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  1. Just getting this started now, since we're already halfway through 2022. As far as I know, we just have the Washington Reskins being the only major one happening this year. There's also the death of the One-Helmet Rule, leading to the return of throwbacks. And the only confirmed one to return so far is the Patriots Pat Patriot throwbacks. The Buccaneers Bucco Bruce Creamsicles, Red Falcons Helmets, Cowboys 60s Double Star, amongst others, can be assumed to be returning, but haven't been officially announced. I don't think there's anything else, but correct me if I'm wrong, in case another team officially announced a returning Throwback or something.
  2. I searched through threads for the past year and couldn't find anything like this, so I figured I would post it. The idea behind this thread is to post interesting facts or statistics that a lot of people don't know. It'll essentially be the answers to trivia questions. I've got two interesting ones to start this thread off. The Minnesota Vikings were the first team to kick an extra point from the 15-yard line. Tom Brady has played two games at University of Phoenix Stadium, but he has never played the Cardinals there. The Pats have played two Super Bowls there, but only played the Cardinals at home since the stadium was built.
  3. Hey all! I recently put together a logo for the Dolphins that I'm looking to get some feedback on. It pretty much speaks for itself in the evolutionary line of NFL logos finding their roots in a throwback inspired era. I wanted to combine all elements of the 'Phins logo history to create a solid brand for the franchise. Please let me know what you think. Thank you!
  4. When I was in my early teens, my parents bought me NCAA Football 98 for the computer. I really enjoyed the game, and it was very well-designed for the most part: 100+ schools; full-season play with rankings, major bowl games, and major awards; school fight songs; decent playbooks; something approximating logos on the helmets. It was a very good game for the late 1990s---not as good as the Football Pro series overall, but distinctly collegiate and lots of fun. Anyway, despite the overall quality, there were two details that I have since learned were wrong. One, LSU by default wears yellow jerseys over white pants at home in that game. Two, Missouri's colors are green and gold in the game instead of black and gold. (Come to think of it, I think the latter was also the case in that college hoops game for the Super Nintendo even earlier.) I was wondering: have you guys and gals noticed any similar errors in other games? (Incidentally, Football Pro 98 has the Eagles wearing kelly-green-and-gray even though they were in their second season with their current and inferior color scheme.)
  5. The thread is simple -- what championship teams wore the WRONG jersey, sweater, uniform, etc. I don't want to limit this to just championship winning teams, so maybe the finalists of that league's championship round (ie-Super Bowl, World Series, NBA Finals, Stanley Cup Final, etc.). Here are a few examples to get the ball rolling ... Washington Capitals, 1998 Stanley Cup Finalist Cleveland Cavaliers, 2016 NBA Champions Edmonton Oilers, 2006 Stanley Cup Finalist
  6. Hey all! Haven't posted in a while but I've still been lurking and creating on my own time (whenever I can find some). I came up with an idea for an Arizona Cardinals logo that I would appreciate feedback on. I posted it to facebook a couple minutes ago, and this is that post: Thanks for viewing! Let me know what you think!
  7. It's Week 17 of the 2020-21 season, so it's about time to start up this thread. All that we know is coming in 2021 is the new Packers throwback (was gonna release 2020 but got delayed) and the new Rams alternate (unknown if a recolor or throwback as of now.) The Nike Vapor Fusion template, which was tested out in 2020, is set to debut full-time for the NFL in either 2021 or 2022. Anything else that I missed?
  8. We have the Players in the "Wrong" Uniforms thread and within that thread I've seen a few "Right Team, Wrong Uniform" entries. I thought I'd separate the two, because it is an interesting topic of its' own. Here are a few to start the thread off with ... Charles Barkley, Preseason 1992, Phoenix Suns Matt Hasselbeck, 2001, Seattle Seahawks Jeff Bagwell, 1992, Houston Astros.
  9. Links to each post: Actual Super Bowl Fields I II III IV V VI VII VIII IX X XI XII XIII XIV XV XVI XVII XVIII XIX XX XXI XXII XXIII XXIV XXV XXVI XXVII XXVIII XXIX XXX XXXI XXXII XXXIII XXXIV XXXV XXXVI XXXVII XXXVIII XXXIX XL XLI XLII XLIII XLIV XLV XLVI XLVII XLVIII XLIX 50 LI LII LIII LIV LV LVI LVII LVIII LIX LX Fields can also be found at The Gridiron Fields Database - a part of The Gridiron Uniforms Database In 2012 I wanted to recreate all of the fields from each Super Bowl to use for a football simulation program I've been writing for C#. Recently I have gone back and tried to refine each field to be as exact as possible, and its still a work in progress. I got the idea to start posting them after seeing kodrinsky's NBA court database and I thought it would be a good way to get some feedback and some help pointing out any inaccuracies in what I have so far. So, as I've said before, I want to be as exact as possible, so if anyone sees something inaccurate please let me know by either posting a picture or a link to a video that can help me out. It could be something as small as color, number font, or even the width of the lines on the field. Anything will help. I guess I'll start with Super Bowl I Super Bowl I: January 15, 1967. Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, Los Angeles, California Kansas City Chiefs - 10 Green Bay Packers - 35 < First Post Super Bowl II > I do have higher resolution (9144x4344 pixels) images of the fields that are to a scale of 1px=.5in, and templates if anyone ever wants them.
  10. The news of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers updating their absolutely terrible uniforms has gotten my creative juices flowing to create something new for the 2020 season. The Bucs have had two great color schemes in their history. Both the creamsicle/red and the pewter/red/orange color schemes were truly inspired and the original Jolly Roger logo is damn near perfect. There is a rich visual history to draw inspiration from for a new uniform and logo package. With the relative futility of the franchise for the last 20 years in the pewter and red, I thought it was time to move on to a third era of color for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The new color scheme features their trademark pewter, but the color has been tweaked to be less brown and more gray. It is paired with the current shade of creamsicle orange and a color I’m calling Bone White, an ever so slightly creamy white (I know @BucsBoy02 has a great concept here too that uses cream, but I swear the idea came up independently, not trying to piggyback on his ideas). The new logo takes a lot of inspiration from the skull and crossed-swords of the original Jolly Roger flag. I made some tweaks of my own to freshen it up a bit, but that logo is great, IMO and it doesn’t need a ton of work. The biggest change I made was removing the flag all together. I think the Skull and Crossed-Bones is great on its own as a primary logo. I also designed a custom word mark and numeral font with some design cues taken from a classic pirate cutlass. The uniforms are pretty straightforward. Orange and white never touch and the pants and sleeves feature a striping motif based on the swords from the logo. I wanted to keep the uniforms simple to let the bold colors speak for themselves without being interrupted by intricate striping patterns. It is difficult to communicate in a flat presentations such as this, but the helmet is intended to have a high gloss metallic finish. I also included both grey and orange socks to avoid the dreaded yoga pants situation where the pants match the top of the socks. Thanks for taking the time to have a logo and I’m looking forward to any and all feedback on the logo, colors and uniforms.
  11. I was fooling around trying to come up with a number font I didn't hate that would work somewhat with the new wordmark. To make it a bit better for the jerseys I had to shrink the inner notch, and I got rid of the italics just because I don't like it. Midnight green and sliver only. I'm not sure this would be my first choice, but I don't hate it.
  12. It’s still technically the 2021 season... From the always reliable Twitter-verse... Some guy knows a guy, who knows a guy, who knows a guy, who knows for certain the new name for Washington will in fact be “Red Wolves” and the team is writing a check to Arkansas State for use of the name Also, some close friends of mine attended the game yesterday and said that the team was giving super vague hints about a “big announcement” coming on the 30th anniversary (January 26th) of their 1992 Super Bowl win.
  13. Welcome to my version of the No Fun League National Football League, where every team will look (what I think) their best possible. There are some ground rules before we begin: Socks must contrast the pants. No exceptions. No straight throwbacks. Something (even if minor, as we'll see with the first team) must be different from previous looks. That includes classic teams like the Bears, Packers, Raiders, Cowboys, ans so on. The model player will be that team's QB unless he doesn't wear a double-digit number. Everyone is free to voice their opinions, whether constructive or critical. I'll try to keep up with suggestions, but I'll be going by my pace. Don;t be disappointed if I don't immediately post your suggestion; I will eventually get to it. With that being said, lets begin with our first team, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Sure, the Bucs have spent most of their recent history in pewter, but their "creamsicle" look stands out to me, and we need more teams with bright color schemes. Bright orange and red screams tropical Florida, and for a team named after a bay, it just looks right. The Bucs signature logo gets a creamsicle color swap, but remains the same design-wise. The basic design of the throwbacks are the same, but I brought back the orange pants they wore for a few years as an option. Instead of a bland gray facemask, the cage is now red. A new red alternate is added, but I chose orange numbers to distingush them from their Super Bowl opponent Kansas City.
  14. Welcome! I've been working on my own version of every NFL team's uniform for some time now, and now that they're finished, I'd like to share them with others who enjoy concepts like I do. I'm not going to have any rules about how many sets each team can have, so some teams will have three alternates while some will have zero. It really just depends on what I thought of in the moment when I made them. I'll be ordering these by nickname since that's what I'm familiar with because of all the Madden '05 and NFL Street 2 I played when I was a kid, and I should be uploading decently frequently since these are all done already. That said, I hope you like what you see in this thread. Let's get started. (1/32) Chicago Bears Not a whole lot I wanted to change with the Bears. I did change the helmet to include their bear logo though. I didn't wanna get rid of the C entirely because of how much of a huge staple it is, but I find it not to be exciting enough. I feel like the branding of the Bears leaning more into the ferocity of their namesake would be good for them. Outside of the helmet, I aimed to fix the consistency issue that their uniforms have. You're gonna hear me talk about consistency a lot throughout the course of these posts, by the way. I think inconsistency between a kit's home and away sets is just bad uniform design (looking at you, Giants). For the Bears, I opted to take the pattern from their aways, set that as the universal scheme, and went from there.
  15. Players, rookies and veterans alike, will be changing their jersey numbers under the new uniform rule implemented last year. Vikings RB Dalvin Cook- 33 to 4 Chargers DB Derwin James- 33 to 3
  16. Hello all! I have been working on this project for months now, and I'm ready to share my designs! By no means are the designs perfect, this is just my vision on what the NFL should look like next season, with the new rule of allowing each team to have more than one helmet (finally!). As you may be able to tell, each team will have a home and road color rush, in which the helmet goes along with the color of the jersey. Please note that all color rush helmets are going to be chrome, because I am unable to make the chrome feel to the helmet like I would want. Each team has a primary helmet, with the new helmets really being for the color rush and throwback uniforms only. I feel like this is what most NFL teams will do, so I just kept it consistent throughout the project. I am posting all the teams one at a time, but will be more than one a day. Probably almost all of them over the next couple days. The teams will be in alphabetical order, based on team's city name. I hope you all enjoy my take on the NFL uniforms!
  17. Hi everyone, I have recently started a new project where I have made it a goal of mine to combine all of the sports logos from NHL, NBA, NFL and MLB (and at times MLS) from all of the major cities in the U.S. and Canada to create a singular city logo. I know this has been done countless times before but the way my designs stand out is they are more cohesive. They feel less like something was Frankenstein'd together and can almost act as a standalone logo. Consider this the definitive collection. I say this with confidence because they were all composed in Adobe Illustrator with linework redone to make the designs more seamless, images rendered in crisp high resolution quality, each one taking several hours of work and trial and error and the cherry on top of the cake is that I own my own print shop so I can make stickers and shirts out of these designs. It's a true passion project for me. My journey began when I was first getting serious about graphic design, the summer right before I enrolled at DePaul in 2013. I created a mashup of all the Chicago logos because I wanted my own version of it. All the variations I had seen online did not do the city justice and I wanted something genuinely more badass that wouldn't look cheesy. I dubbed it "The Chicago Beast". It was cool for a few years and then I sort of forgot about it - well in 2019 I decided to take another crack at it and make a wildly popular rendition of this logo mashup combination - you may have seen it online (I made a North Side - Cubs and a South Side - White Sox version. Both featured elements of the Blackhawks, Bears and Bulls. I have made slightly different variations - some including the 6 star Chicago flag and others with different color arrangements. Fast forward to 2021 - A whole year of the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown had me yearning for another creative project that I can do for fun. I decided - why not give every city this same treatment? And so I did - "Major League Remix" (#MajorLeagueRemix). I will be posting the designs in this thread and would love some feedback! While I do consider these designs to be 'complete', as a true designer, I know there is always room for improvement, especially since teams change logos frequently. A few things to note (ground rules) for my concepts: They don't necessarily have to use the entire design of the logo in the mashup. They can be as little or as much as possible - the only rule is they have to look cohesive and make sense - no Frankenstein work! I often use past versions of team logos although I try to use the current ones as much as I can. This is because my goal is to make the logo look good, and if I use the core logo, it may not look the best. I have struggled a lot to piece some of these together because of the lack of uniqueness, clean design or symmetry so I have had to resort to alternates. Colors are fair game - as long as they are pulled directly from within the color palette of the city's sports logos. They all have a white border with rounded corners for consistency and also to set them up for sticker printing. That is all! I am so glad to be a part of this awesome forum - I can't think of a more perfect place to post this kind of work on the internet. If you want to follow me on social media - I am @DeluxeGraphicSupply on Instagram and Facebook. My website is also DeluxeGraphicSupply.com Chicago Bulls x Bears x Blackhawks x White Sox
  18. Pretty simple logo. H(ouston) above T(exans) with star in between contained in battle red circle Let me know your thoughts! I might end up doing more teams C&C appreciated!
  19. Hi everyone! It's been a while since my last post, and I hope y'all enjoyed 'em. This time, I'm going to tackle one of the most intriguing rebrands right now: the Washington Commanders. To me, with the exception of the team's secondary logo that's TMI, I thought that the logos are just okay. The team could've picked a better option than the Commanders, but we now have the final product. As for the uniforms, they add to the intrigue surrounding the team. I see many issues to them: no TV numbers, enlarged wordmark on the front, color imbalance on the white jersey, and no side panels on the pants. This is way I can't blame the fans who are not impressed with the final output. And so, I wanted to rectify things for a bit by emphasizing the burgundy and gold (regardless of the uniform color), shrinking the front wordmark, and applying a better military font for the numbers (yes, TV numbers are included). The striping on the actual burgundy jersey looks great, why not apply its color balance to the white jersey? However, there is something that I like about the white jersey: the fading diamond pattern. I thought that sublimating it would not be much of a trouble for traditionalists, especially when these are looked from afar. The same pattern is also applied to the sleeves on the jersey and the side panels on the pants of the all-black uniform. While I said earlier that one of my issues was the missing TV numbers, only the all-black uniform will not have TV numbers because of the helmet numbers. So you might say that my version is basically a tweak of the actual one. With all that being said, I present to you...my Washington Commanders concept.
  20. I always wanted the Jags to have a spotted helmet to rival what the Bengals have, so I put together some concepts and jerseys. What do you think? These were all created using UniMockups Photoshop templates.
  21. The NFL is trying to get Flag Football into the 2028 Olympics in Los Angeles, 2028 Olympics: NFL pushing for flag football to be included - Sports Illustrated, I decided to take a stab at what uniforms for different nations could look like. Each team will have a primary and alternate jersey and color vs color matchups will be encouraged. The uniforms will be made up a sleeveless jersey and shorts, similar to that worn by the American Flag Football League on NFL Network. The uniform will adopt the large jersey numbers of American football and limited use of chest wordmarks. Each team will wear neon colored flags that provide high contrast with their uniforms. Let's get started... Canada The Canadians will wear a maple leaf forward uniforms. The two tone jersey is split with a chevron that comes from the shape of the maple leaf on their flag, where the leaf meets the stem. The chevron is also a reference to the Toronto Raptors "We the North" motto and uniform motif. The shorts feature a maple leaf on each leg and a matching hem stripe creating a head to toe red-white-red /white-red-white look as a nod to the nation's flag.
  22. At the beginning of the season I got in the mood to do redesigns of some NFL teams, and slowly but surely I've completed almost the entire league. Given that the season is coming to it's end, I figured now would be the right time to start posting the teams I've finished. Since some of the teams were done quite some time ago, some players have already moved to different teams. So just ignore that, we're all here for the concepts anyways . First up are the AFC North and NFC West teams. CINCINNATI BENGALS Let's start with the AFC North and the Super Bowl bound Bengals. I've always felt that their previous uniforms had a lot of potential and just needed some cleaning up to look great. So inspired by them this is what I came up with. BALTIMORE RAVENS The Ravens have a pretty solid look irl but it is does look quite dated. This tries to make it more modern, while still maintaining the general feel of the current set. Obviously the pants and socks are interchangeable between uniforms. Along with a new logo. PITTSBURGH STEELERS Steelers look is already close to perfect. The only thing that's bugged me about it are the slanted numbers on the uniforms and making them upright is the only change I've done. I also love their 1966 uniforms, so I'd like to see them brought back as throwbacks. CLEVELAND BROWNS The Browns already did most of the job for me by bringing back their classic look last year. However they made the odd decision to use a font that's both rounded and block, so I've changed it to a block font. Also, a slight stripe coloring change. That's the AFC North wrapped up, on to the NFC West. LOS ANGELES RAMS Might as well start with the other team in the Super Bowl. Their uniform change last year was quite underwhelming , so I tried to see if I could tweak it to my liking. The logo would revert to the previously used one. ARIZONA CARDINALS Their current look is painfully outdated, so here's my take on the Cardinals. SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS To be honest 49ers have already nailed it. I don't want to see anything changed about their look, so it stays the same. SEATTLE SEAHAWKS The uniforms that the Seahawks have worn for the past decade have done a great job at establishing what the 'look' of the Seahawks should be going forward. But a decade later they are showing their age, so I tried to make something that is based of the current look but could be worn for the foreseeable future. Well that's it for today. Hope you like it and there's plenty more to come.
  23. Hey ya'll, So I started this project back in the spring (when quarantine hit), not intending for this to be anything serious. This was just something fun do from home while everything was locked down. But over the course of this year, I've been steadily knocking out 2-3 sets per week in my free time... And lo and behold, I've finally gotten through all 32 teams! Disclaimer: I'm by no means a "pro user"; I drew all these up using MS Paint, so obviously the level of detail isn't nearly what it could be. I'm just comfortable with Paint and it's good enough to get the job done. A couple notes: I drew these sets up assuming there were no limiting factors (i.e. " the one helmet rule") that would affect uniform design. Teams can have as many different helmet/uniform combos as they want. Every team will have at least 4 different uniform combinations: a Home set, a Road set, an Alternate set, and a Throwback set. Some will have more, some will have less. I also won't show every possible combination, just some of the ones that look best together. I didn't just change things for the sake of changing them; if a team already has a good design, then I most likely didn't make any major changes. With that said, I'll start things out in the AFC East and work my way west. Comments/feedback welcome! AFC East Buffalo Bills v2.0 Miami Dolphins v2.0 New England Patriots v1.5 New York Jets AFC North Baltimore Ravens Cincinnati Bengals v2.0 Cleveland Browns Pittsburgh Steelers AFC South Houston Texans v2.0 Indianapolis Colts Jacksonville Jaguars v2.0 Tennessee Titans AFC West Denver Broncos Kansas City Chiefs Las Vegas Raiders Los Angeles Chargers v1.5 NFC East Dallas Cowboys v1.5 v2.0 New York Giants v2.0 Philadelphia Eagles v2.0 Washington Football Team v1.0, "Washington Red Wolves" v2.0, "Washington Warriors" v3.0, "Washington Football Team" v4.0, "Washington Commanders" NFC North Chicago Bears v2.0 Detroit Lions v2.0 Green Bay Packers v2.0 v3.0 Minnesota Vikings v2.0 NFC South Atlanta Falcons v2.0 Carolina Panthers v2.0 New Orleans Saints v1.5 Tampa Bay Buccaneers v2.0 NFC West Arizona Cardinals v2.0 v3.0 v4.0 Los Angeles Rams v1.5 v2.0 San Francisco 49ers Seattle Seahawks v2.0 v2.5 Bonus "City Connect" Special Edition Uniforms
  24. It's Labor Day, so you know what that means. Dallas vs. Tampa Bay Seattle vs. Indianapolis Jacksonville vs. Houston Philadelphia vs. Atlanta LA Chargers vs. Washington Pittsburgh vs. Buffalo San Francisco vs. Detroit Minnesota vs. Cincinnati NY Jets vs. Carolina Arizona vs. Tennessee Cleveland vs. Kansas City Miami vs. New England Denver vs. NY Giants Green Bay vs. New Orleans Chicago vs. LA Rams Baltimore vs. Las Vegas Good luck. VERY LATE EDIT (9/14) -- maybe I should've mentioned this, and thankfully it hasn't come up yet, but in the case of any forfeitures in the NFL this season, I am not counting those as wins in case you picked the team declared the "winner". It's chaotic, random, and unpredictable for the most part (even if we know some of the teams with the biggest vaccine-skeptics and, thus, highest risks). I don't really care for someone to end up winning the competition by a game thanks in part to being on the "right" side of a forfeiture while someone else was on the "wrong" side of one. Forfeit games are the equivalent of ties - they won't count.
  25. Congrats to the LA Rams for capturing Super Bowl LVI in their home stadium; will they be able to repeat in their division rival's stadium next year in Phoenix? Time will tell. As far as logos go, no official word on next year's Super Bowl logo, but as usual, here is my concept for next year's big game in Glendale. The colors are a little "Diamondback-ish" I know, but I do love the way these colors go together - I just think it captures Arizona and its desert theme aspect so well. Hope you all enjoy and I always appreciate the feedback; I try to get better and better with these every year.
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