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  1. I searched through threads for the past year and couldn't find anything like this, so I figured I would post it. The idea behind this thread is to post interesting facts or statistics that a lot of people don't know. It'll essentially be the answers to trivia questions. I've got two interesting ones to start this thread off. The Minnesota Vikings were the first team to kick an extra point from the 15-yard line. Tom Brady has played two games at University of Phoenix Stadium, but he has never played the Cardinals there. The Pats have played two Super Bowls there, but only played the Cardinals at home since the stadium was built.
  2. Making a separate thread for discussion of face mask color and preference for teams. Unpopular opinion: The Browns look best with a brown face mask.
  3. Uniforms created for a hypothetical football version of the PK80 basketball tournament. Looks were built out based on the basketball uniforms worn by each team in this year's tournament. Oklahoma has moved to Jordan brand, as the games would take place next season. Like this year's iteration of the PK80, the use of black is prominent and iridescent highlights are used to accent footwear, gloves and event branding. Individual team concepts coming next
  4. Wanted to try my hand at a rivalry concept of US Naval Academy. The color comes from the Famous color HAZE GRAY that was used on military ships to camouflage them from enemies the helmets are meant to be satin finished just as the non reflective paint used and the star insignia was used on Naval War Planes during WWII. Can't wait to hear suggestions and constructive criticisms. Applications used for this project were Illustrator and Photoshop. Templates were created by Doug Houvener and Chris Mauerer
  5. Hello! Please don't be frustrated with all my recent concepts. I have started a series that I think is my favorite that I've done so far. College football rivalries. All jerseys will be sponsored by adidas and all uniforms are to be worn only against the other team. Yes, if a team has multiple rivalries such as ohio state, they will get two separate uniforms. I wanted to make these a colorful as possible, and make the two colors clash enough. Some will be tacky, but others will be very simple. I hope you enjoy! If you have any rivalries you want me to create, please tell me! I am a die-hard Penn State fan, so I don't know what schools hate others. I just browse the web for historic rivalries. Well please give requests! Thanks! YES: Most teams are not Adidas, but this is a "what if" concept. Imagine Adidas put in a ton of money so the to series were all Adidas. They had so much that they were practically buying out games individually Numbers are the ones found on the teams unis, this can help serve as a guide so that you know where to find your team! enjoy!!! 1) Penn State - Ohio State 2) Arkansas - LSU PENN STATE - OHIO STATE
  6. We're officially within a month of college football starting! I searched all over for a thread and couldn't believe there wasn't one made yet. In fact, I'm still not sure there isn't one out there so if there is, feel free to discard this one. The first preseason coaches poll has been released:
  7. I searched the forums & didn't see anything like this. But as I was doing some research on my Heisman project, I was watching some old college football highlights. And it got me thinking how much I loved the 2007 season, so I thought about a thread like this. You can put your favorite season from any sport, or 1 year specifically. & please list your reasons. Here are mine: College Football / 2007: - Incredible upsets like Appalachian State over Michigan, Stanford over USC, Kentucky over South Carolina, Colorado over Oklahoma - Tebow going nuts all over the place - Mizzou had their best season of my lifetime, reaching #1 in the rankings, and beating #1 Kansas who was 11-0 in the last game of the season > Chase Daniel is a Heisman Finalist > they had 3 first-team All-Americans - All the amazing QuarterBacks like Tebow, Dennis Dixon, Graham Harrell, Colt McCoy, Chase Daniel, Colt Brennan, Matt Ryan, Pat White, Sam Bradford - Darren McFadden running over everyone & everything - << highlights - USC honors fallen teammate >> - The Greatest Bowl game of all time, the 2007 Fiesta Bowl, Oklahoma vs. Boise State > Highlights > This - Virginia Tech winning the game after their school shooting >> NFL / 2007: - I couldn't really pick one I liked the best, but this is my favorite Super Bowl of all time. Because the Giants were huge underdogs, and I hate the Patriots. What a game. MLB / 2011: - The Cardinals were 11 games out of the playoffs, & they made it in on the last game of the season. That story line, that eventually became the Greatest World Series game of all time (IMO), and a World Series win makes it my favorite. > We'll see you tomorrow night (goosebumps) College Basketball / 2010: - single-handidly because of this shot. I hated Kansas, but I always root for the underdogs & this was incredible NHL / 2014? - I'm pretty indifferent to the NHL, but I followed it a lot more this year, & I loved the playoffs
  8. I decided to mix this look: with this look: and got this baby: Comments and Criticism welcomed Edit: Made the logo and facemask gradient. Looks WAAAAY better
  9. Figured I'd start a thread for any 2014 schedule wallpapers and posters that come out. This could potentially be in the Sportslogos Forum but I tossed it in Concepts in case anyone wanted to add their own work into the thread. Here's one I've been working on. Not completely satisfied with it, but it'll work for now. The helmets came from MGHelmets. Not trying to profit from his work, just liked the design and plan on using this for my personal PC.
  10. I haven't seen a topic like this yet. This is topic for the college enthusiasts. NCAA, NAIA, all colleges. Post lists, rankings, opinions, thoughts, concerns, or any newsworthy ideas.