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  1. If Maine isn't thinking of overhauling their current logo, then they should be. IMO it looks like a mess. I took a look through some black bear reference photos and drew up a logo. I'm pretty comfortable with the shape (although it could still be missing something) but need help on settling in on colors: A,B,C,D are based on current colors- E,F are more natural. Let me know what you think. A B CD EF And a black version:
  2. After seeing the TED talk on flag design (posted in the general design forum), I decided to try my hand at redesigning Maine's flag, which breaks pretty much ever principle of good flag design. As you can see, the flag is one of the "Seal on a Blue Field" designs. While there are many great symbolic elements in the flag, the execution is done so poorly that the meaning of each element is lost. My design looks to take as many of the symbols featured on the flag, while still retaining principles of good flag design. For more information on the flag and each of the elements, please see my Behance project.
  3. A few years ago, I posted a concept design for a fictional team I called the Eliot Brigade. Since, this team has become a sort of pet project of mine, and I've spent time off and on crafting different identities for the team (it even made an appearance in the American Soccer Federation). I'm back now with an updated name, Maine State, and identity, featuring a deeper history, and updated logos and uniforms. The project can be found at the link below (due to the size of the image itself and my lack of photobucket bandwidth, I just decided to host it on behance). The main idea of the identity was to combine aspects of numerous other college football teams and their design evolution. I was specifically inspired by TCU, Ohio State's alternates, and the service academy pro combat uniforms. I hope you enjoy, and I look forward to your C+C!
  4. As a Mainer, I'm a huge fan of U Maine Black Bears hockey. While I do like their logo, I do admit that it is a tad bit outdated. Unlike my UMass Lowell rebrand, I wanted to keep the logo pretty much the same. Here's the original: And the updated version: and for those of you who will point out that it isn't Black: And here's what it looks like on different backgrounds: Hit me with some C+C!