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  1. It's that special time of year for those of us that follow college football outside of the FBS. The NCAA Division 2 and 3 playoff selections will be this evening. FCS has one more week left in it's regular season and will have their playoff selection next Sunday. I personally don't follow NAIA, NCFA (club football) or NJCAA (junior college), but there's usually a couple guys here that do a good job keeping everyone informed on the postseason of those leagues.
  2. It's that special time of year for those of us that actually give a damn about the lower divisions of college football. The NCAA Division 2 and 3 playoff selections are later today. I believe the FCS playoff selection is next week. I don't follow JuCo, Club or NAIA football, but I'm sure others here do and could enlighten us all on their postseason as it unfolds.
  3. I was wondering if anyone wants a campus for the ncfa fbs&fcs if you want me to do one I will need a academic logo and an athletic logo pmed to me and what stadium is yours based on or any other athletic facilities and then tell me what type of architectural style of buildingsyou want any other questions concerning this can private message me or email me at swatfan12@Gmail. Com
  4. H11K

    Olympia Orcas

    I just applied to be an owner on the NCFA league! And heres my conceptual team, The Olympia University Orcas, using a navy and orange color scheme.
  5. The story that led to this entry started last week, when I went to each of the 50 states and came up with a name of an imaginary university or college, along with its location within the state and a nickname (Tigers, Bears, etc.). I went over the list and created athletic marks and logos for some of these places, based upon what university/college name and nickname pairs I felt had the potential to be a good, strong identity. The ultimate goal of this was to create an identity strong enough to be entered into the NCFA. Fast forward to earlier this week, when I hit upon the name that I had given for the university in Nebraska: the University of Nebraska-North Platte. I had originally given the nickname of "Railhawks" to this university, because this identity was barely a blip on my radar. But then, after I had really researched the city of North Platte, Nebraska, it's history, etc., I tweaked the university name to the University of Nebraska AT North Platte and also changed the nickname from Railhawks to Railroaders. Then I started with the athletic marks: From these marks, I created the football uniform, football field, basketball uniform, and basketball court designs below for the UNNP Railroaders: Unfourtantely, as I only have 216 posts (as of this writing) on this forum and not the required 500 posts in order to participate in the NCFA, this thread will have to suffice. I am very proud of this identity that I have made for this imaginary university. C&C are welcome.
  6. As many of you may have seen, our very own drdougfresh has recently released his amazing 2014 NCFA Yearbook. I had the pleasure of working with Doug and the rest of the team in directing the Pursuit (Pro Combat) program for the second year in a row. Seeing as this guide is one of the greatest thing to come out of this board (IMO), I want to give it a bit of a bump... you can read the guide in full here, and here. Although this guide is amazing, this thread has to do with the Pursuits! As this guide has mainly been perused by league members, Id like to get the word out about the Pursuit program and get some more feedback from the community on the uniforms! If you're familiar with the Nike Pro Combat series, you should get the idea of whats going on here... The program aims to highlight each team's brand identity and create unique, distinct on-off uniforms based on this info. This year, the Pursuit program featured the following teams: The California A&M Cowboys, Holland Pride, Irvington Horsemen, Redmond Rampage, Rocky Mountain State Gold, Southern Iowa Thunderbirds, and California Long Beach Sea Lions. The 2014 Nike Pursuit project can be viewed here. Let me know what you think! Cal A&M: Holland: Irvington: Redmond: RMSU: Southern Iowa: UCLB:
  7. I'll finish my Orlando Breakers concept soon. I just have been working on this project recently. I've been a big lurker on the NCFA and NCFA-FCS boards for a little while, and was inspired to do my own fictional University concept. I've yet to come up with a University name for this fictional university (suggestions) but logo's and athletic team name are below. I'm thinking of "Charleston Harbor State" or "Fort of South Carolina- Charleston. I kind of want to include South Carolina and Charleston in the university name. Fort of South Carolina- Charleston history is that it was formerly called Fort Moultrie College as it was near Fort Moultrie historical site. The school later moved it's main campus to Charleston adopting the TBA name. The Stevedores is the team's athletic name/identity. A Stevedore is defined as, "a person whose job is to load and unload ships at a port." 1st Blue- "Colonial Blue" Is representative of the "Blue Coats" of The American Revolutionary War Red- "Colonial Red" Is representative of the "Red Coats" of The American Revolutionary War 2nd Blue- "Harbor Blue" Is representative of the Charleston Harbor. Gold- "Hunely Rust" Is representative of the H. L. Hunley (submarine) used The American Civil War
  8. Just thought I would go ahead and post up some uniforms/logos I put together for a friends fantasy collegiate fantasy football team. Not much to say about it, just looking for some comments, critiques, etc!
  9. One of the CCSLC's top leagues is looking for new owners! The NCFA, one of the premier college fantasy football leagues on the internet, is looking for applications to join the league for a very exciting 2013 season. If you love college football and fantasy sports, the NCFA is perfect for you. Get the chance to run your own university YOUR way -- from the identity, to recruiting, to redshirts. And if you love the pageantry and history of college football, we've got that too -- from the uniforms to the rivalries. Head over to the application thread to post your application today, don't miss out! http://boards.sports...ication-thread/ Questions? Be sure to post em here, I'll be glad to help you out.