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  1. I selected my favorite helmets of the 26 teams that were in the league and aligned them accordingly... I realize that all successful businesses inevitably have to "grow", still there was something nice about this alignment. I also remember baseball a little bit before the Blue Jays & Mariners were added to the A.L. I also realize I am in a very very small minority (perhaps a minority of 1 or 2 even) that believes in "less is more". This baseball season, we had a 4 and a 5 seed make it to the World Series, the second time that two wildcard teams made it. Neither team had more than 89 wins during the regular season. It to me diminished the importance of the regular season. The NFL, with just a 16 game schedule, lends itself to the need of having wild card teams qualify, especially when you consider how many 8-8 teams, and even a 7-9 team won their division. This year the Falcons and Saints lead the NFC South with a 5 win 7 loss record. They have to play one another again later this month, meaning one of them will definitely have 8 losses, barring a tie of course. The NBA & NHL to me are a complete joke with a regular season that seems preposterous given the fact that more than 50% of the teams make the post-season in those leagues, and their playoffs last for 2 months or more. Too much mediocrity or parity or whatever you want to label it as in MLB and NFL in my opinion. Sometimes I long for fewer teams as that would give us a less watered-down product.