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  1. Hello everyone I wanted to start a new series because school is almost over and I felt like doing something. So I've always been intrigued with Ivy League Schools as of alot of people. The most prestigious schools in the nation. I felt like redesigning them. Now this will be a multi-sport thread with Football first, Basketball second and Baseball last (With other sports added in the future). So without any hesitation here it is. Brown Football
  2. As a joint effort chrisCLEMENT and I will be redesigning the football identities of The Ivy League. It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to do any concept work so I’m really excited to be working with Chris on this project and sharing it with this community. The teams of the Ivy League were once at the forefront of college football, but of course that’s no longer true. Chris and I wanted to see what each of these teams might look like if this were still the case and these schools received just as much attention from uniform manufacturers as schools like Oregon and Ohio State do. We’ll be designing all of the uniforms using Nike’s Mach Speed template which was released with Oregon’s newest uniforms. The idea is to make these designs modern while still maintaining the tradition that these programs and schools have. We’re going to be posting these concepts in a different way than usual. Everything as far as the uniforms and logos are going to be posted on so that it’s a fair bit easier to view the concepts. The first two teams, Princeton and Cornell are posted already so you can head over there and check them out. Chris and I will be posting one team each at a time and we’ll make sure to post here with some background on our designs. I’ll be updating the above graphic as each team is posted as well. Feel free to leave your comments or critiques in this thread! So my first design is for the Princeton Tigers. Princeton football has always had a strong visual element to their identity in the striped sleeves. I tried to combine that with the chevron from the university crest to create a unique sleeve design. The other main portion of the university crest, the book, is embroidered on the inside of the collar. As well I couldn’t do away with the winged helmet design that originated with Princeton football. I decided to take a modern approach to the design however. Of course because I haven’t been able to work on any logos since I started school in September I had to give Princeton an updated tiger head logo as well as a custom number font. Chris will be posting a similar spiel about Cornell when he gets the chance. So head on over to website to check everything out if you haven’t already and let us know what you think.