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Found 4 results

  1. My Kansas City Royals "50 Seasons" Anniversary Patch for 2018.
  2. Since a couple of MLB teams like the Pirates or Padres have been using their cap logos as their primary team marks, I thought one team could also make use of that. I'm not a huge fan of this trend in MLB, but I think in this case it would actually make a lot of sense. It's not exactly the same what those aforementioned teams have done in the past, but the Royals could simplify their look a little bit more just by swapping primary and alternate status of their respective logos – which I did. I think their current primary logo is a little too cluttered and unbalanced. I also removed that very outdated, ugly and unnecessary black drop shadow from the "KC" interlocked initials to modernize that classic, simple and sweet logo a little bit more.
  3. I made this last summer, but never got around to posting it. The original idea was an identity refresh that would hopefully inspire the Royals to return to their winning ways. Obviously they handled that on their own, and the concept got buried on my computer. I recently revisited the file, made a few changes, and decided to share the finished product. Colors: A new shade of blue is used, similar to the original shade.The gold has been lightened as well. Logos: Revamped the primary logo, thickened the KC logo, and added a retro alternate. The word marks have also been altered slightly to better fit on the front of jerseys. Uniforms: The inspiration here was the uniforms of the 1980's. I used single piping around the sleeves and neck, and thick modified block numerals. Included in the uniform set are home, road (and alternate road cap), alternate, Sunday alternate, and batting practice uniforms. I know this isn't anything groundbreaking, but I would love to hear feedback. Thanks!
  4. The Royals every year wear an old Monarchs Uniform. Last year during the playoffs there was a fan push to see on in the playoffs or World Series but I guess that is not allowed. So, my idea is to make an ALT uni in Royals colors of an old Monarchs uni Here is the link to all of the options I did a few different styles as well as the ones below This is one of the KC uniforms I thought would be best to use since it only says K C not Monarchs