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  1. Hello all, Recently I used this logo on a rally shirt! I want to put it into my portfolio but wanted to get some feedback on it since I have kind of been designing in a bubble lately. Here is the link if you want to buy one! Get this Blues Rally Shirt HERE! Thank you everyone, all feedback is welcome! LET'S GO BLUES!!!!!!!!
  2. Guess who's back! Yes, it's me and @ZionEagle (did you have to guess?).... Anyway, enough chitter-chatter. We came up with an idea about a week ago that the Midwest League, a minor league baseball division, has some older logos and some uniforms that need some fixing. So we decided to do something about it and brew up some ideas. So without further adieu, here is the first team to get their facelift, the Beloit Snappers! Before: Ok, not too bad. But the wordmark really caught my attention when I first looked at this. After courtesy of ZionEagle: She decided to base it off of the current logo, since it was a unique identity. But instead, she decided to make the shell on the back of the "snapper" a baseball. Also, the head is now a more modern look, with the meanness still there. So, what do you all think to start this series off? Uniforms for the Snappers will be coming in the next couple of days, followed by the next 5 teams to get their revamp.
  3. It is no secret that sports fans are into the concept of the throwback, so some rich investprs decided to fund a football league based on this concept. The Old-School Gridiron Football League throws back to a simpler time when football wasn't dominated by 300lb giants, and great players could do it all. In the OGFL, players play on both sides with limited substitution, so they have to be more athletic. Also, the rounder ball from the early days of American football is used making the drop kick a more important play. Gone is the spread with only one player allowed split 8 yards past the tackle, as are the punt formation and prevent with backs not allowed deeper than 8 yards on either side of the ball. Dropped kicks are worth 4 points while place kicks are only worth 2. Teams must go for two after a touchdown, and fair catch doesn't exist. The equipment used is based on that of the early days of football but made more safe thanks to modern materials. The first team we will be introducing are the Kalamazoo Yankees. They get their name from the "Yankee" farmers that inhabited the area in the 1800s coming from New England. They use the Single wing formation and are led by Tailback/Linebacker Bradley Fischl.
  4. I know this isn't exactly breaking news, but it's probably new for most of yall, and even for me, an Ann Arbor resident, I'm just now finding out about it, thanks to some recent developments. Basically the Great Lakes Premier League (GLPL) will be having its inaugural season this year, starting in May, featuring 5 teams from Michigan, Wisconsin, and Illinois who will play a round-robin season with no postseason. The league will qualify teams for the Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup via its United States Adult Soccer Association membership, so it does "matter" (you might see one of these clubs playing your favorite MLS team!). I'll be posting the team logos and uniforms ITT, starting with AFC Ann Arbor (starring TJ Tomasso, former New England Revolution keeper). Feel free to contribute if you have any logos or uniforms that I miss. First, AFC Ann Arbor's placeholder logo used during their Indiegogo fundraising campaign last year: Thankfully, this was recently upgraded, and also thankfully it wasn't done by the Browns' designers: There's also a roundel logo on their website, which may be their secondary (I'm not sure): As for the uniforms, you can see in the above pic that they're just practicing in generic clothes right now, but they posted this concept on that Indiegogo page last year: However, based on the logo changing from blue and green to double blue, and also due to their Indiegogo page mentioning to "show up in your sky blue and orange next spring when AFC Ann Arbor takes the field to battle the likes of Detroit City, Lansing United, and the Indiana Fire", I'm betting that the uniforms they wear in May will look much different.