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  1. With the new Miami Dolphins set a mere week away the time is running out to get concepts of what they could do in before it becomes what they should've done. I personally am a fan of the Dolphins current logo and unis, it's undeniable the fanbase longs for a return to the former set. I made the colors a blend of the 1974, 1996 and current logo to keep the colors lighter. The original plan was to keep the lineless look of the current logo and apply the '96 shape but the logo needs an outline to push the motion and tie down the teal. The script retains a retro/deco flow that I think is vital for any Miami team look. The shell returns to pure white with a teal facemask. The uniforms keep similar pant striping to the current set but I pull striping from the popular throwbacks. For the alt uniforms I use the dark blue rather than the orange as a matter of preference through I may draft up an orange version later since it is definitely more "Miami". Insert NikeSpeak about new era, and fusion of past legacy and future success.
  2. I always loved the 72 Dolphins Logo but its very dated obviously so i wanted to update the 72 logo a bit, heres my concept, Thoughts?
  3. Here's another shot at football design. I took a stab at the Miami Dolphins, who have one of my favorite identities of any team out there. I took this as an excuse to play around with some new templates I stumbled upon, and I like them all a lot. Home Away Alternate Color Rush That's all! Thanks for reading all this!
  4. Hello all, I am brand new to this site, I found it last week and have been really enjoying reading the threads and looking at concepts. This past spring I redesigned the Dolphins uniforms before their latest uniform release but after their logo was leaked. So I took the leaked logo and designed a uniform set around that. I realize that this isn't good timing because they have just released their new uniforms, but since I just found this site I decided to put up my ideas and see what all of you think. At the time I submitted my ideas to Paul Lukas's ESPN/uniwatch uniform redesign challenge. (Side note: this was my first uniform design so that is why the first image is in fairly low quality. I recently did the on body jerseys. A big thank you to bigvolsfan for the template. I wasn't able to get the base layer sleeve though.) The only thing that I have changed from my original design is the sock stripes. Originally they were even more complex. Other than that, I have left the concept the same. I have some ideas about changes to make, but I wanted to hear what all of you think before making any other changes. The main design concept is the wave going down the side of the jersey. This is why I have used the original template that I did--so that I could show the wave going from the jersey to the pants. The wave is taken from the lines in the new dolphins logo, and I think that it works with the Miami oceanfront vibe. The one long stripe that needs to be in the same color on both shirt and pants, that is why I have the blue pants with the white jersey instead of the green that would feel more natural. I was just going by the logo when I designed the uniforms, and I thought that they were moving away from orange and incorporating more blue. This is why I went with blue alternates instead of orange ones (and by looking at the new helmet stripe, this did turn out to be the case.) I was quite surprised when I saw that the font they now use for their Dolphins wordmark is fairly similar to what I had designed. (I am not suggesting that they saw my font and decided to use something similar; I just found it interesting.) I know that the NFL only allows one helmet that is not a throwback helmet, but I am including an alternate helmet assuming that Nike will convince the NFL to allow an alternate helmet so long as it is similar to the main helmet. This is why I have kept it white. Let me know what you think.
  5. Hey people this is the Miami Dolphin's New Logo creation I came up with, check it out guys and if you like it Spread The Word via Twitter, Fb whatever social media outlet at hand!!! Enjoy my work. What I did was I took a look at the Overall Teams History and combined the elements from the 1966-'96 Era into a more Modern Look with a touch of Retro!