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  1. I realized that we didn't have a basketball league a couple days ago to match with Veras' AFA, dsaline97's USBL and Dolphins91's NAPHL, to name some popular ones, so why not start one? So, here goes nothing. The North American Association of Basketball was founded in 1948 by James McGraw when the New England Basketball Federation and Midwest Basketball Association merged. These were both poor leagues and barely had enough money to operate. When this new league was formed, many of the other teams from the two leagues had to fold as there was not enough money left for them. The 4 remaining owners of the teams, the New York Federals, the Boston Bulldogs, the Chicago Smokies and the Philadelphia Hawks, met in the newly founded skyscraper 15th-floor offices in Hartford, Connecticut, to discuss everything about this new league. They decided to have a 40-game schedule and the playoffs would be determined on the standings. Every team would make it, no matter if you were 40-0 or 0-40. When the season rolled around, Boston had just signed the contract of the amazing rookie Ernie 'Spanky' McDougal out of DePaul University. Being a tall center, that's just what they needed, the only position they lacked at, with Art Castleton only getting 12 blocks last year in the NEBF. And win they did. McDougal not only blocked shots that year, he made them too. He was the first NAAB player to score 25 and 50 points in a game that year. And keep in mind that he is a rookie. Despite the Bulldogs finishing third, they took the NAAB world by storm in the playoffs and won the whole thing, upsetting the top-ranked Chicago Smokies in the finals. The MVP? None other than Ernie McDougal, with a career high 68 points in the finals to blow Chicago out of the water 104-69 to win the first ever McGraw Trophy. All the logos of the teams are in here I also have the logos and uniforms for the New York Federals, here they arePrimary Logo Home Uniform Road Uniform