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  1. So some of you might wonder why I abandoned the Sneak Peek pre-series. I didn't plan to but I had a lot of technical difficulties that made it very hard to make concepts. Now that I can make concepts again I figured it was best to just start the series up. Their still may be some delays but I'll try to get 1 team per week at minimum. I accidentally deleted some of my league formatting files so I don't have any visual dazzle for you at the moment. Anyways I'll get started. First of all none of these things would happen if Roger Goddell was still in power, so we'll say he died. Though this is hypothetical that American Football is an international sport, it could happen within the nest 100 years. I would set this in the future, but I can't take into account the change in fashion, technology, and everything else that would change. However I will go a little out there with some teams. Not all teams will have mascots, some European teams will be nameless like in soccer. There will be 7 sections: the USA or original NFL that will be expanded to 40 teams(Puerto Rico and Hawaii have teams, but aren't part of the USA region),Then there is Europe and Asia with 36 teams. North America has 24 teams, and Africa, South America, and Oceania each have 16 teams. Yes that's 144 teams. Every Region will have a different playoff format depending on size. Every team will play 18 games with 20 weeks. Each team will have a normal NFL schedule with 1 rivalry game and 1 out of league game. These games will have special uniforms. Each team has 3-5 uniforms: Home, Away, Alternate(optional), a Throwback or Fauxback(optional), and a Special Event uniform. I'll have a map and team list up soon. For now vote in the poll what you want to see first. Not every team is named yet, you guys will contribute to that when we get there. Also the All-Star teams from each league will compete with each other as well. I'm sure I forgot a lot but I'll elaborate when I get to these things. Feel free to ask any questions you have
  2. Welcome to the 2014 IFAF Championships! These Are The Teams: Australia Austria Canada Czech Republic Denmark Great Britain Finland Germany Italy Japan Mexico Poland Serbia Sweden Switzerland United States There will also be WWI fauxbacks for some!