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  1. Hey guys, got some NFL concepts I have been working on. I used my simplified variation of the GUD template. Let me know what you think and what I should improve on.
  2. With a new exciting Formula 1 season starting this weekend, I've created a template for MS Paint based on the 2018 cars which includes the new and (in)famous halo. This what I've done: And here's a livery example: What do you think? C&C is appreciated! If I see you like it, I will create a whole series redesigning the 10 liveries from the starting season.
  3. Haven't done this in a while. So I'm going to be attempting a NHL Concepts series. I really don't have any plans for most of the league, but I have enough to start this thread up. Basically I'll post when I finish a concept, and I'll start working on a concept when I have an idea for one. Exciting! First off. The Tampa Bay Lightning. Inspired by my discussions with @Rollins Man and @Morgo in the NHL 2017-2018 thread. Basically I wanted something evocative of the original look while fixing the problems with it. I went back to the Honolulu blue the team used at the start of their tenure, as it contrasted better with the black than the royal blue they switched to (and still use). The dated logo has been replaced by a slightly modified and recoloured version of the current alternate mark. I used a TB monogram based off of the team's wordmark for the alternate logo. I decided to homage the current set with the alternate. Blue is now the primary colour, white the secondary, black the tertiary, and silver has been removed completely. C&C welcome, as always.
  4. Hey guys! It's been awhile since I last created a topic here in the Concept section. I'm back with my very first custom-made template. The first template I used was OK for a little while, but was dated and took up a bit more space on my CPU than I wanted. The second template was a copy o another, but when I asked the original creator if I could use it, he kindly said no, which I respect. Finally I decided to create my own. Here it is: Here is the reference image: Thoughts on the template?
  5. Flickr Album With All Teams Well, it has been at least a year (maybe two) since I last posted a concept. I haven't been all that active on the boards, but lately I've found myself lurking the concepts section. I have to say that I was impressed at the quality of a lot of concepts. The boards are starting to resemble what they looked like when I first joined this site. Now, I'm no logo master, but I do like to make concepts every once in awhile. I was feeling creative recently, so I've decided to take on a project... a big one. I'm going to create an entire 30 team hockey league. Each team will eventually have a primary logo, secondary logo, third logo (some teams), script logo, home jersey, away jersey, alternate jersey, and rink design. For now, I'm just making sure the teams I release have two logos and two jerseys, the other stuff will be released later. I hope to learn from this series and become a better designer. I am also using Microsoft Paint to create everything. I hope to prove to those who blame their programs for poor designs that the program is not an excuse. I will be releasing everything at my own pace, so don't expect concepts every day or week, and please don't ask when the next teams will be out. This is a hobby for me, and I have about a million real life responsibilities that take priority over this. Also if you have city or team name suggestions, I welcome them, but PLEASE PM ME. I really don't want the thread flooded with name ideas, so message them to me and I will defiantly consider them. Now without further adieu, the league logo. The league will be known as the North American Hockey Federation. The logo is very simple, but this is by design. Does the logo sort of look like a hockey puck? That's because the logo will appear on the tops of all NAHF pucks. The logo's colors are also just a filler. Each team will have their own custom colored league logo with their team colors on it. Ready for the first team? Here's a teaser for you, have a look at their league logo... First team coming VERY soon...
  6. So, after hearing about Arizona State getting varsity hockey, I was wondering what if other colleges got a hockey team out of the blue? I started with Iowa State, a team picked at random out of the college page, C&C appreciated...
  7. Okay, so let me give you some background before I continue: Back in early December, I was in a creative slump. I had stopped making concepts and my major Concept project involving 4 fictional sporting leagues (Football, Basketball, Baseball, and Hockey) had become boring. With my schooling becoming busier by the day, I had decided to delete my entire project. A couple weeks later was Christmas Break and I became bored, simply because I had no school work to keep me busy. So, I restarted by leagues from scratch, each with 32 teams, many no longer having the same name they once had, while others are just simply from old and defunct franchises. While I only have logos for my football league, I still simulate some of my other series using a program called StatDisk, which can generates numbers that I use for scores. The main reason I have not posted any concepts since the reboot of my MegaSeries is because most of them are ripoffs and I am not afraid to admit it. I do hand-draw my logos, but they are based on someone else's logo. At the moment, those logos are "placeholders" until I make an original. This logo that I am sharing is a logo for my United Football Association team called the Washington Federals: While trying to make a logo for this team, I looked at many pictures of Eagles, from their heads to them swooping down to catch a fish, but none of them seemed quite right. So, I began to see how others made Eagles into logos. I saw a few decent ones, but none that could learn from. So, I started looking at pro logos. The Philadelphia Eagles logo wasn't quite right either, and neither was the Washington Federals logo from the USFL in the 80's, so I started looking at other bird logos, and there was the Atlanta Falcons logo. I wanted to make my own Falcon logo, but didn't have a team with that name. So, I decided to do a mash-up of some sort. used the basic shape of the Falcons logo and turned it into an eagle but not as abstract. I wanted the F shape to remain in tact, so I kept the claws, but tried to make them less of a hand and more like a claw. I also used the Federals color scheme of Kelly Green and Black as I thought it was unique for my league. So what do you all think? too much of a ripoff? The one thing that does bug me just a tad, though, is the tail. I feel like it's missing something. I may try to post some other, more original work later. Thanks for any C+C!
  8. Completed Teams: Arizona Atlanta Baltimore Buffalo Carolina Chicago Cincinnati Cleveland Dallas Denver Detroit Green Bay Houston Jacksonville It probably seems like I'm posting a lot of topics for a beginner, but I'm ready for my first series. This time I'm going to do the NFL. I'm going from A-Z. I've gotten a head start on it (I've already finished Dallas), but I'm going to post one, get feedback and update it as needed, and repeat. I'll kick this off with the Cardinals. Arizona is in serious need of a redesign. It surprises me that they still haven't got a redesign by Nike yet. The Cardinals have problems with over piping, the number font and the gray facemask. Anyway, I made the facemask white, put a faded Arizona flag pattern on the shoulders, and put TV numbers on the sleeves. The pants also feature the flag pattern. Also, I kept the black jersey. I actually like it, and it's appropriate considering the amount of black in the logo. Please leave C&C!
  9. I don't do many Baseball concepts, but had to do this for the Angels - they need navy so badly First and most obviously, Navy becomes the primary color. I also removed the drop shadow from the wordmark, and restored the Red Sox font. Please provide some C&C! (Also, in case you didn't know, I use paint for my concepts)
  10. What's up fellas. I'm here to make an update on my first post ( Rather than add on, I decided to start over and take a little more time with the project. For better or worse, I'm still using MS Paint, so some of the fonts/numbers are still kinda fuzzy, but hopefully you'll understand where i'm trying to convey. The teams will all have different sponsors (Nike, Adidas, Reebok) like the NFL circa late 90's early 00's. Here is the UFA logo: I wanted to keep the logo pretty simple and make it something that would fit nicely on the collars for the teams. The top left is the official logo, gold will be used in championship games, lower left is military appreciation logo, and breast cancer awareness logo. C&C welcomed
  11. Been busy lately making logos for my multiple personal series. It's been a while since I've posted something concept-wise, so I thought I would post a logo for gits and shiggles. This logo is for a team called the Cleveland Walleye from my United Hockey League. Here's my reference picture: Feedback is welcome. May just post some other logos I've made for the league as well.