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  1. This is my first time doing this sort of thing because I don't have a professional art program nor the fact that I can draw either which doesn't help but I happen to like the Madden Expansion Team and hopefully they'll add more locations and uniforms and team names.... oh wait this is EA, nothing will change at all. So the first team I intend to show off is an old favorite of mine over the years, the London Monarchs aka the Royal Gold and Blues... the old school team that may become an actual team someday within the next few years... here's the Home and Away uniforms for said Monarchs plus the Third/Alternate ((No more Color Rush)) variant of said uniform Keeping the helmets as safe can be, the uniforms are combination of Metallic Gold, Royal Blue and Red with White showing off the Away Uniform.. if anything, the third uniform is something I'm proud off because it can be used on the road on certain games or if they're paired up against the Saints or the 49ers. They would have their Home games at the new Northumberland stadium and whilst in America, they use the Scott Stadium in Charlottesville, Virginia as their temporary ground against those that can't adjust to the time difference. Feedback is welcome, I intend to update with the next team...El Diablos of Mexico City
  2. So because I have no life as many of you guys don't either, I decided to make a CCSLC account. I did this so I can present my Madden CFM league thing. I took all of the AFC teams and relocated them to almost all of the cities on CFM that you can relocate to. There are 18 options, but since there's only 16 teams I didn't use Salt Lake City or Houston, because the team name/logo options sucked (with the exception of the Oilers.) I left the NFC teams alone and pretend they don't exist. What I do is simulate the games so I can watch and not control them. I will post weekly highlights and scores of the league when I can. Here are the rules and set up of the league: - A simulated fantasy draft was held at the beginning of the first season. - 7 min quarters, but game mode is set to "fast" so the scores are realistic to a real NFL game - 12 games per season, excluding preseason (each team plays an NFC team 4 times, but it counts as a forced win for the AFC team) -AFC championship counts as the final "championship" (super bowl is simulated and ignored) Here is an overview of the teams, but I'll post in depth each team later (uniforms, roster, etc): East: -London Black Knights -London Bulldogs -Brooklyn Bulls -Dublin Celtic Tigers North: -Columbus Aviators -Toronto Thunderbirds -Chicago Tigers -Portland Snowhawks South: -Oklahoma City Bisons -Mexico City Diablos -Orlando Sentinels -Memphis Steamers West: -Austin Desperados -San Antonio Dreadnoughts -Sacramento Miners -Los Angeles Red Dragons
  3. Hey gang! It's been awhile since I made a thread like this, but lately, I've been getting really big into Madden's Ultimate Team. Specifically, the Custom Card community. I thought I'd share some of the work I've done/will be doing (I have about 12 requests in from Twitter already) I was also able to do a time lapse of the Jersey Swapping on the Jimmy Graham - since he's only been a Seahawk for a few weeks at this point. EDIT: Turns out, Jimmy Graham switched to #88.
  4. Hey guys...just wanted to let you know that we're extending the contest deadline to Monday night for those of you that had issues submitting your concepts last week. Good luck and keep up the great work!
  5. I saw on the forums that the Madden winners had been notified. These were my submissions. Meant to share these earlier. Same logo with alternate colors.
  6. I've really enjoyed looking through all of the Madden concepts on these boards and here is my humble offering: the San Antonio Rattlers. Critiques and criticisms welcomed. Thanks!
  7. Now that the Madden contest is closed (March 7th was the last day) I figure it's safe to compare concepts. I did eight that were modernized defuct NFL teams, off shoots from this thread but I also did two unique concepts. Toronto Lumberjacks Memphis Blues I tried Toronto without the little "t" but it just didn't work as well. I'm also not super happy with the Toronto uniforms. It's hard to do a wood grain pattern without it devolving into camo. I like how the unis on Memphis turned out. The notes on the logo are from "Memphis Blues" by W.C. Handy. C&C is welcome.
  8. I can't actually enter the competition because i'm outside the US, but i'd started working on my entry so I thought i'd share it here after seeing robo3687 do the same thing. I saw tigers and decided to adapt a tiger logo i'd been working on for a while. I got a bit stuck with city and colours, so I just picked one from the list. I originally had the logo orange and black, but made it red to differentiate it from the Bengals. I'm definitely open to ideas when it comes to colours and choice of city. Uniforms to follow. I'm using the template they sent around as opposed to one of the user friendly ones I already had, so it's taking a bit of time. I'd love some feedback.
  9. When they announced the competition for fan design uniforms for Madden I was rather interested and set about starting 3 or 4 designs. Unfortunately I then found out I can't actually enter because I don't live in the US. I got a bit discouraged and wasn't even going to bother finishing any of the designs, but it rained all day today and I had nothing else to do so I worked on them some more. Here's the first one: Orlando Orbits While probably not the most popular choice of name, I was picking it because I figured not many would do it, so it would be different, and I'd had an idea for the logo. The shoulder loops are the arcs from the logo and they go around the arm sort of like on the Panthers uni's. Things I'm not settled on: - number font - colour of the numbers on the white...felt like they should be darker but the grey looked odd.. - pant stripe thoughts? I have a couple more that are half done which hopefully I get around to.
  10. I've been a long time lurker around these part and decided to finally become a member. Looking around I didn't see any thread about sports video games and I thought I'll start one. Disclaimer: I didn't create anything in this thread, all the credit goes the video game companies, the sport leagues, and the the fine modders on the following websites. I also will be only posting a few of my favorites so that others may take the time to find others that interest them. The Games: NBA 2K, NBA Live, Madden, NHL, MVP Baseball, and MLB 2K To start is one of my favorite games NBA 2K. It's the only team sports game beside FIFA to have current releases every year. I haven't bought NBA 2K14 yet so all of the pictures below will be from NBA 2K13. The website: Courts 1. Spectrum 1982 - 1984 Creator: retroman 2. Milwaukee Buck Irish Rainbow Court creator: iamLillard 3. Barclay Center creator: Sixers85 4. New Orleans Pelicans Fictional Court creator: .aristotle