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Found 5 results

  1. Thought i'd start this thread up to get some feedback on my entries through out the competition. So check back and let me here your C&C. Still can't attach my own images, but here is my Event 1 entry via URL link: I thought about using a unique/different color scheme, but bailed in the last hour before I sent the entry:
  2. I may as well join the fracas. I'm plumb ashamed of my Event 1 entry...so let's just skip that and head to my Event 2 Submission for the Hampton Roads Cruisers!
  3. As of Logolympiads of yore, I'm setting up a thread about my entries after the conclusion of an event. It'll be part reflection/explanation about the entry and part seeking constructive criticism from the board, or so I anticipate. With that introduction out of the way, I suppose the most logical place to begin would be Event 1, as it's the only event which has concluded. EVENT 1: LEAGUE LOGO I wasn't especially happy with my entry for this event, and the results showed it as I received zero votes. Looking at it now, the acronym one seems bare, while its only interesting element (the PFF fit into the laces) had to go away because of the rules of the contest, making the two logos appear disjointed. The PFF in the laces would have improved the full logo, but I don't think it would have made much of a difference competitively. That's what I think; now let me know what YOU think.
  4. This is my first logolympiad here, since last year, I wasn't to impressed with my design skills last year. My first entry for this year was the league logo, for the Professional Football Federation. Even though my logo-making skills aren't on par with most of you guys here, I still tried to make a visually appealing logo for this league. The shape is a shield-star combination, symbolizing the talent of the league. The bottom consists of triangular designs completing the shape of the star, with a football at the bottom. I didn't expect much with this entry, and that held up. To those of you who voted, what were your deciding factors for your decision with this? I'm trying to take any advice to improve my skills.
  5. Thought i'd start this thread up to get some feedback on my entries through out the competition. So check back and let me here your C&C. I can't currently attach images, for some reason, so I'll try again later....
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