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  1. Was this uniform made for the photo shoot or was it worn in a game. If it was worn in a game can i please have pictures to prove EDIT: on a nike thread from 2009 it said it was a swingman jersey. Note the swoosh on the jersey. (possibly gonna be worn this year?)
  2. The Lakers G-League affiliates new logos. I know you guys will hate on them since it's not a unique brand or whatever but I love the set. Especially the manhatten pier secondary logo.
  3. Hey everybody! Please check out my logo concept for D'Angelo Russell and let me know what you think, all CONSTRUCTIVE criticism is more than welcome as I see it as a way to improve my process. This is a portfolio piece for my Senior year at the Savannah College of Art & Design and no affiliation with the athlete or Nike. Thank you!
  4. Hey guys! Check out this little project I put together! Tried to do something different with it but still within the general realm of the Lakers identity. Let me know what you think!!
  5. After the NBA released this year's uniforms that the 10 teams will where on Christmas day, I was left wanting more. I think so much more creativity could be utilized to make these uniforms memorable. I then decided to mock up my own concepts for this year's Christmas Day games, with a strong Christmas theme displayed in each piece. Shortly after this post, I will just go ahead and post all of the match-ups at one time. I ask that you refrain from focusing on the sleeved/sleeveless discussion as it is not the focus here. Upon request I can also provide my ai. template for the uniforms that I made from scratch, I just ask that in return you give me (tbdaniel15) credit when you use it for your own work. Thanks guys, and enjoy!
  6.,39.224,-97.139 So not surprising the Lakers dominate. something surprising is that kings own more counties than the clippers, and the clips aren't even second in most southern California counties its the the Bulls or Celtics.
  7. Before I get back to my regularly scheduled MLS Gridiron Sport swap, which went on hiatus due to the file getting corrupted, I do have one take on the Lakers' primary after going through the "Success Influences Logo" thread. The Lakers have a solid jersey wordmark and secondary, I just wondered what would happen if elements from both were combined.
  8. Does anyone know the name of the exact jersey number font that has been used by the LA Lakers for as long as I can remember? Furthermore, is it equivalent to the Washington Nationals? Because I've looked at the two and they seem identical.