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  1. Sports fans, I am a very strong supporter of Major League Baseball expanding across America to new territory. So much so that I have devised an entire team design concept for a MLB team for a city the MLB has never played in before, and that is the city of New Orleans, Louisiana. I have created an entire design package for this new expansion team idea, which I have named the New Orleans Crescents, inspired by New Orleans' nickname of The Crescent City. I have created the team's main logo, the alternate logo, the home uniform, the away uniform, the practice uniform, the home jersey log, the away jersey logo, the logo for the baseball caps/batting practice/logo uniform patch, and even the logo for what would be the team main ballpark. I hope that you people really like what I have done here.
  2. I have known for months that my next concept series would be a MLB redesign. Major League Baseball is a league that holds on to its tradition more than any other league, so I decided to use this to create designs that combine different eras of the teams' histories. Before I begin, I should set some parameters (that I will try to keep from breaking): All colors, designs, etc. need to have been used by the team.I can combine elements from different logos, etc. to make a new logo. I am not necessarily trying to incorporate every past logo; instead I will try to end up with a concept that will look good while reflecting different eras of the teams' histories. I am not designing "throwback" uniforms. They aren't supposed to look like the jerseys that were worn in the 1940s; these are modern uniforms that incorporate old design elements. For this reason (and personal preference) I am using a template that has loose pants and socks instead of stirrups. I know that many of you aren't big fans of this look, but I want to replicate what MLB players are currently using. I am not necessarily going to create the look that I would want them to wear; there are probably going to be aspects of some uniforms that aren't my favorite, but I will still incorporate them into my design. That being said, I will not intentionally be creating ugly uniforms. I will give myself more freedom on the alternates, but they still must use elements that have been used before.Let me know what you think about the idea. Feel free to give suggestions about ways to improve the concept. A huge thanks to tbdaniel15 for creating the template that I am using. After I had the idea for this ScoffingYayap and (especially) SFGiants58 have done projects that have combined eras for some of the teams. They have done a very good job, and there will be some overlap with what they have done. I decided not to scrap the project just because others have had some of the same ideas I have. Table of Contents Atlanta Braves Miami Marlins New York Mets Black and Pink Version Philadelphia Phillies Washington Nationals Chicago Cubs Cincinnati Reds Milwaukee Brewers Version 1 Cream Home Uniform Pittsburgh Pirates Version 1 St. Louis Cardinals Arizona Diamondbacks Purple and Red Version Colorado Rockies Version 1 Version 2 Version 3 Los Angeles Dodgers Version 1 San Diego Padres Version 1 San Francisco Giants Version 1 Options Houston Astros Home Uniform Tweak Los Angeles Angels Version 1 Anaheim Road Uniform Version 2 Oakland Athletics Road Uniform Tweak Seattle Mariners Version 1 With Late-70s Numbers Texas Rangers Chicago White Sox Version 1 Version 2 Cleveland Indians Detroit Tigers Version 1 Kansas City Royals Minnesota Twins Baltimore Orioles Boston Red Sox Tweak New York Yankees Version 1 Tampa Bay Rays Version 1 Toronto Blue Jays Canada Day Alternate Compilations
  3. Hello, This is the first time I've ever done a concept. It is rough, but i hope you guys like it. So, the MLB wants Cleveland to get rid of Chief Wahoo. Their current logo is boring, plain, and doesn't say "Indians" Here are the logos and uniforms! Hope you enjoy! This is their current "C" logo with some feathers attatched This is and old "Indians" on their current jerseys with the block C and a new hat. Current Away jersey with new C, and hat
  4. Back in October, I started my "Yet Another" series of concepts by doing a crossover thread in which I made football team out of current MLB teams. It was fun and probably my most successful thread on these boards with the NHL Crossover and NFL Series threads right behind. Fast forward almost nine months and I've decided to update each and every one of the concepts. Instead of adding on to the old thread and having you all dig through almost 7 pages of now-broken links, I will re-post them using my new Nike Vapor Untouchable template, featuring pants options and more-detailed helmets. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Without further ado, the first team "up to bat" is the... ARIZONA DIAMONDBACKS: Home: Away: Alternate: Blackout: Throwback: Suggestions: Outline helmet logo in turquoise on primaries, use proper throwback font. NOTES I decided to start with Arizona because Anaheim is just a simple template change and the D-Backs had more to work with. I wasn't able to recreate the actual diamond/gradient pattern that the team uses, so I settled for a basic gradient. The helmet, jerseys, and pants all feature a gradient. The D-Snake logo appears on the helmet and the pants options feature the thin cut-off stripe. The Throwback was obvious as it's based on their inaugural set. This time I made the pants and helmet shiny & copper. C&C is appreciated. Anaheim is on deck!
  5. All concepts will be posted in spoilers to try and reduce the size of each post. Credit to Conrad for the fonts and several others as references for the Template (no, I'm not releasing it). As always, C+C is appreciated. I will have a complete and up-to-date directory for easy access to each team, their original concept, and the link to updates if there are any. Thanks for stopping by! ______________________________________________________ DIRECTORY: H = Home UniformR = Road Uniform (also referred to as "Away Uniform")ALT = Alternate UniformUH = Updated Home UniformUR = Updated Road/Away UniformTH = Throwback Uniform (Only noted as a throwback if it is a second alternate uniform).UU = Unused Options. AMERICAN LEAGUE AL WEST Anaheim Angels: H | R | ALT Houston Astros: H | R | ALT Oakland Athletics: H | R | ALT Seattle Mariners: H | R | UU SEA HELMET EXPERIMENT 10/9 | ALT | ALTU | ALTU2 Texas Rangers: H | R | ALT AL WEST UPDATES 10-3-15 ---------------- AL EAST Baltimore Orioles: H | R | O's UPDATE 10/9 | ALT Boston Red Sox: H | ROAD | BOSOX UPDATE 10/9 | ALT New York Yankees: H | R | YANKEES UPDATE 10/9 Tampa Bay Rays: H | R | UU TB RAYS OPTIONS 10/9 | ALT | UH | UR Toronto Blue Jays: H | R | ALT | ALTU ---------------- AL CENTRAL Chicago White Sox: H | R | ALT | ALTU | ALTU2 Cleveland Indians: H | R Detroit Tigers: H | R | UH Kansas City Royals: H | R | UH | UR | ALT Minnesota Twins: H | R | UH | UR ____________________________________________________________________ NATIONAL LEAGUE NL CENTRAL Chicago Cubs: H | R | ALT | UH | UR Cincinnati Reds: H | R | ALT | UUH | UUR Milwaukee Brewers: H | R | ALT | ALTU | UH | UR | UUH1 | UUH2 Pittsburgh Pirates: H | R | UH | UR | ALT St. Louis Cardinals: H | R | UH | UR | ALT NL CENTRAL UPDATES 10/17 NL WEST Arizona Diamondbacks: H | R | ALT | TH Colorado Rockies: H | R | UH | UR Los Angeles Dodgers: H | R | UH | UR San Diego Padres: H | R | UH | UR San Francisco Giants: H | R | UH | UR | UH2 | UR2 | ALT NL EAST Atlanta Braves: H | R Miami Marlins: H | R | ALT New York Mets: H | R Philadelphia Phillies: H | R | UH | UR Washington Nationals: H | R | ALT _____________________________________________________ Anaheim Angels Brought back the halo and put that on the helmet. Simple Navy-White-Navy stripe for the home and replaced the white stripe with red for the roadPrimary logo on the chest.Navy-Red-Navy Stripes for the home pants. Added the logo on the pants above the stripe on the hip.White replaces the red on the stripe for the red pants.Pants are interchangeable, however the navy socks must be worn if they choose to go with red pants. On the fence as to what I should do with the alternate. I can say for certain, though, that it will either be navy (booooo) or a throwback to the Disney era (yaaaay). Suggestions: Include gold into the color scheme... Halo?Add Logo to the helmet a la Oregon's Mirror wings
  6. I tried to give it a western feel with the font and the logo shaped like a belt buckle
  7. After the success of my New York Mets concept, and Inkscape going back to normal, I decided to try another team. Behold, the Arizona Diamondbacks (No, not D-Backs) All right, so I showed the logo first because, as you can see, it's quite a bit changed. The color scheme is now green, brown, and sand. Since the Diamondbacks have used another color scheme - purple, green, and sand - with the same logo, I did some looking around for other ideas for the logo. I came across a green, brown, and sand logo made by Tim E O'Brien. Credit goes to him for thinking up the color scheme. Now, of course, the uniforms I think the Diamondbacks are a swing and miss with their uniforms. Their cap logo is bad, and they call themselves the D-Backs. My response is to eliminate all logo except for the A and the road wordmark. Brown and green is split evenly, right down the middle. Since sand is officially a color, I made the home set sand. It's also an accent color. I also recolored the logo on the green jersey to make it more visible. This was a fun one. Enjoy!
  8. So I have been looking at logos, teams, and batting practice hats around the MLB lately and have been thinking of ways that I think teams could better use the freedoms of batting practice hat design. So many teams had great opportunities to create a masterpiece when the new Diamond Era BP hats were being designed, but many of them dropped the ball. So for some teams I am suggesting a full on replacement, and others I am simply suggesting they use designs like mine as an alternate or road bp hat. First off let's start with the Tampa Bay Rays: This team wanted to be able to create an identity that the Fans could choose the meaning of when they changed from Devil Rays to just Rays. This could imply the Ray fish population found around Tampa, or it could suggest the golden rays of sunshine encountered daily in Florida. They already have the BP hats that feature the Sunray logo, but they barely use the Devil Ray fish logo. So, I designed a hat that could cater to the needs of fans like me who LOVE the Devil Ray. I suggest that this could replace the powder blue crown alternate hat, with the sunray on it, as the new alternate. It features an old Devil Rays logo that I edited to look modern and match the current uniform set.