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  1. This is an as-yet incomplete series (usually I like to have everything fully done before presenting, but I'm getting some real writers block), of an NFL Development League. It's always shocked me that the NFL hasn't pursued some kind of minor league development system (and something better than NFL Europe), to send college players that aren't yet ready to replace seasoned veteran players. As players continue to play older and older, with long contracts and continuing success, why push them out? Enter the International Football League, an NFL-owned minor league where each team has an affiliate. The rules: The NFL is very conscious of its branding, so the IFL jerseys CANNOT look exactly like their parent club, it must be easily distinguishable in black and white photographs (edit: this is to prevent copycat teams like the NHL-AHL relationship, there must be enough that people can tell the difference without needing to do major research). Efforts should be taken to avoid having the jersey (the most popular merchandise) look exactly the same as the parent team jersey. Each team must have one and only one helmet. All other pieces can be mixed and matched (the home pants can be worn with the away jersey, for instance), but nothing else can be added. Every team must wear their parent club as a patch, and has a 3"x5" ad on the front. So, to start, the league logo. The trophy is top center And as a sneak preview overview, the map I've been using to organize. Not everything is the closest and most efficient, but I've been trying to keep a logic. Pittsburgh and Wheeling, WV, and Baltimore and Norfolk, VA, for instance, make perfect sense geographically. Some others have a logical link, like the New York teams taking the largest cities in Canada, Toronto and Montreal, because their large-city management should work on a minor league level as well - they're mentality-linked. Others have some kind of branding motive. I originally linked Chicago and Omaha, Nebraska, two very traditional football venues (one pro, one college) that believe in basic, unchanging looks. But studying Omaha's history, using the old Baltimore Bombers identity works SO WELL, with multiple Air Force bases, the factories that made B-29s, and the Enola Gay starting there. Adapting the Bombers' logo to Bears colors was wasting a good logo, but Tennessee fit very very well. So, Omaha and Tennessee are linked. Jacksonville is matched with Memphis because the Hound Dogs colors matched Jacksonville very well, so even though Birmingham is closer (on the way, in fact), Jacksonville is linked with Memphis. All blank cities are up for grabs, I don't have ideas for them yet, so I'm all for suggestions. Please please, suggestions.