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  1. Hi all, I have been dabbling with updating some of the NFL teams whose uniforms just don't do it for me. What I hope to post on here are the concepts which I think keep the best features of the traditions of NFL teams with some modern tweaks. I am not sure how many I will finish, but I hope to do at least the "worst 10" current uniforms (totally subjective, I know.) A few notes on what you won't see: 1. Nike templates: I use a basic template, so you won't see the special nike "sweat zones" that the real uniforms have. Besides, I hate the discolored sweaty areas. One of the worst features of the new uniforms if you ask me. This also means that you won't see flywire collars. Sorry, but in my mind they completely kill any creativity with the collars and they just don't look good. 2. You also won't see my pet peeves on any uniforms. That means, you will not see any... ... socks with a base color other than white. ... partial shoulder stripes that don't loop down to the armpit, except if styled like Houston's. ... alternate uniforms, that and I just don't have time to do them. Just home and away. ... grey facemasks on teams that do not use grey as a color anywhere else. ... unitards. If the jersey is dark, expect the pants to be light and vice versa. OK, so some of you will hate my designs, some might like them. I welcome critiques and enthusiastic support equally, and I may even make some adjustments if I agree with the comments, but mostly this is just me posting designs. I start with what I believe is the worst uniform in the NFL, the Jaguars. I liked their 1990's uniforms, but always thought a bit of jaguar spot pattern would be appropriate. So, borrowing from the 90's but with some modern elements, here are the new-look Jag's.