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  1. I am glad to see the return of an old IHL and AHL foe. But, I dont really care for how they colored the moose. I looks flat and dull needs a little to make it jump out like the old logo did. I made new uniforms for home, road, alt. I liked Manitoba's jerseys they had pre-edge template. Also, I made a variant on the Jets number to have a Moose flair with the antlers incoperated into the Jets font. (I did not do the player name font with the antlers though.) I created a shoulder patch with an M and antlers to mimic the main logo. I am open to any and all criticisms on this whether they are positive or negative. The CCM player pants and CCM helmet templates are my creation also. I have thought of uploadign them to a file site just have not done it yet. Thank you for your time. I more than likely will make some corrections of my own also to the shoulder logo
  2. Hey everyone! Figured I'd show the idea I had for a third jersey for the Manitoba Moose. I understand their reasoning for using the Jets colours, and it's a good one. However I figured since it's also the same franchise as the 1996 - 2011 Moose, why not have a third jersey that uses the old colours for fun and essentially resembles the old jersey. There's so much charm in the old identity that I felt should still be present in the new uniforms. Changes are minor... - No black outline down the sleeve - Cream outlines on stripes, numbers and logo now - Using the updated head graphic that was released recently, recoloured - Slight template change - Name font changed to match Jets
  3. This was my bronze winning design for Event 7 of the 2014 Logolympiad. And these are the portions that didn't make it to the final presentation: Wordmark: Tertiary: Alternate Jersey: There were also some color layout variances (same scheme - different layout). If given more time I would have used it to make the letters more crisp, but let me know what you think.