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    McCarthy's NHL

    I've had a running concept folder on my desktop for years with ideas about I feel each NHL team should dress. I'm finally getting around to posting them. If you don't see a team that's because I think their uniforms are fine as is and don't require changes. Enjoy. First up: the Tampa Bay Lightning The Lightning are one of the great missed opportunities in sports right now. Not only do they wear Maple Leafs and Red Wings hybrid knockoffs, but the opportunity cost of them wearing the knockoffs is that they aren’t wearing one of the many options a name like Lightning provides. That nickname is flush with creative gold and they’re pretending they’re not a 1990’s expansion team in Florida. The solution: I posted some version of this concept almost ten years ago and I think it still holds up today. Black and blue is a unique color scheme in the NHL and nobody since the late 90’s Capitals has (full-time) worn blue jerseys and socks bracketed by black helmets and pants. The ‘ning do this with their alternates, but those BOLTS jerseys leave a lot to be desired. I took the concept of their original jersey’s yoke and reversed it finishing with two lightning bolts pointing at the neckline so that finally they’ll wear some bolts on their home and road uniforms. I used the 2007 logos because that was the closest they ever got to having a decent primary logo and I think it’s the strongest representation of their nickname to date, plus that secondary logo with Florida is terrific. Finished with their trademark bolt on the pants and matched the sock striping to the hem stripe. I feel this utilizes their colors best and the bold lines will stand out better than their BOLTS alternate. NOT EVERY UNIFORM WILL COME WITH THIS LONG OF A DESCRIPTION. THANKS!