the Houston Rockets. This concept includes a primary logo, a set of home and road jerseys as well as a road alternate. C & C appreciated. Primary Logo: Home Jersey: Road Jersey: Road Alternate Jersey: Thanks for looking.
  10. This is a concept idea i had if the Aeros ever returned to the AHL. I made a whole new logo with an F-35 Lightning fighter jet instead of the bomber, but used the nose art from it. On the Vertical tail is the #9 in honor of Gordie Howe. The background with the star is to resemblle an Old West Sheriff's badge to represent Texas. The shoulder logo is to resemble a US military roundel found on fighter craft with a nod to the flag of Texas in the striping. Comment and critiques as always welcomed.
  11. Last week or so I dropped a Rays concept y'all seemed to like so this week I'd like to post a new set. It's rebranding time for the Houston Rockets! First up the new Primary Logo The main goal here was to put a physical rocket in the logo with the fuselages making an H. The colors are lifted from the classic 1972-1995 Rockets logo and the circle background is a nod to that logo. New partial logo New Jersey Wordmarks Tell me what you think!
  12. Reliant Energy was purchased by NRG Energy a few years ago and NRG has decided to use their "stronger brand" in Houston and to put their name on the stadium complex. The company and stadium changed their logos within the past 2 years to more closely match NRG branding. Now they get to throw up new signage again.
  13. It's been forever, several years actually, since I've posted a non-alternate universe concept on this board. Been wanting to do a rethinking of the Astros for a very long time, especially for the past two years since a uniform change to the old colors was announced. I figured instead of doing up the whole concept and unleashing it all at once, I'd instead post the individual elements as I go and allow for feedback and critique to steer it into territories that even I may not have conceived. So here it is, the modernized yet retro rethinking of the classic Houston Astros rainbows. Enjoy.
  14. So i really like the schools main mark and tried to incorporate that heavily into this set. The numbers a a beveled block font to reflect the logo. I used a bevel type graphic for the sleeves which also incorporates Houston's skyline. For the helmets i went cougar on one side, UH on the other. I'm not gonna lie i was too lazy to draw out a new cougar head on paint for the red version of the helmets so i didn't include it but will include a real picture. And in a perfect world it would be chromed and red like the picture. Lemme know what you think guys!
  15. This is actually an update to a previous concept I did about a year ago. Them being called the Astros, I naturally went with something sleek and futuristic and came up with this... I've been spending too much time at the arcade... ^^; Anyway, I think the uniform is a bit too plain, but I'm not sure what else to add. Any ideas? Also, tell me what you think of the logos, of course.
  16. For this concept, the Astros go steampunk! I tried to use modern/futuristic design elements that would blend well with an early-20th century aesthetic. I know it's not great, but I can't think of anything else to do with it at the moment. If you have any suggestions on how to improve it, I'd love to hear them.