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Found 6 results

  1. Sunsets are awesome. They're beautiful, majestic, and one of the coolest thing nature gives us. Since we all love sunsets, it only fits that there's one on a shirt! The colors on the design are color-picked directly from a picture of a sunset I took. Essentially, I took the simplicity and beauty of a sunset and put it on a shirt. Now, I am proud to say that my design "Summer Sunset" is live on cotton bureau. HERE: For those of you who don't know how cotton bureau works, designs are submitted by designers, then either accepted or rejected. If accepted, their design will be "live" (able to buy on a t-shirt)) for 2 weeks, in which 12 shirts must be sold in order for the shirt to go to print. "Summer Sunset" is available to buy NOW!, but only for a limited time. HERE: The design looks like this: On a shirt (also available on heather gray or white): I am always looking to get better, so C&C is appreciated. You can get one HERE: If you don't actually buy one, but still like the design, do me a huge favor and share this link: or even the link to this post. Thank you for your support!
  2. Jake3roo

    Pencil design

    Hey everyone! Recently I came up with a design for a shirt, and it is currently live on Cotton Bureau!!! Also, C&C is appreciated. I'm always looking for feedback and ways to improve my work. Link: The idea behind it was: We (graphic designers) use pencils all the time. They are one of the most useful tools in graphic design, from the freshly sharpened tip to the rubber eraser on the end, the pencil is one of the greatest things ever made. This is simply looking at it from a different view. Thank you!!!
  3. I was thinking at one point, and philadelphia (where I am from) has an area code of 215, which is symmetrical (in certain fonts) plus, after testing it a bit, it looked cool. I have 8 options. Tell me which ones you like the best, leave C&C, etc. Note that if people really like it, then the ones on the right side may end up on cotton bureau in the near future (hopefully) The ones on the left use Conrad.'s NW RANGERS font, so I cant put them on cotton bureau, but I still want to know what looks good. Thanks! and one on a heather gray background (because that's what the shirt would be)
  4. I have been making very basic, 2-letter logos for people in my class here are my first 2- DG, and MG Logos done- DG MG LR- buffsfan SR JCL JR- jaker52 and jake3.roo DC24- biscuit faces of them ZS- zigzag MH- MCH925 TV- TVIXX JH- jordyhazy SLU- Elmos World 17 AS- thecargeek GS- zigzag('s sister) ST23-SydniT23 JM9- JMTexan09 JG- MGoblue98 JG15- MGoblue98 JG98- MGoblue98 ME D91- Dolphins91 AMS- Garren LLFH- llfhockey SL1- SpartanLover CF2015- Cubsfan2015 MB- Skinny39 CR81- NYCdog TC- NYCdog KM- K-Mac SM2- sneakerwhiz KMAC- K-Mac TG- OnShoreGold TG55- OnShoreGold
  5. I had 2 Ideas for Grizzlies jerseys, and I didn't think they would work well together. The first is a front jersey design, with 6 stripes to signify 6 strings of a guitar, MEMPHIS, you know. The second is just something cool that would work probably only with the Grizzlies (and maybe a few more), but I thought it was cool, so I post it here! C&C COME TO ME! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!
  6. I was bored, and I decided to make a cardinals logo with only the head. MY EDITS: ..Brightened red ..changed yellow a bit ..gave new eye (Louisville) ..bye navy, hello black! ..gave new wordmark (not sure about the font) Fell free to leave C/C!!