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  1. IceCap

    San Jose Sharks

    The San Jose Sharks are, in my opinion, a bit of a historical oddity. The NHL officially recognizes them as a 1991 expansion team, but they were a bit more then that. Gordon Gund and his brother George Gund III became minority owners of the NHL's least successful "First Six" expansion team, the Oakland/California (Golden) Seals. Being from Cleveland, they were able to orchestrate the team's relocation to that city, and the Seals became the Cleveland Barons for two seasons. The team, however, was no longer financially salvageable on its own following the 1977-78 season, and the Gunds were able to negotiate a merger with the Minnesota North Stars. The Gunds would then turn around and buy the newly merged North Stars team. The NHL, however, was interested in returning to the San Francisco Bay Area in the early 1990s, and the Gunds had even considered moving the North Stars to the area at one point. So a deal was struck with the NHL that effectively undid the 1978 North Stars-Seals/Barons merger. George Gund III sold his shares in the North Stars to Howard Baldwin, and in turn the league would grant him a franchise in the Bay Area, and he'd be allowed to take a certain number of North Stars players with him. It's because of how this went down that I've always viewed the Sharks as a continuation of the Seals/Barons. They weren't so much an expansion team as much as the Seals opting out of the merger with the North Stars and adopting a new name. Which brings me to the concept. The Seals' last Bay Area uniform set has always stuck with me as something that I would like to see tried again. The uniforms worn from 1974-76 utilized over the shoulder UCLA/LSU/Colts style striping, something rarely seen on hockey sweaters. It's a simple enough design that it works as a classic look, yet it's most definitely unique. So I figured I would try it out on the continuation of the team that introduced it. I opted to go with the current primary. For all of its flaws, I feel it's just to much of an improvement over the original. That being said, I did go with the original 1991-1998 colour scheme of a lighter teal, black, and grey. The current Sharks colour scheme just never appealed to me. The teal's way to dark, and the bright orange always seemed off putting. The Bay Area isn't the sunny self-styled paradise of Los Angeles/Southern California. It can get pretty chilly. Also, sharks in the depths of the ocean hardly conjure up images of bright, sunny days. So I lightened the teal to the original shade and replaced orange with the original look's grey. For the alternate mark I used the original shark fin, recoloured to better match the current primary. I don't know why, I just find it superior to the updated diamond fin logo. Maybe the original just feels more self-contained. Anyway that's the concept. I wanted to tie the Sharks back in with their early history as the Seals somehow, and I thought the unorthodox striping last used by the Seals in California were the perfect means to do so. C&C, as always, is welcome.
  2. The Tampa Bay Lightning have never gotten it right. While their current look is probably the best they've had I feel it's still severely flawed. The look borrows heavily from two Original Six franchises, taking the Maple Leafs' blue and white colour scheme and mixing it with the Red Wings' striping pattern. The black they added at the fanbase's request looks tacked on, and isn't nearly as integrated into the uniforms as it should be. Finally, the logo just doesn't accomplish what it was designed to do. The logo was designed to be iconic. A logo in the style of the Yankees' NY or the Colts' horseshoe. Yet its skewed perspective hampers it, I think. It looks like it was run over by a steamroller. So I started with the logo. Instead of the flawed skewed primary I went with the current alternate mark. Unlike the skewed oval this logo uses a standard lightning bolt in circle design, which I felt made it an instant upgrade. The "TEAM NAME/HOCKEY CLUB" roundel portion was going to be nixed, but I kept it as the Lightning do have a history of including the team name with the primary mark. In fact I tried to make this whole set a celebration of the better parts of the Lightning's uniform and aesthetic history. The Lightning are, under their current ownership, a team trying to establish their own traditions. Like the New Jersey Devils before them they're trying to follow in the footsteps of the classic, established franchises. I tried to take that sentiment and merge it with a look that also respects the Lightning's history prior to the current ownership. The logo's been altered to include black. Black takes up half of the inner circle, and is used to outline all three lightning bolts on the crest. Likewise black's been added to the uniform. I've also changed the shade of blue. They currently use the same shade the Leafs use. I've replaced that with the more electric shade of blue used by the team from 1992-2001. Not only does this help distance the team's look from the Leafs but it also seems more fitting. A team in Florida should embrace colour. While blue and black is a perfect scheme for a team called the Lightning using the Leafs' blue with black was just a bit to dark. The striping pattern is the one used by the Lightning on their home and road sweaters from 1992-2007, sans the contrasting shoulder yokes. It's a simple but unique pattern that both homages the team's past and also helps them establish a traditional look of their own. I used a simple TB monogram as the alternate mark. The alternate serves as a sort of heritage fauxback. The sweater and socks' colours and striping come directly from the team's black set used from 1992-2007. A variation of the logo is used that replaces the black half of the inner circle with silver, a reference to the team's 1992-2007 primary logo which used a silver circle as a central design element. The number font and colouration reflects the style worn by the team when they won the Stanley Cup in 2004. All in all I tried to create a look for the Lighting that reflected the team's desire to follow in the footsteps of established teams, that honoured the team's own history, and that better reflected the team's Sunshine State locale. That's a bit much to try and cram into a single concept, but I think I did an ok job of it. What do you guys think? C&C, as always, is welcome.