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  1. Hello all, I am brand new to this site, I found it last week and have been really enjoying reading the threads and looking at concepts. This past spring I redesigned the Dolphins uniforms before their latest uniform release but after their logo was leaked. So I took the leaked logo and designed a uniform set around that. I realize that this isn't good timing because they have just released their new uniforms, but since I just found this site I decided to put up my ideas and see what all of you think. At the time I submitted my ideas to Paul Lukas's ESPN/uniwatch uniform redesign challenge. (Side note: this was my first uniform design so that is why the first image is in fairly low quality. I recently did the on body jerseys. A big thank you to bigvolsfan for the template. I wasn't able to get the base layer sleeve though.) The only thing that I have changed from my original design is the sock stripes. Originally they were even more complex. Other than that, I have left the concept the same. I have some ideas about changes to make, but I wanted to hear what all of you think before making any other changes. The main design concept is the wave going down the side of the jersey. This is why I have used the original template that I did--so that I could show the wave going from the jersey to the pants. The wave is taken from the lines in the new dolphins logo, and I think that it works with the Miami oceanfront vibe. The one long stripe that needs to be in the same color on both shirt and pants, that is why I have the blue pants with the white jersey instead of the green that would feel more natural. I was just going by the logo when I designed the uniforms, and I thought that they were moving away from orange and incorporating more blue. This is why I went with blue alternates instead of orange ones (and by looking at the new helmet stripe, this did turn out to be the case.) I was quite surprised when I saw that the font they now use for their Dolphins wordmark is fairly similar to what I had designed. (I am not suggesting that they saw my font and decided to use something similar; I just found it interesting.) I know that the NFL only allows one helmet that is not a throwback helmet, but I am including an alternate helmet assuming that Nike will convince the NFL to allow an alternate helmet so long as it is similar to the main helmet. This is why I have kept it white. Let me know what you think.